Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday High Five

. Last week, when I skipped my Friday High Five, I caught a few emails and posts to FB giving me a hard time!  ;)  I was really excited to catch a little slack, reaffirming that someone other than my mom and husband read my posts! 
Blogging is kind of like being a stay at home mom; a lot of time and emotion-- mostly done for yourself-- but 90% of the time feels like it goes unnoticed!  
It's not like FB where you know how many friends you have, and can assume that a big percentage of them see your posts.  People actually comment on your thoughts on there too.  While on here, people RARELY comment (hint. hint.) and you have NO IDEA who reads it!  As a matter of fact, 3 of the 4 people who asked about the missed FHF last week aren't even "blog followers"... I love blogger, but at times it feels like talking to an empty room!
.. I got the invitations finished and in the mail.  Last year's were still cuter, but I thought these turned out okay.  I went back and inked the edges.  I think it made them look a lot better!  I just wish I had chosen a different color of card stock-- the white is just so stark!


And this is the picture I ended up using.  

Which is so random, because I intended on setting up a little shoot, dressing him cute, fixing his hair and editing something great... but I ran low on time and the day I wanted to take his picture, he wasn't having it.  So I found this one on my computer, edited it in about 14 seconds and sent it to for wallets.  I liked his smile.

... I guess all I needed to do was to tell the world Maddox was hitting the terrible twos and he would stop.  Seriously, the day I posted the last blog- he went back to my sweet little man.  What the heck?  I mean he is still a rotten almost 2 year old boy, a million miles an hour at all times but he isn't having those earth-shattering fits anymore.  After sharing my pain with a few doctor and nurse friends... we figured out it was his night terrors.  He was so exhausted during the day-- acting out-- from being up for an hour at night screaming, he couldn't get a grip on anything.  We did a 1/2 dose of Bendaryl for 3 nights and I guess it kicked him into a deeper sleep and out of them?!  We have not had one since Monday night.  So here's to *hoping* they are gone?!  
If you have ever dealt with night terrors you know how miserable they are.  They seem  like they are awake-- eyes open and talking but they do not know you or anything else and you can not get them to grip reality.  They are exhausting.  (for you and for them.)
I rewarded his good behavior for this week with a toy from the dollar store.  This is what he picked out!

.... I always think I am on the show, What Would You Do.  As crazy situations take place around me, I always think-- "speak up, John Quinones from  ABC is about to pop around the corner with his mic and camera crew and ask me why I ignored my morals."  Dang show!!!

Example:  The day I took Maddox to the DG for double sided tape and his dollar toy, this man at the counter was so rude to this lady.
As she walked through the door, he said, "hey lady-- you can't park like that."  She stopped, look over her shoulder to her perfectly parked truck and said, "are you talking to me?"  He went on a 5 minute rant about there are 50 other spaces in the parking lot and she parked right next to his driver's side door.  He was griping about how he is a big man and nothing drives him more crazy than when people do that....bla bla bla.
The woman politely went back outside and moved her truck into a parking spot that did not have cars on either side of it.  As she came back in, he said, "I'm not trying to start anything here, but seriously-- were you not thinking??"  So, I (--thinking that there were probably hidden cameras around me-- and tired of hearing his fat mouth) said, "sir, you are being very rude."
And then I cringed.
My husband (who would always fail on that show, I should add) would be telling me-- shut your mouth, ---if he were here.  But he wasn't.  So I didn't!
The man said, "look at me, I am overweight.  Those spots are small.  I can't squeeze in and out like you can."  And then he looked at another customer and said, "am I wrong here?"  [that customer stayed silent.  Although I am not sure if he spoke English, but he too would have failed on the show.]
I said, "honestly, how in the world was she suppose to know that?  Most people try and get a close spot so if you are so worried about having to park near another car, maybe you should park in the back of the lot.  No one wants those spots-- you are guaranteed to have no neighbors!"  And then I smiled.  Hoping, that if we weren't on the show, he took it in jest and didn't punch my lights out.
The lady said-- "no it is fine.  I moved my car. I'm sorry. It's whatever."  The man grabbed his yellow bags and off he went.
No cameras, no John Quinones.
No punching in the face.
But seriously?

..... Maddox knows how to count to 10...  He can ID all 26 letters.  

[Except Q.  He calls it a G every time. And W.  Its 50/50 if he is going to call it an M.]  
But tell me: WHY can't this kid get his colors.  -At all?  It is like the concept is completely foreign.
I hand him a blue cup with stars on it...
"what color is this Maddox?"
--a cup!
no... what color?   
noooo... what color is it? 

EEEKKKK!!!!!  It makes me nuts!
At this point I am questioning if he is color blind?!

I am trying to post a video or 2 but I am having a hard time with youtube.
Here's a pic of Maddox wearing my panties to hold you over!


  1. I always read your blog... I agree, sometimes it is like you are talking to no one.

  2. I always read them too but I never comment. Keep writing, you are great at it.

  3. lol!!! The story about the cup made me laugh out loud!!! Today i was drawing pics of different shapes and showing them to Katie and when i got to a circle she said "its a blue!" I laughed bc in her flashcards the circle is blue!!! So, it is soooo frustrating bc we are teaching them so much at once! I am sure they think we are crazy!!! and i am super glad you didn't get punched in the face...

  4. Kimberly PannellJune 30, 2010 at 6:01 AM

    Your dollar store story cracked me up! I think I would have had to jump in also. My husband, if he were with me, would have been whispering shut up. Too funny!

    Kimberly Pannell