Friday, December 18, 2009

tired, crazy or both?!

I should preface this with saying I worked all day today. I am not used to being on my feet for 8 hours anymore... nor am I use to waking up at 6:00am! I am tired, and feeling crazy!
So, here's the deal!

A few night ago I worked night clinic, I got off at 8:00 and headed to Wal-Mart for a few groceries for the party I was having the following day with my girlie- friends from out of state! (And for gas and a battery-operated booger sucker!) My gas light came on as I left work but I knew I had enough to get me to WM. I pulled up, ready to pump, and realized I had left my wallet in the diaper bag. (Which was at home with Lance.) This has happened many times before, since I do not carry a purse anymore, so I had to call him to help me out. I did not have enough gas to get me home from Keller and then back again, I was sure, so he agreed to dress the boy and meet me there!
We finished up at Walmart, got gas and then headed across the street to CVS for the booger-getter. Just to add to the evening, we pulled up at 10:04 and they closed at 10:00! Doors locked! We decided to head to the 24 hour one on western center because I NEEDED if for part of my friend's gift we were putting together, and I REALLY did not want to get up and go in the morning before the girls arrived!
So we headed down the way, bought to aspirator, and after all of this hoop-la, I didn't feel like making anything at home so I decided to run into Taco Cabana for some late night grub.

While we were there, a girl got up from her group of friends and came to my table. She was ridiculously nice and she felt so familiar to me. Because I am random, I talked to her like we were old friends! She told me that she came from a big family and was only 20 years old. I told her about us too.
Anywho, as we were leaving, a guy was coming in and he stopped me and said, "he has to be just a bit under 2"... I saw his wedding ring and asked if he had kids and he told me he did. A 22 month old boy. He went through animal sounds with Maddox, and had such a friendliness about him. I noticed as we were walking out that he was meeting with that group of kid and the very nice girl. I made up in my head that they were a church group.

I know this is random...

Fast forward to tonight. I was going potty and I opened up a magazine and this chick is all over it. Modeling.
I am HORRIBLE with remembering people's faces. But I was 100% sure it was her. I took the magazine to Lance and said, "do you know this girl?" And he remembered her too.
He wasn't impressed, since we did get a catalog today in the mail with one of our friends modeling some undergarments, but I thought it was so bizarre!
It took me back to my pregnant days when I would obsess over something until I got crazy!! I can't let it go because she was so nice and went out of her way, to leave her table of friends and come play with Maddox that I started thinking what if she was an angel or something?! Remember that show, "Touched by an Angel"? LOL!!
And then I take it to the next level of crazy and got panicky over WHY there would be an angel around him!!
I know I am so tired (I worked all day today) but I got psycho for a minute and looked her up at Campbell modeling agency and then found her on FB. She is a real person!
I left it alone there. I realized I was getting crazy... I didn't email her, but don't y'all think it is weird?
People talk to Maddox all of the time when we were out... he is a super-social baby... but her face stuck with me.
Okay-- it is crazy! You can be honest.

And just to be clear, I PRAY for angels to watch over him every night... so I'm not sure why I am so stressed if she WAS an angel!!

I'm going to bed!

I think I may have taken it too far tongiht?!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Polar Express in Grapevine

We rode the "Polar Express" in Grapevine last weekend. It was $16 for adults and Maddox was free... He was still too young to enjoy it but I had a great time just spending time with my family. We came straight from church so Maddox didn't do the PJs but honestly it was so cold he would have had to wear his coat over them anyway so there was no point!
The highlight for me was seeing Ellie's expression when Santa came out. (For Lance it was probably getting to see Josh Hamilton at Bass Pro when we left!) All in all, it was a great time!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Lance is in the interviewing processes for 2 different places!!! Each have their perks-- neither one out weighing the other-- Which is a good thing, that way, if one offers the job, he isn't heart-set on one or the other. What a blessing!

Two separate people, that I haven't spoke to in months, contacted me today saying I have been on their minds... I hope that means I am in their prayers as well because we NEED this!

I feel good about it... and we will remain positive.

2010 will start us new! I can FEEL it!!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving and more!

We had such a great Thanksgiving!! It felt like it ran so smoothly this year, we had plenty of time to visit with everyone and Maddox was cheery at every place we went... even without his naps!!! What a blessing!! I think we will try and talk everyone into following the same schedule next year except maybe persuade Nana into a 12:00 time slot so we can gorge at her house too! (... However the leftovers were wonderful!) and maybe we can talk Granny E to moving hers to 2:00-- instead of both of them at 1:00. But even with them both at the same time we worked it out! I wish everyone would do it a week a part so we could eat like that for a month!! I love me some Thanksgiving grub!!

Another "new" for this Thanksgiving is that Lance and I became those crazy Black Friday shoppers!! I have been wanting a camera since before I had Maddox. I became obsessed with the idea after I had Maddox... I have watched my friends listen to my obsession, get their own obsession (and cameras) and I still had NO CAMERA. Last year, I was supposed to get a camera but Lance lost his job and I had already dropped a lot of money on him a shotgun, so we forfeited the camera idea. (shotguns are not refundable!) Recently a new camera came out that also videos in 1080 HD!! So, I had a new obsession! Lance had asked the family members that typically get us a presents for Best buy gift cards this year and he was going to surprise me with it... but then he found out it was going to be a part of the door buster Black Friday hoop-la. (Okay, he found out because I was going crazy about it!) So we did what any other UNreasonable person would do... we went to 2 separate Best Buys on Wednesday night to see how many cameras they had and we had my um, sister-in-law (sorry Ness, it'll take me a while to stop calling you that!) to come over at 4:30 am to babysit (because she's awesome like that!) and we went to Best Buy at 5:00am!! The line was wrapped around the building so we thought there would be NO WAY we would get the camera... but we pulled in, Lance dropped me off at the door, he parked and 20 minutes later were were paid out and back in the car! We put in on our old BB card for no payments/ no interest and are hoping those same people will just do cash and we'll pay it off. Again, I said it was unreasonable!! But I am STOKED!!!! I want to sit down and read my manual from beginning to end, but with little hands and a busy work schedule, I haven't had a chance. I already have some ideas stirring in this head of mine! I love pictures! People are going to think I am the paparazzi at Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas: I am MUCH more excited about Christmas now... 17 month olds are hard to predict but hopefully he will ham it up again and not be a whiner! He loved showing off all of his tricks at all of the places... and as quickly as he is learning and changing, I am sure he will have a whole new bag of tricks to show off come Christmas! He is going to be all about unwrapping the gifts and playing with the boxes this year... I get giddy just thinking about it!
Black Friday also paid out because we were able to go to 6 stores, and be home by 10:00am and were able to finish up on 16 out of our list of 19 people's Christmas present buying. Go us!! And Lance and I had soooo much fun doing it! Santa needs to think of a few more things for Maddox but he is just about done too! I was pretty down and out last Christmas and guiltily wished Maddox first Christmas away... but not this year-- I am going to be positive and I am excited!

December is to fun-packed to be depressed anyway!

Mine and Lance's anniversary is tomorrow. 3 years of marriage... 8 years together!

My work party is Thursday... at a winery! We always have so much fun at our Christmas parties!! ...and the gift card's not too bad either!! :)

Lance and I are having a Christmas party at our house on the 12th... we have to wear tacky holiday apparel and we are playing White Elephant Chinese Christmas! Our friends are funny and crazy so I am anxious to see what they bring and wear!!

My friend Kristen is flying in, and Whitney and Kimberly are driving up for a winter play date and party at our house on the 17th... I can not wait to see these girls and see our babies interact together... it has been too long!

...And I am sure there is more!!
Fun times!