Friday, June 25, 2010

Its Friday....

high one...  We completed our first week of swimming lessons.  Not without a hitch though.  Maddox walks into the pool saying he wants to jump please... which happens to be the last thing we do.  So for 30 minutes we hear, "I un-a jump please" over and over and over.  Him nor Cambrie neither one care much about blowing bubbles into the water, listening to the fishes in the water or being dunked after a blow to the face.
They like toy time however, they like kicking their feet and they like climbing in and out of the pool to jump.  --And they like clinging to us as if they have never been in water before, ever.
Which drives me nuts since Maddox takes a shower with me daily (water pouring over his head) and will blow bubbles all day during his baths and dumps full cups of water over his own head.  grrrr.

high two...  Maddox turns 2 in 2 weeks.  Wowsers.  Time is flying by.  I have been doing party stuff everyday trying to get ready for next weekend.  I redecorated the front door, changed my summer flowers to red, white, and blue and placed flags galore.  I have made toil puff balls to hang from the ceiling and found a string of flags at Hobby Lobby that match his invites pretty close .  (the puff ball idea came straight from Kimberly's brain, and will match Cambrie's outfit to a T) I have made lists on top of lists of things to accomplish before next Saturday, and I think I am on over load.  I hope I actually relax once the day actually arrives.
I told Lance that I almost bought him these shirts to match the theme of the party... would that not have been hilarious?!  Who seriously buys these?!

high three... My mom bought Maddox the movie Cars, and he is obsessed.  He wants to wear his Cars PJs every night!  I hate character clothes (pjs and undies are fine) but I fear we are about to come into the point where he argues over what he wears with me!  I will win this one!
I have to admit it is a good movie... (I've cried twice!)  And he will actually sit and watch it.
[P.S. This is my favorite picture that I have ever edited]

high four... I think I said in a previous post I would stop writing about the mysterious terrible twos that seem to come and go.  --Sorry.  :(
We had a day yesterday. He cried a lot of tears... I cried a lot of tears.  I felt like I was losing this battle called parenthood.  I know God is in control and at times I think he must have a sense of humor.  I know he makes this age so rewarding because it would be tempting to sell him on Craig's List if it were not.  I have to count my blessings... I have to remind myself that we have 100 times as many laughs, smiles, kisses and hugs; we conquer a million more milestones, and we giggle, tickle, wrestle and talk funny voices in the floor WAY more than we have days like yesterday.
But those days are hard.
And tiring.
And make my eyelids look like little shrimps the next day.

I sat in the middle of my bed last night crying and praying aloud for peace and patience, while my child flopped in my floor and screamed.  He did not take a nap yesterday but refused to go to bed.  I think he was too tired to sleep!  (If that is possible?)
Today is better.  Hallelujah!

high five... Lance had to work until almost 1:00am last night.  He made it home around 1:30... And then stayed up another hour offering encouraging words and holding me while I cried, feeling defeated by an almost-two-year-old. I can not sleep until he gets home anyway but I needed to talk last night, which typically would have been fine except I had to be up at 7:00 for a hair appointment with my beautiful and talented sister-in-law in Decatur.  Although I am exhausted right now, I was impressed with all that I was able to tackle before noon today.
  • I got my hair cut and colored and fixed.
  • Lowe's for mulch.  (which I didn't buy since I was in white shorts-- and it looked heavy and messy)
  • Insurance office to pay our dues.
  • Boyd, to Lance's dad's house.
  • Donut store for my boys (Maddox wanted a "supwise")
  • I folded 3 loads of laundry.
  • and cut Lance's hair.  (which, I should add, was a much better experience this time!!)
Go me!
I need a nap!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day delight

Maddox and I went practical with an electrical razor for Lance's Father's Day gift.
We typically don't do a lot of gifts for these type holidays, usually food and cards and attempts to keep the day about that person as much as possible, is usually how we celebrate.  But Lance has to shave daily because his hair is so thick and black and I have been telling him to get one for a year.  His face bleeds every day and he uses those expensive disposables.  Soooo, when I found a 50% off sale for Father's Day PLUS a $10 coupon... I thought a $100 razor for $40 was too good to pass up!
And Maddox loved watching his daddy unwrap the present he got him!

We celebrated Father's day the next morning with a breakfast at Esperanzas.  It is a delicious Mexican Food place (owned by the Joe T Garcia family, that has SUPER YUMMY breakfast.)  We went for the 1st time last year for my BIL's 30th birthday and it has kind of become a little tradition to celebrate things there at breakfast ever since.

To our surprise there was not a line yet, so lance and I were just there-- an hour early-- with a cranky toddler-- who typically sleeps until 10. We battled it out over the hour, and then had a serious conversation in the bathroom.  [spankings involved].  By the time my SIL's family got there, he leveled out.  He was excited to see and watch Dane (who is always busy) and be mothered by little Landry. (who always showers him with love).

Lance had to go to work that afternoon so breakfast was a way to make his day special, but still keep him on schedule.

We had a great time.  (and I went picture crazy, as always!)

The 2 older kids loved jumping off of the step to their Papa...
Maddox was a little apprehensive!

We spent the rest of the day swimming... (while working-- how's that for multitasking!)
...We went to the cemetery to place flowers on my grandma's grave.  Yesterday would have been her birthday.  She passed away one year ago today.  WOW.  Time flies.

...and we ate my mom's fabulous roast.  Oh how I love home cooking.

...We visited with my cousins.

...And watched our boys... be boys.
They played in the sprinkler...
...and put dirt in each other's hair.

...My sister did my make-up.
...And Maddox's too.  ;)

... and I got to meet my sister's new boyfriend.
[whom I tried to play it cool... with but ended up telling him that we are a family who packs heat at all times-- and that I am an investigator and had already scoped his FB-- and that Al's the baby... to BE CAREFUL.
--moral of the story:  I wasn't cool at all~!]
But he is a really cute kid.  I hope the best for them.  (I'll be watching!!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday High Five

. Last week, when I skipped my Friday High Five, I caught a few emails and posts to FB giving me a hard time!  ;)  I was really excited to catch a little slack, reaffirming that someone other than my mom and husband read my posts! 
Blogging is kind of like being a stay at home mom; a lot of time and emotion-- mostly done for yourself-- but 90% of the time feels like it goes unnoticed!  
It's not like FB where you know how many friends you have, and can assume that a big percentage of them see your posts.  People actually comment on your thoughts on there too.  While on here, people RARELY comment (hint. hint.) and you have NO IDEA who reads it!  As a matter of fact, 3 of the 4 people who asked about the missed FHF last week aren't even "blog followers"... I love blogger, but at times it feels like talking to an empty room!
.. I got the invitations finished and in the mail.  Last year's were still cuter, but I thought these turned out okay.  I went back and inked the edges.  I think it made them look a lot better!  I just wish I had chosen a different color of card stock-- the white is just so stark!


And this is the picture I ended up using.  

Which is so random, because I intended on setting up a little shoot, dressing him cute, fixing his hair and editing something great... but I ran low on time and the day I wanted to take his picture, he wasn't having it.  So I found this one on my computer, edited it in about 14 seconds and sent it to for wallets.  I liked his smile.

... I guess all I needed to do was to tell the world Maddox was hitting the terrible twos and he would stop.  Seriously, the day I posted the last blog- he went back to my sweet little man.  What the heck?  I mean he is still a rotten almost 2 year old boy, a million miles an hour at all times but he isn't having those earth-shattering fits anymore.  After sharing my pain with a few doctor and nurse friends... we figured out it was his night terrors.  He was so exhausted during the day-- acting out-- from being up for an hour at night screaming, he couldn't get a grip on anything.  We did a 1/2 dose of Bendaryl for 3 nights and I guess it kicked him into a deeper sleep and out of them?!  We have not had one since Monday night.  So here's to *hoping* they are gone?!  
If you have ever dealt with night terrors you know how miserable they are.  They seem  like they are awake-- eyes open and talking but they do not know you or anything else and you can not get them to grip reality.  They are exhausting.  (for you and for them.)
I rewarded his good behavior for this week with a toy from the dollar store.  This is what he picked out!

.... I always think I am on the show, What Would You Do.  As crazy situations take place around me, I always think-- "speak up, John Quinones from  ABC is about to pop around the corner with his mic and camera crew and ask me why I ignored my morals."  Dang show!!!

Example:  The day I took Maddox to the DG for double sided tape and his dollar toy, this man at the counter was so rude to this lady.
As she walked through the door, he said, "hey lady-- you can't park like that."  She stopped, look over her shoulder to her perfectly parked truck and said, "are you talking to me?"  He went on a 5 minute rant about there are 50 other spaces in the parking lot and she parked right next to his driver's side door.  He was griping about how he is a big man and nothing drives him more crazy than when people do that....bla bla bla.
The woman politely went back outside and moved her truck into a parking spot that did not have cars on either side of it.  As she came back in, he said, "I'm not trying to start anything here, but seriously-- were you not thinking??"  So, I (--thinking that there were probably hidden cameras around me-- and tired of hearing his fat mouth) said, "sir, you are being very rude."
And then I cringed.
My husband (who would always fail on that show, I should add) would be telling me-- shut your mouth, ---if he were here.  But he wasn't.  So I didn't!
The man said, "look at me, I am overweight.  Those spots are small.  I can't squeeze in and out like you can."  And then he looked at another customer and said, "am I wrong here?"  [that customer stayed silent.  Although I am not sure if he spoke English, but he too would have failed on the show.]
I said, "honestly, how in the world was she suppose to know that?  Most people try and get a close spot so if you are so worried about having to park near another car, maybe you should park in the back of the lot.  No one wants those spots-- you are guaranteed to have no neighbors!"  And then I smiled.  Hoping, that if we weren't on the show, he took it in jest and didn't punch my lights out.
The lady said-- "no it is fine.  I moved my car. I'm sorry. It's whatever."  The man grabbed his yellow bags and off he went.
No cameras, no John Quinones.
No punching in the face.
But seriously?

..... Maddox knows how to count to 10...  He can ID all 26 letters.  

[Except Q.  He calls it a G every time. And W.  Its 50/50 if he is going to call it an M.]  
But tell me: WHY can't this kid get his colors.  -At all?  It is like the concept is completely foreign.
I hand him a blue cup with stars on it...
"what color is this Maddox?"
--a cup!
no... what color?   
noooo... what color is it? 

EEEKKKK!!!!!  It makes me nuts!
At this point I am questioning if he is color blind?!

I am trying to post a video or 2 but I am having a hard time with youtube.
Here's a pic of Maddox wearing my panties to hold you over!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A few days behind...

I'm working on Maddox's invitations right now.  I have to send them out this week.  His party is in 3 weeks!!  AHHHH!!!!!  They aren't exactly what I envisioned-- but think they are turning out really cute, nonetheless.

(the front)
(opened once... and the brown bag will hold a pic of him)
(opened all of the way up)

I skipped my Friday High Five this week because I was feeling far from high on Friday.  I didn't want to fill my blog with negatives and whining.... And I'm going to do my best to leave it out of this one as well.

I have a lot on my plate and have been focusing more on the negatives than the positives.  My patient husband and I are working hard to get it all worked out, and I will be Jolly Holly in no time I am sure!

With that said, I won't itemize all that is stressing me out-- because that would not be moving forward-- but I will tell you that I am afraid we really did hit the terrible two's this time with Maddox.
He  has been a royal terror for a week now.  The past 2 times that I thought he was entering the TT, we ended up with gastro and were happy as a clam once the vomiting ceased.  This time, we started with gastro-- but no cease in the barbaric behavior yet.
We have been without the binky since June,  2.  I can imagine that part of this is due to the adjustment to losing his mood-soother... And maybe to the fact that I don't think he is sleeping well
 (since we have found him crashed out all over the house this past week)

but not all of it.  He's not bad all of the time either.  Most of the time, he is my sweet little monkey, playing and laughing away, having a great time playing trucks, reading books, or naming letters-- then, something small will activate the bomb.  This tantrum is like nothing you have never seen before.  It is Unreal.
Last night ended with a 45 minute fit over his sippy cup, me in tears, and Lance drawing me a bath and taking over.  The bath was nice.  My husband is great.  I needed him to take over.  I was losing the battle.

[I taped one of Maddox's fits-from-hell but decided not to post it.  We all throw fits sometimes, and I wouldn't want mine videoed and shared!]

I realized, over this difficult week with Maddox-and-everything else,  that I depend on my mom alot.  Still, at the age of 26.  When I am a mom myself.  Maybe too much?!
Since they were on vacation, I did my best to not call her every time I was bored, needed some advice, wanted to laugh, needed to cry, craved encouragement, wanted to brag on Maddox,  etc.  But I still did some anyway.
I love my mom so much and am very thankful for her not only as my mom, but as my friend and as Maddox's Gigi.  She understands that I strive for perfection in all that I do-- and hate to fail--  and she has a way to pat me on the back and remind me that I am not alone-- and this too shall pass. (I just wish she knew how to speed up the boat.)
I find myself understanding her more and more everyday as I deal with the stress of being a mom, a wife, and just the stress of life.
It sucks that I had to be an adult though, to really get that.  [My high school years could have been a lot easier on her, if I'd have grasped the idea sooner!] 

And while I am handing out Thank yous... I fell like I should mention my friends.  God has been really good to me in this department.  I have some that I talk to A LOT.  And some that I don't talk to often at all.  But I love each of them separately and differently.  I feel blessed that each of them are a part of my life.

I think I'll end this blog with some pictures of Maddox and Cambrie from this past Thursday at the pool.  They start swimming lessons next week in Keller, so I am sure I will have more pics to come... but these will do for now.  I also should mention that Kimberly and I do not pose them.  Well, Cambrie poses herself in her little model stance when she sees the camera-- because she's a little diva, but the pics of them loving each other is just raw emotion!  The moment that they see each other, it is hugs and kisses all of the way!  
Maddox even asked for more sunscreen, and then rubbed it on Cambrie's back...  This is all cute now-- but Cambrie's daddy is a BIG guy.  Maddox might have to learn boundaries before their teenage years! ;)
 Our HOA made these covers mandatory this year--even though they were already wearing swimming diapers-- silly rule, but Kimberly and I really got a kick out of them!!
 And this was my favorite pic of the day-- look at his little hand wrapped around her side.  Is that not the cutest thing ever?!

Monday, June 7, 2010

my missing weekend?!

Yesterday I posted a blog about my some-what uneventful weekend... today as I logged onto Blogger it was no where to be found...
What the heck?
I could just leave it gone --since I did say it wasn't all that eventful-- but now its driving me crazy (and I have some fun pics from it all) and it feels too eventful to just forget about and move on... so just to pacify myself, I am going to try and repeat my post.
Here goes:
  • I missed the going away luncheon for my friend Tracy by and hour and a 1/2 due to the fatal buzz I made to the back right side of my husband's head.  [cinco tells the story] To call the episode traumatic, would be an understatement.  But tears aside, I made the trip in anyhow, to show my respect for a leaving friend, nurse, and great girl. 
  • I stopped by and saw my Mamaw after munching on left-overs from the catered lunch.  My meme, cousin, and aunt and uncle were there too, moving my grandma's stuff in, so it was a big-family-visit!

  • My Mamaw, whom I love dearly, is just a few months away from turning 95... and she's still got it!  Occasionally she gets confused with names and such, but for the most part- she's right on cue.  She keeps a little tray full of tiny trinkets, just in case the great-great-grandkids stop by for a visit.  It consists of mostly things that I would not normally call a toy, but Maddox had a hay-day with the tray!

  • That evening I drove to Decatur to meet up with my parents for dinner.  I feel blessed beyond measure that Lance is working again, but his schedule really blows.  I hold my breath each weekend, waiting on an invite from my parents to mooch off of their plans... and thankfully they rarely neglect the invitation!

  • After Chili's, I ran to Wal-Mart for a few groceries.  It was later at night and Wal-Mart wasn't very busy so I let Maddox walk [or run] rather than riding in the basket.  It was a rare treat that he thoroughly enjoyed.   We got mostly smiles and, "he's adorable"s over my little bundle of energy!  But one girl asked me if he had a nap AND what I fed him.       ---Can I just say, there is nothing more annoying that people without kids, acting like they have a clue. Or people with kids, acting as if their kids never acted like kids.  (Lord bless them and their socially awkward soles if they truly didn't)  This chick was young and since her and her beau were childless, I assume she was not a mother yet.  I smiled and said, "He ate chicken and veggies.  A perfectly balanced meal for a not even 2 year old."  But I want to say, "This is energy. He's not crying.  He's not acting out.  He is just not bound by your rules of adult-hood yet.  This is the pure innocence and happiness of a child.  --Just wait my friend.  just wait."

  • I am the first to admit, there are days when that innocence of my child is a little difficult!  (ie: this mess from Thursday)

  • But when life gives you a mess of powdered sugar... make icing.  And we did.  Literally. 
  • Even on my hardest days, he is more than worth it! 

  • I love, love, love this stage.  He minds me so well (I am praised of this often by others) and is bright and eager to learn.  I am sure there will come a time that he pushes the boundaries a little harder but for now he listens, and his manners rock my world!!  So, sorry lady-at-walmart,  I like to pick my battles.  Loud laughter, fast paced feet, and bologna stacking in Wal-mart at 9:30 at night, doesn't even register on my discipline list.  Go buy condoms.  You aren't ready!  :)   
  • We finished out the night Friday with a small game of baseball between Maddox and Daddy, once he got home.  They can do this for hours!!
  • My aunt and uncle mad a trip in from South Carolina this past week.  I love them both so much and it was so good getting to see them.  We spent the day Saturday in Argyl at my other aunts house, swimming playing the wii and cooking out.  We always have a great time there, and I love my family to my core!

  • Big news:  I ate a cheeseburger Saturday!  (first time to eat ground beef in 8 years!)  It smelled so good and I thought I would go for it.  I definitely have a mental block, and thought I was going to be sick afterward but if I am honest with myself, it was really good.  
  • Maddox's meal did not agree with him, however.  Lance and I didn't crawl into bed until far after 1:00 that morning and Maddox woke me up at 5:00am by vomiting ALL OVER ME.  We both hopped in the shower the first time... but episode 2 and 3 were just "bandaged" with more towels!  (I think most mom's will get that!) He followed up our eventful night with some explosive poop Sunday morning. 
  •  For once in my life, I was very thankful for a nasty diaper.  Maddox had taken a tumble down the rock steps next to the pool and bonked the entire left side of his face and knee.  The worried mommy in me was worrying if this was a late reaction to the head trauma... the nurse in me was reminding myself that a brain bleed would be excessive vomiting and a crazy fussy kid with the headache of his life.  Maddox was happy in between vomits and the series of vomiting only span for over an hour, I think.  The explosive poop the next morning gave me comfort.  It was just a belly ache, unrelated to the scratches to his eyebrow, cheek, and knee.  
  • I think his bug has already come and gone.  This morning, as I was heating up the oven for our cinnamon rolls, I heard "yummmmmy momma!" And looked at the cookie sheet to find only 7 raw rolls and cinnamon cream all over his mouth.  I asked, "where's the other roll?"  and he pointed to his open and empty mouth. Although he has been symptom free since early Sunday morning, I am waiting to see the effects of the raw dough on his little belly.  (so far so good)
That's it guys.  That's all I had.  I feel relieved that I can finally post again.  :)
  • A quick follow up-- Lance's hair grows so fast, that my blooper from Friday has already fixed itself. (Thank you Lord!) I have no pics from the massacre, it was almost a divorce worthy moment...  Not to be documented by Kodak!  :)