Tuesday, May 12, 2015


More pictures.
Like lots and lots of pictures.
And bragging.
Lots of that too.
Because basically that's my job.
And because this blog is kind of like a can of sweetened condensed milk.
All the goods, crammed into a can-- I'd eat it with a spoon, but it might sick you out.
To each their own.
I'm not a good blogger.
Just a documenting-for-later-er.

Maddox had a dance-a-thon at school and that evening got to run out at the Varsity baseball game for being a "polite panther".  They announced his name, gave him a hotdog, and all autographed a ball.  He is all about some baseball right now so he was stoked!

The majority of our baseball games have been rained out, but it has been a lot of fun seeing the boys play!
Gunner swings that bat so hard and fast, that I predict him being a great hitter one day...  Maddox was complimented by the other coach in our last game for how accurate and far he can throw...  And Beckham got caught sneaking his juice box onto the field, tucked into the mit of his glove.
He'll get there.
For now, he runs to third, and has to be redirected to first!

That (and when Maddox slides for no reason) are actually my favorite parts of the game though.  :) 

Beckham beats to his own drum.
And I love it!
I adore him!

I could only laugh the other day when my time hop reminded me that Maddox knew his letters by 2 and Beckham only recently mastered them all, just weeks before he turned four.  The odd part about it, however, is that Beckham is already starting to form words with these letters and is interested to know how everything is spelled.  Exactly where Maddox was at four.
But it came in his time.  Not rushed.

Beckham is stubborn, yet easy.  Quiet, for the most part-- and especially around strangers-- but so silly and full of joy.  He doesn't comprehend the word hurry and is never in a rush.  He's easy to please and very low maintenance.  He's a thinker and watcher and steers clear of the spotlight.  He loves his brother and can play independently for hours.  He's quirky and hysterical and really smart-- but has no interest in showing that off.  Everything Beckham does is in his own time and on his own watch.  He mostly just goes with the flow but is not a people pleaser at all. 

Like his daddy, he doesn't stand against much-- but when he does, he will not back down, regardless of the consequence that he knows he will undoubtedly face.  He's so stubborn and rarely cries-- and when he does, he'd rather you not see him.

He loves me constantly and effortlessly, and does not hesitate to tell me how important I am to him, over and over-- all day long.  Beckham is such a blessing to me and I can not even put into words how much I have enjoyed this year at home with him.  I have said since the day he was born that I think he is my soul mate... and I still believe that.  My heart literally flutters for this child.

It is hard for me to comprehend how fast these years are rolling by, but in a blink, my baby turned four.

His party was suppose to be on our land, complete with a real campfire, but we were rained out of that idea and moved it inside.
He still had a great party and I think it all turned out perfectly cute!

I planned his birthday party on my actual birthday, so I slid away for lunch before the party, with my sister.  (mostly because I was frustrated at Lance)
Then Lance, the kids, and I went to Joe T Garcias on Sunday to celebrate as well.
They bought me flowers and a fitbit, which I love--
mostly because I get to track my sleep. ;), and partly because I hope it will motivate me to move my body!

My kids are enjoying the warmer weather, and being able to play outside-- but this rain-- and honestly the time change-- are killing us most nights.
I am already feeling like I need to put together a strict schedule to survive the summer.

I love structure.
But that's not what summer is about... I know.  I know.
(I'm still going to try, if only to make myself study an hour a day...  they'll live.  Promise.)

I was given my test date for my IBLCE this July, but will not get back my results until October!  (which is so odd in a days of computerized testing)  So I have two full months to study.

I neglected my class-work until the last minute, however, and then paid for it with a week of crash studying-reading- working on assignments, neglecting play-time with my tiny, before my prep-course.  

Like any guilt stricken mother, we ran to the Lego store and smooshed 600,000 Lego packages until we found the much sought after hotdog Lego mini-figure, and $3 later-- I forgave myself. 

The class was incredible!

I was anxious to leave because it put me away from my kids longer than I ever had been-- it put me in a hotel room for three nights by myself-- it put a lot of responsibility on my mom and sister-- and it had me away from Lance for his birthday for the first time in 14 years.

But, like most things tend to do, it all worked out.
I threw together a cake for Lance and we celebrated early.
I tucked the kids in Tuesday evening, and left once they were bathed, packed, prayed with, and cozy in bed. 
I learned so so much, and was thankful that I was able to go.  I drove an hour and a half to meet Lance for dinner on his actual birthday.  And the kids didn't even miss me, they had so much fun at mom's.  (and apparently liked that she got Maddox to school early!) I was **so thankful** for all of the support-- I could not have done it without them all!  (mom especially)

I passed the class and it has a money-back guarantee, but hopefully I will pass my boards this summer and it will not matter! 

Though my fitbit claimed that I had restful sleep while I was gone, nothing felt as good as waking up Saturday morning in my own bed!  (without a 5:45 alarm!)

We hit the ground running with a surprise party, fight night, and then work for me that Sunday.

I think I am still trying to catch up!

I don't know how Lance does it, since he sleeps that schedule every night?!

Honestly, he is such a great man and even though he can aggravate me to no end, I am so blessed to have him as the example for our boys and also to know that they will be just as loved an taken care of under his watch, just as my own.

Seriously, the man works two jobs, and still doesn't go a day without playing a game of basketball or catch with the boys in the yard.  He mows, coaches baseball, helps out everyone who calls for a hand, and helps me clear the table after dinner, each night.

Recently, Lance has started paying Maddox $5 every time he helps him feed and he takes his job very seriously!  Lance says that he really is worth every penny, opening and closing gates for him-- but his hustle and attitude are what really makes him proud.

Maddox asked Lance yesterday if we could invite his teacher out to the pens to see the baby deer-- but also so that she can see that he works just as hard at his "job" as he does at his school.

Lance doesn't even realize that he's passed that to him.  But I can assure you his wife will appreciate it one day, as I do.

The most exciting part is that Lance earned a big promotion and raise and will go to one job in the next couple of weeks!  I know he is excited to be home by 4:00-- and he deserves it-- although he honestly loves feeding!
We will be forever thankful to Bubba for throwing us a life-line when our forever plan fell apart!  He too, holds a special place in my heart!  And always will.

April and May have been the craziest months.
My planner is full and I feel like I can barely keep up!

Three out of four of our birthdays, field trips, play days, Mother's Day, Easter, 
and Nurse's week and teacher appreciation, both fall at the same time too.
The doctors blessed us each with a gift card but I did not even think to get his school nurse anything!! :/
We did order Maddox's teachers cookies and owe them more than all of the sugar LC Sweets has up her sleeve.
I know I have written it again and again, but Maddox's first year of school has been nothing short of incredible.  He is so bright and loves to learn and I am so grateful that he loves getting up and going every day.
We wish that we could take the same teacher and same class mates and move them all together to first grade. 
Mrs Tittor has been a blessing to us all!

His school does a lot of things that parents are invited to, and I enjoyed going to them this year.  I selfishly hate that there are so many, looking forward to the years ahead for us, since I will be working in the office 3 days a week and will miss a lot.
He won a limo trip to Cicis pizza for his fund-raiser!  (I am not sure that we were invited but we went for pics!)  They rode a party bus there and a limo back.
He said the party bus was more fun with lights, good music, and a tree in the middle!  (they decorated the 'pole' in the middle like a palm tree, lol!) and he said he fell asleep on the limo riding back!

Beckham tried hard to ride with Maddox... and tried to pretend like his feelings weren't hurt when he couldn't.

Instead he and I joined them for pizza, and then slid over to Walmart for his own treat! 

Beckham has matured so much since the beginning of this year, and I honestly think he is finally ready for the MDO program next year.
I hate to leave him... but am excited to see him grow.

We had a mother's day lunch at my aunt Penny's on Saturday, followed by our friend Bubba's 30th party.  Kristin put on a great party, and we had a blast!
She hired a band called The Mullet Boyz and they were so much fun!

A guy that I had not seen since HS and his wife stayed at our house to keep from driving another hour, and we stayed up until 3:00 chatting with them!

My dad and Julie kept the kids for us after Aunt Penny's and we picked them up that morning to meet my mom for a Mother's Day lunch.
I was on call, but the patients were kind to me.
We were under a tornado warning driving home, but escaped any real danger there as well.
We stopped off on our way home to let the boys see the lake that was just a pasture, days before...
and then we went out to our land to see where the water was running for our future building site.

The gully, which is usually just a 20 foot deep, dry ally, that tunnels along the perimeter of our property, was now a roaring rapid, ending in a beautiful waterfall!

The boys gifted me a gift card and sweet handmade treats!
My favorite part of it all, though, is the far right of the card where Maddox wrote the lyrics to 'My Son' by Brandon Rhyder.  His teacher said he worked on it for two days.
His time was well received!

That being said, I can not believe the end of his year is so near.

Each night that we talk, I see them both maturing and growing.
And they make me proud.

I want this summer to drag in slow motion as will will have major changes come September, and change and I typically don't fluidly mix.
I am sure I'll change my tune a few weeks in when the walls are closing in on us and the nostalgia of summer starts to fade.
But for now, I just want to hit pause.

Yesterday a lady that works the lunchroom stopped me to tell me how polite and well behaved Maddox is and I thought I couldn't be more proud...

But today he told me that he "stood up for God" when a little girl told him that she doesn't believe in God, and told her that God loves her and without him, none of us would be here.

That's when I realized I was wrong.
I actually could be more proud.

He's a good one.

I am surely blessed!