Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's high five... and some lows too!

I must make this short and sweet.  I am leaving here in 2 hours and have not packed one thing for the lake, graduation or the wedding this weekend!  (one is just that I have an adventurous holiday weekend planned!)

I had a horrible day yesterday. Maddox colored in my chest of drawers yesterday with crayon.  One day post black ball point pen to my couch.

But it wasn't necessarily Maddox that ruined my day....
It was my husband who had zero patience waiting on me for lunch... so we forfeited the date.
The gift card that I left at home and had to turn around and get, after already being 15 minutes down the road.
The fall to Maddox's left cheek and bruised reminder from McDonald's play area.
The old hag at the 1st Target (the SAME monkey-shirt lady from a year ago) that was hacked that I let Maddox play with a toy and then put it back at check out.
The shopping cart that smacked into my Tahoe at Target.
The pedicure was nice... but far from relaxing with a toddler in my lap.
The guy in the orange Mustang who did not want to let me in his lane even though there was an 18 wheeler wreck in my lane and stayed 2" from my bumper with his alarm honking and headlights flashing in unison.
The 911 call I made after I wasn't sure if he bumped me, but was too scared to get out and see and he proceeded to speed in front of me and then stop, holding up traffic through an entire green light AND red light so that I nor anyone else could go with his middle finger in the air and 15 cars honking behind me.
The spray tan that expires this weekend that was literally 15 feet from the pedicure place but I couldn't use because I couldn't take Maddox in with me.
The gas that I burned driving from Hulen to Rufe Snow to pick up my ex- SIL so I could run in for 3 minutes and spray tan.
The flag on my account at Palm Beach saying that I could only get clear even though I paid for the package of them 3 months ago and she could clearly see I have NEVER gotten clear.
The lady in the 2nd Target who I told that I was going to spank too (with a fun loving smile on my face) because she was staring at me and my wild-not-even-2-year-old who ripped a box of crackers from the shelf.
The other lady in target who followed me after I grabbed Maddox by the arm [causing him to go limp] tired of his wild-not-even-2-year-old antics. IE: the 64 buckets he drug out and his refusal to stay by me.

My house that I returned to-- disgusting, even though I clean it from floor to ceiling DAILY.
My favorite necklace that busted all over my hard wood floor and the look of pure disbelief from the 21 month old holding the empty strings.
And the provolone cheese, covered in mold that I had planned to use in our dinner, thus leaving our home-made Philly cheesesteaks lacking, well, umm- cheese.

Although my stress was not 100% from Maddox, I did feel a mountain of relief once his baby-little eyes finally shut!

I cut Maddox's hair today for the first time by myslef.  I think it turned out pretty well, and saved me $20 too!  Of course he will not let me take a pic of it... but here's yesterday vs. today.  (via the phone cam... it is really hard to see the results)

I realized yesterday that I let a $100 gift card to a spa expire.  wow.

I should have bought waterproof mascara for tonight.  My baby sister graduates high school tonight.  I think I may have a little wine after the event... lake side. 

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  1. It sounds like you might need a bottle of wine all to yourself after reading #2. I hope yall have a great weekend. I can't beleive your sister is already graduating. Really makes me feel old. I've been out of school now 10 years! Eeek!!