Monday, May 31, 2010

baby talk

it happens so fast.

I wish I had documented each word, phrase or sentence that Maddox had said because I realized recently that he now says everything!

Though he says some things as if he is a skipping CD... "help me momma", "watch me momma", "snack please", "where's daddy, momma?"... and so on--

...more often than not, he is an endless dictionary!  He knows what he wants and asks for it by name!  (things that I didn't even know he knew)

Tonight, while watching me wash my hair, he started dancing and singing, "wash you hair momma, wash you hair momma"...  He also sneezed and said, "goodness sake".  It seems like such little things, but I think it is amazing that a child who has been on this earth for less than 2 years can use such wording correctly, put it together, and conversate with people decades his elder.

And use manners... please-- thank you-- excuse me-- sorry.  That's amazing to me!

He handed me a foam B, F, and a C.  3 letters I didn't realize that he recognized but spit them out by name as if he has known them forever.  (I need to count how many letters he knows now.) 

He tells people his name is Mamax and that he is 2.  (close on both)

I know this comes up randomly, and probably sounds a little boastful for me to gush but I am with him every day and sometimes I don't stop to take in the entire moment.  I expect more, more, more from him. 

I know it may seem small, but my baby is getting so big.  It amazes me how fast he is growing up before my eyes!

I think he's brilliant!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's high five... and some lows too!

I must make this short and sweet.  I am leaving here in 2 hours and have not packed one thing for the lake, graduation or the wedding this weekend!  (one is just that I have an adventurous holiday weekend planned!)

I had a horrible day yesterday. Maddox colored in my chest of drawers yesterday with crayon.  One day post black ball point pen to my couch.

But it wasn't necessarily Maddox that ruined my day....
It was my husband who had zero patience waiting on me for lunch... so we forfeited the date.
The gift card that I left at home and had to turn around and get, after already being 15 minutes down the road.
The fall to Maddox's left cheek and bruised reminder from McDonald's play area.
The old hag at the 1st Target (the SAME monkey-shirt lady from a year ago) that was hacked that I let Maddox play with a toy and then put it back at check out.
The shopping cart that smacked into my Tahoe at Target.
The pedicure was nice... but far from relaxing with a toddler in my lap.
The guy in the orange Mustang who did not want to let me in his lane even though there was an 18 wheeler wreck in my lane and stayed 2" from my bumper with his alarm honking and headlights flashing in unison.
The 911 call I made after I wasn't sure if he bumped me, but was too scared to get out and see and he proceeded to speed in front of me and then stop, holding up traffic through an entire green light AND red light so that I nor anyone else could go with his middle finger in the air and 15 cars honking behind me.
The spray tan that expires this weekend that was literally 15 feet from the pedicure place but I couldn't use because I couldn't take Maddox in with me.
The gas that I burned driving from Hulen to Rufe Snow to pick up my ex- SIL so I could run in for 3 minutes and spray tan.
The flag on my account at Palm Beach saying that I could only get clear even though I paid for the package of them 3 months ago and she could clearly see I have NEVER gotten clear.
The lady in the 2nd Target who I told that I was going to spank too (with a fun loving smile on my face) because she was staring at me and my wild-not-even-2-year-old who ripped a box of crackers from the shelf.
The other lady in target who followed me after I grabbed Maddox by the arm [causing him to go limp] tired of his wild-not-even-2-year-old antics. IE: the 64 buckets he drug out and his refusal to stay by me.

My house that I returned to-- disgusting, even though I clean it from floor to ceiling DAILY.
My favorite necklace that busted all over my hard wood floor and the look of pure disbelief from the 21 month old holding the empty strings.
And the provolone cheese, covered in mold that I had planned to use in our dinner, thus leaving our home-made Philly cheesesteaks lacking, well, umm- cheese.

Although my stress was not 100% from Maddox, I did feel a mountain of relief once his baby-little eyes finally shut!

I cut Maddox's hair today for the first time by myslef.  I think it turned out pretty well, and saved me $20 too!  Of course he will not let me take a pic of it... but here's yesterday vs. today.  (via the phone cam... it is really hard to see the results)

I realized yesterday that I let a $100 gift card to a spa expire.  wow.

I should have bought waterproof mascara for tonight.  My baby sister graduates high school tonight.  I think I may have a little wine after the event... lake side. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday High Five

1:  My sister had her award ceremony and senior slide show today.  She graduates from high school in 7 days.  I will be a basket-case come next Friday.  Mark my word!  
She won an Ag award and the slide show was excellent.  
....Well the part I saw was great!

2: Maddox is flipping out.  [as the video shows]
This is one of his favorite things to do!

3: ....and as my entire ex- high school saw during the slide show, he was mentally "flipping out" as well.  I have said daily for the past month that I love, love, love this stage.  He is so good... and smart... and well mannered... and happy... and EASY... and eager to learn... and loving... and fun... Every day has been a good day for such a long time.
Until today.
I had to leave 2 separate stores for WWIII break downs.  Discipline reached a new level today with no reward.  [you are thankful that there is not a video of that]

4. We are spending next weekend [Memorial Day] at the lake, relaxing.
Well, kind of...
I am working one day (cant pass up that triple time), Lance is working some, and I have a wedding to go to one day... so all in all, we will be at the lake, home, work and wedding-watching...
so really a lot of relaxing won't be going on.

5. I went to dinner with a few of my high school friends last night.  I anticipated eating, chatting, laughing, old stories, and new stories as well ....and I wasn't let down a bit!  We had such a great time and promised to try and get together once a month.  GNOs do our ab muscles good, not that anyone needs the workout...  Everyone's still cute as can be, sweet, funny, and I still love those girls to my core!
It is fun to see where all of us sit, now, 8 years past graduation, in our adult journey of life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

all in a few pictures

Maddox had PB&J yesterday for lunch, loved the sandwich.
Loved the mess.

Silly boy, sporting his goggles.
(all the pictures above were taken with my phone, so pardon their clarity)

Today, he has been boy to his core.  I found a golf cart on the edge of the toilet seat.  I found him with his own piece of bread out of the pantry (he chose the heel) and peanut butter, trying his dang-dest to remove the lid and repeat yesterdays lunch I assume. And balls, balls, balls... The Erwin way of life!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

alphabet soup

I have posted a couple of videos to my FB of Maddox looking at letters... my mom can't see videos from her phone and can't get on FB from work so she asked me to put them on youtube.  I am not sure how I feel about youtube yet, mainly because I am not familiar with it... but here you go!

Birthday bashin'... at Dollar tree?!

Well, it is semi-official... We are going to have Maddox's birthday on July 3rd at our house.
I know we are shooting ourselves in the foot choosing a holiday weekend... I will probably end up with more cake and food than I need because most people will be out of town... but that's the risk with all July birthdays.  It's a vacation month!

I think I am just going to roll with the theme of the weekend and do a red, white, and blue/ stars and stripes type of a party.  I have some ideas floating inside my head andI think it will actually be really cute! I can't wait to put it together.  

With that said, have to share some killer deals that I found at the Dollar Tree.  (all $1 of course.)  I was really excited and it got my wheels turning for cute decorating I am going to do.  I want to go back and get about 10 flags to stake in the flower beds and where ever... Sparklers ties together with red, white, and blue ribbon- suck in the bucket... patriotic hats instead of birthday hats... I promise it will be adorable!

I got home and had to start googling ideas for invitations.  It is going to be hard to top last year's invite, but I think the one I am making is going to be SUPER CUTE!! I found a Christmas card that I am going to change into a July 4th card.  I will try and get to Hobby Lobby this week and get a sample made so I can perfect it before I actually have to mail them!

I know it is hard to tell where I am going with this (and it is not the greatest pic, since I took a picture if my computer screen with my phone) but I am going to make the front of the card a firecracker, and that thing to the right is going to be my "explosion"... It's all in my head- but I think it will work out!

But back to Dollar Tree:  I felt like I hit a gold mine.  Not only did I get some great things for the butter biscuit's party but I got him a few things for fun too.  I got 2 sets of Mickey Mouse Club flash cards, a coloring book and crayons (both MMC) for a buck a piece!  What a steal! I will go back!  I love bargains!
...And Maddox loves to color, so everyone wins!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday High Five

I am going to try and do this every Friday.

one: Lance passed his TCLEOSE state boards today.  AND he was top of his class of 25.  He was given a special pin that he has to wear on his uniform so that from here- until forever, he is acknowledged for it.  Way to go babe!!  We are so proud!

two: I have a new hobby of clicking the "next" tab at the top left of my blog and looking at other random  blogs.  90% of the time it doesn't interest me but occasionally I run across one that I really like and I get fun ideas.  (IE: Friday High Five). But the down side is sometimes I get in a grouping of the same subjects... yesterday it was all blogs about art and a few days ago it was all sites done by moms about their deceased children.  *although sad, it freaked me out.  I wish I could get into a grouping of crafty/ creative moms who enjoy photography.

three: I have said it before at other stages, but I think this is my favorite stage!  Maddox talks so well.  It amazes me that we can can have full conversations together.  Through broken sentences, we just talk.  A lot.  I woke up today coughing thick phlem, for the 6th day in a row.  Maddox looked at me in disgust and said, "gross momma!"  (what is probably what you were thinking as you were reading it)  He is funny and honest!  He also will yell out, "lud you momma" from the midst of playing.  He is a sweet boy.  And smart as can be!  ...and just to be clear; I lud him too!  :)

four: Why is it that when I tell myself that I need to eat better, I can not help but eat horribly.?  Last week I made brownies, and I am making cake balls tonight.  Just typing that makes my mouth water!  Cake balls are a treat that never get old, are always a hit to take, are simple to make, and are SUPER YUM.  They are a little time consuming, but worth it!!  I am stoked to sit and eat about 40 by myself.  Be jealous.  (and I'll be jealous of your bikini body next month!)

five: I hate when people cuss on Facebook.  I say bad words too sometimes, even write mild ones in my blogs occasionally, so I really shouldn't judge, but they just seem so much more vulgar to read on FB.  I just read a post that had 3 separate raunchy words in it.  (Actually, this person cussed someone passive aggressively in CAPS and talked about church all in the same post the other day...  I kid you not!)  I wanted to respond:  buy a dress... paint your toenails... and watch your mouth!  I think it is one thing to talk that way with your friends, but when you have hundreds reading it, from all walks of life, I think its classless.  Just my opinion.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I changed up my blog. 

            Let me know if the funky background shows up.
            When I look from work, it is never there.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

brown chicken brown cow

  • I am soooooooooooo tired.  I have been tired for a full week now. :(  I can not wait to kick this sleepyness... I have a TON of things that NEED to be done!
  • Maddox has developed a new love for letters!  Es and Ms are his favorite although he likes Os and Hs and randomly a few others too.  We are still baffled as to where this came from but it is quite impressive.  I posted a video of him spying a few to my Facebook.  Watch it!  :)
  • We took our kiddos to the newly renovated Fort Worth Science and History Museum last week.  My friend Po has a year pass so we were able to go for free!  It was AMAZING!!  It had lots of age appropriate games and activities for our babies and was completely appropriate for the bigger kids too.  It was a ton of fun.  I can't wait to go back!  With 7 kiddos/ 5 adults, you would think that someone would have got cranky but they just played their little hearts out... and all CRASHED before we made it out of the parking garage to leave!

  • I have felt like poo for 4 days now.  I have not ran fever since Sunday night but still feel yucky nonetheless.  I work in a germ pit, so I can assume I picked something up there!  Or maybe it was a little souvenir from our play date.  But either way, better me than Maddox!
  • At 10:00pm Saturday, I decided I wanted to go stay at mom's.  No one takes care of me like my mom, and it always feels like a mini-getaway when we go out there!  No dishes, no laundry, and Maddox will chase frogs on the front porch for hours.  He could run as far as his little legs could take him with no worries of busy traffic whipping by.  Its just simpler out there.

  • I WISH we could sale our house and head back to Wise County.  But our realtor basically laughed when I asked to put it on the market.  I called about going the short-sale route since we can prove we have had a substantial income loss but they too basically laughed.  Our account is crystal clear, never being late on even one payment, so it is very unlikely we would qualify.  STINK!
  • We went to Red Lobster for Mother's Day (yes, I don't eat fish... but I felt like crud and it didn't matter where we went, I wasn't eating-- so everyone else might as well get to do sea food for once!)

  • Maddox has a new obsession for Carnation instant breakfast drink and these Boost chocolate milk drinks... he BEGS for them!  The carnation drink has twice the protein of an egg and double the calcium of milk so I guess he could be begging for worse. I'll keep this in mind my next pregnancy since meat made me absolutely ill to think about last go around!
  • I have an obsession for sweet tea and Sunkist.  Not together.
  • This past week was nurses appreciation week!  The doctors bought us beautiful flowers and a sweet card.

  • However, I have to be honest... Those were a picture of my friend Diane's!  By the time I went to pick my flowers up, they looked like this! LOL!!!!  

  • I bought clippers, thinning shears, and regular shears to try and learn how to cut Maddox's hair.  Randi is going to come over and show me and some of my other friends of boys how to cut their hair.  It grows so fast and $40 every 3-4 weeks for him and Lance PLUS my cut and color every 6 weeks or so -gets old.  Maybe if I master Maddox's, I can try on Lance.  ;)  Yeah right.  He is SO picky about his hair.
  • We have a play date set again for tomorrow.  It is mainly to give a friend of mine Maddox's clothes from last summer but might as well play while we are there!  I had NO IDEA Maddox had this many 12 month summer clothes... Lance swears some still fit him-- HOWEVER Maddox is wearing 24 month/ 2T shirts and 18 mo/ 24mo shorts so we are FAR from wearing these.  I typically put stuff up in the attic in plastic tubs just in case the next one's a boy but there are already 4 tubs up there and he's not even 2 yet so I feel better about sharing than storing and who knows if we will be using it again.  Not to mention she took such good care of my maternity clothes, and isn't having any more babies so she said, she'd give them all back to me when they are done!   Win/ win!
  • Why is it that when I don't feel great I rack my brain for something that I don't have to wear a bra with?  Today I am wearing a dress for this sole purpose.  Like the bra makes me feel worse!?
  • We STILL have not booked our vacation.  We are running out of time.  We have to book it before June2 or else we lose the $600 AA vouchers.  STRESS!!!!!  There are so variables that are making my head spin.  I wish Lance would just take care of it!!
  • Lance is ranked #1 in his school right now!  I am very proud of him.  He is WAY smarter than he gives himself credit for,  however I do not think he has been #1 on ANYTHING education-wise ever!  He is studying his hiney off so I hope he holds his place!  He deserves it!
  • Maddox thinks its fun to dress himself these days... typically it is some sort of pajama (since he can easily get into that drawer) but it is almost always paired with his rain boots!

  •  I am really worried about Maddox's birthday party in July... his actual birthday falls on a Saturday this year which would be perfect EXCEPT my mom will be in Paris and my brother and his family will be in New Mexico.  If we waited to do it a week later, my mom will still be gone and then Lance's sister will be on vacation too.  HOWEVER, if we do it the weekend before, it is July 4th weekend.  And NO ONE will be able to come.... AAAHHHHHH!!!! What to do, what to do?
  • Not to mention I have already booked THE cake lady for the 10th.  She books for over 6 months in advance so I was stoked I was able to get her this year and now I am going to have to cancel her?? That has to be bad karma?!