Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday High Five... plus a couple!

uno: We finally booked our vacation!  We are really excited about making the trip to see some great friends and explore the history that DC has to offer as well.  Originally we had agreed on leaving Maddox here with one of my best friends, Amanda, and then a switch off to my mom over the weekend, and heading out together as a couple for a vacation to the beach.  But my dreams of a relaxing vacation, drenching in sun and sipping fruity drinks by the crystal clear water will have to wait until out next get-away.  

We had $600 in AA  vouchers, burning holes in our pocket, that we had to use before June2. The crazy thing is I could find beach vacations all day long for nothing.  I mean all inclusive, 4 star packages to Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, all over Mexico, etc, etc... for less than $1000, for both us us-- airfare included, meals included, drinks included.  But the moment I would try and break the package apart and just book the hotel, it would only knock off a couple hundred bucks and I go to to book the airfare separately (so I could redeem the vouchers) and the flight alone would cost more than the entire package did.  I am still not sure how that works out, but that's the wall I kept hitting over my booking process!

On June 1 (last day to redeem) we literally drove to the airport without a clue where we were going.  We had the man at the ticket counter punch in random dates and places to see which could get us closest to our $600 for the both of us, round trip.  Lance mentioned a trip to DC and I made a last minute phone call  to my good friend Kristen, who now lives in Virginia. She thought it was a fabulous idea and even offered for us to stay with them and save money on a hotel.  She also offered to keep Maddox one day so Lance and I can have a day of adult-ness!  [Which was unbelievably nice!!]  Lance has family that lives in a condo right in the center of it all that we may try and set up dinner with them one night.  It has been a place that he has wanted to visit forever.  He loves history and I love seeing old friends, so it is a win for the both of us! 

We have been looking up attractions and I get more and more excited every day!  September 5 we fly out and Lance is pumped that we will be there on September 11, where I am sure there will be some great memorial type events.


dos: My best friend, Wendy's little brother Shane got married this weekend.  One of the groomsmen was Kevin Cobb.  (the now starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles.)  I asked for a picture with him, and he called me the hot girl at the wedding.  I told Wendy that I want that read in my eulogy... its my dying claim to fame!

But in all seriousness, his wife was super-cute and they have a really sweet story too.  Wendy says that they have been together since their freshman year of HS and they still live off of a normal paycheck and save everything.  He recently bought his dad a boat after he signed a 12 million/ 1 year contract but that is as splurgy as he has gotten.  Wendy's dad was telling me that he will sign anything for the kids (he even took Wendy's son off at the wedding to talk to him about peer pressure, and keeping his head on straight) but he will not sign anything for the guys and still acts stand-offish about the whole NFL stuff altogether.  He wants to still be their old buddy and doesn't want to be treated any differently by them.
Seems like a really cool guy.  

tres: Kimberly and I booked mommy-baby swimming lessons today at YMCA!  It is 2 weeks long (30 minutes per class) and we are stoked about going!  It starts June 21, so we have to wait a few weeks before we can go... but us mommies may be more excited than the babies!

cuatro:  Speaking of swimming, we loved our get-away to the lake last weekend!  My parents took their RV and boat out to Lake Bridgeport and we skied and toobed all weekend!  My aunt and uncle came out... my sister and 3 of her friends came out, and Mark, Wendy and Madi made an appearance too!  We had a blast but I was sore for 3 days following!  It was totally worth it!  Maddox did awesome on the boat, in the blazing heat... My favorite parts about camping are the big breakfasts we get each morning.  David didn't let me down this time either!!  I already can't wait for the next weekend at the lake!

cinco: I attempted to cut the pickiest man in the world's hair yesterday[my husband] which was dumb to begin with, but NOT my idea. We are talking about a guy who will drive to sport clips, walk in and see which hair dressers are working (let me remind you that I am a nurse... not a hairdresser) and leave if the one he wants is not working.  He persuaded me that I did such a good job on Maddox's hair that he thought I could do a great job on his.  So I went for it.

Well, I thought I had a 3 guard on, but in fact I had a 1 on.  I realized this wee bit of info just as I ran my first pass through his hair.  There was a huge chunk of hair missing and no going back!  I first started laughing hysterically, because I was in shock and terrified at what I had done!

Then Lance started freaking out... yelling at me... and acting insane.  [I seriously think he would have gone less nuts if I had just told him I had an affair.]

I was horrified and told him he could shave a bald spot in my head or hit me if he wanted; I felt horrible.  I could not stop crying.  That was even making him more mad, like he has ever hit me... but part of him still thought I did it on purpose since I initially laughed. 30 minutes of big elephant tears assured him that I was mortified as well, and he started feeling bad for the way he was talking to me.

In the midst of his fury, he was yelling, "you have to fix this"... so I would grab the shears and he would tell me that I didn't need to touch his hair... so I didn't know what to do!  

I offered to call sport clips and see if one of them could help me out but he insisted he wasn't going out of the house like that.

I ended up using a 2 all the way around and blending that area in, and it actually looks fine.
He has apologized a lot for the way he was talking to me and actually had the gall to tell me that he loved the way I cut the top and gave me instruction for what he wanted me to do "next time."

Um no.  There will be no next time, my friend.

seis: Maddox has been binky-free since Wednesday.  I didn't plan on taking it away, we just went to bed with it and woke up unable to find it!  The paci doesn't bother me at all.  The only thing that annoys me are the comments from others.  I just smile and nod even though I want to rant!  Its not like a bottle, milk sitting right on his teeth rotting them out.  It an orthodontic binky, no worries by health professionals-- so no worries from me!  It doesn't interfear with his speech since he is ahead of them game in that area and my best friend's a hygenist and her dentist is not bothered by them at all...  But we have lost every last one and I think that is a fine time to break the habbit.  He will be 2 in little over a month [gasp] and now is just as good of a time to break as any! I think I am a little sad about it though.  He looks so dang cute with his BB in his mouth.
And Lance and I will miss "euphoric binky" ... this thing he does when he is 100% comfy and happy.  It shutters at the speed of a million skakes a second and sometimes he hums with it too.

 siete: I think I now follow just as many blogs anonymously as I do people that I know!  I get excited for some people to post new blogs and I don't even know them!!  Is that weird?  It makes me wonder if anyone anonymously follows me too?!  hummm......


  1. I anonymously follow you...I am a friend of Kristen's and I think your son is absolutely adorable and you are pretty funny, crafty and have really good yes....I'm a stalker LOL - you keep me entertained!! Feel free to follow me as well. I don't update often but I have a daughter that is close to your son's age and she is dang cute!!

  2. How funny! I think blogger is awesome, I enjoy it so much!! I sure will follow you! Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. LOL!! I'm not sure... I have thought about making comments on some of the people I secretly follow too! (and held off because I thought they may think I was creepy!!) So yes, please comment!

    Sometimes I feel like I am writing to no one when I go a few blogs without any comments and then 4 separate people will reference my blog... I want to say, "caught ya!! now comment!"
    But then again, I would be stalker creepy on them too!!!