Sunday, June 19, 2011

"I love my daddy..."

There is not one thing I would change about you as a daddy...

You've held our babies sick,
been peed on, pooped on,
changed a jillion diapers...
missed a million hours of sleep...
And encouraged me through the hardest days of parenting.

You have cried a thousand tears...
laughed a zillion laughs...
and showed our boys how to respect and be a husband one day.

You are patient, encouraging, silly, loving...
Goofy, young-spirited, honest and committed.

You understand that the days are long but the years are short;
therefor you savor every joy that parenthood offers.

Like me, you are scared to death of this big of a love.
But unlike me, you are faithful and don't bask in the fears.

You instill values and manners in our boys, 
and know that discipline equates to love.

You don't believe there has ever been enough play...
or sports watched...
or jokes played...
hugs given...
kisses stolen...
or "I love you"s said.

Every day that I think you couldn't be any better at this daddy thing...
you prove me wrong again.

You are one of a kind, Lance.
And you are adored.

Of all of the millions of mistakes I have made in my life,
choosing you to be my co-parent was not one of them.

You are our rock,
And you are a mold for a dad.

I know that is all the absolute truth,
because the four little baby eyes that look up to you and worship your existence...
prove me right again and again.

Thanks for being you...
(even when you drives me crazy!)

Happy Father's Day, to the best daddy I know.


  1. I don't think anyone will top this father's day post, Holly. Just beautiful. I was crying at your pictures, before I even read your words. You guys are blessed, big time. Happy father's day to Lance!

  2. This got me all choked up! So sweet and I love the signs the boys are holding. So special. You do have a great husband and the boys have an awesome dad!!!

  3. Christinne stewartJune 19, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    This is a wonderful gift to Lance and shows that moments like this are unforgettable. You guys are very blessed and I am so happy for you two!You all have the sweetest little boys!Happy Fathers Day to Lance!

  4. What a wonderful gift!! This tribute will not only be great today....but when your kiddos are grown and look back at this, ~they will not only realize they have the best dad on earth, but know that you thought so too!!

  5. (now that I have tears in my eyes)... what a sweet post Holly! Everything couldn't have been said better- Lance is a great dad/husband/friend. This post was great and I hope he reads it (or has already read it) soon! Happy Father's Day Lance! Your family is lucky to have you.... but I know your first response is probably how lucky you are to have them <3 We love you Erwin family!!!

  6. you are so creative and so good at expressing emotions and feelings!! Awesome post! I'm sure Lance feels just as lucky to have you three in his life!

  7. Thanks guys... and I mean every word!
    No doubt, he drives me crazy sometimes a a husband, but as a daddy-- he' a pretty much a rockstar!! ;)

    Kristen, he finally got home and got to read it-- and he got a little sappy eyed!
    [mission accomplished!]

  8. Made me cry again, Not sure how I've missed all these post lately,Oh yeah I've been on Pinterest,lol anyway I my totally steal this idea nxt yr,I'll give u credit though you should put these pics on pinterest and link it back here!lol