Saturday, October 10, 2009

panties & tampons... a boy's best accessory.

My father in law showed up a little earlier than expected this morning to go shopping: I was in the shower, Lance was on the computer and Maddox was running around still in his pjs!
Lance came and knocked on the door to give me the heads up, so I wouldn't come out naked and embarrass myself-- (anyone that knows me, knows that I am habitually naked) and to tell me to put the hustle on! I asked Lance to throw Maddox in the bathtub to spare me a few minutes and then I could take over...
Lance soaped him clean, diapered him up in about 2.2 seconds and APPARENTLY sent him in the living room to play with Papa so he could get ready. A bit later while I was drying my hair I heard Lance laughing in our bedroom. I said, "what?" but he assured me that it would be better seen for myself!

My sweet baby boy proudly pranced into my bathroom sporting a pair of mommy's panties around his neck-- head through the leg hole-- and a tampon in his hand, swinging wildly like a bat!

He just came from the living room with his Papa. My father in law.


THESE are the days of our lives.

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