Wednesday, September 29, 2010

11 1/2 weeks

Today we are 11 1/2 weeks.

Today, we had our 3rd OB appointment.  Even though Lance and I went to bed really late last night, I just couldn't sleep in this morning... too excited about our 1:00 appointment with Dr. Deem.

I made us cinnamon rolls (actually the roll out kind that Kristen introduced us to while in VA), we got showers, and headed out.

Not without a hitch, because that's not the Erwin way.

It was 12:05 and we needed to leave 15 minutes ago to get to our appointment in a reasonable manner.  Lance was changing shorts and asking me what looked better... and I snapped!
"If you are not in the car in 30 seconds, I am leaving you"
We said a few other choice words, and then sat in silence our hour drive into Fort Worth.

Maddox fell asleep in the car about 10 minutes from her office and Lance (once again) needed help making a decision.  Should he take Maddox in or let him sleep?
I jumped out of the car and ran in... "I am already 5 minutes late-- figure it out."

I gave my urine sample and weighed.
124.  I have gained a pound.
Maddox and Lance decided to join us.

I was excited because the sweet, PRN nurse took us back this time.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my OB/GYN but her nurse is flat and direct and honestly, just not friendly.
My nurse ran the doppler on my tummy and I started messing with my phone.
"Are you going to record this?"
"I was?"
"Well, wait just a minute.  You are still early so it may take me a minute and I'll tell you when I've got it so you can turn it on.  It'll keep you from recording a bunch of static"
bu-bump, bu-bump, bu-bump..... [my heart beat] STATIC.... bu-bump, bu-bump. bu-bump [more me].... MORE STATIC
Tears started filling my eyes.
"Don't panic yet Holly.  My doppler did read 184 for a second so it picked up on something... I just can't hear it.  I'm going to go get Dr. Deem and she will find it right away, don't cry-- I'm sure its fine."
She left the room and I cried.  Crying turning into bawling and gasping and feeling like my heart was going to explode right there in the room.

Lance was saying, "why are you crying?  She said everything is fine!"
(He swears he didn't say this, but let me assure you, he did.)
I felt alone.  And scared.  And panicked.  And guilty for anything that I may have done to jeopardize my pregnancy. 

Dr. Deem came in the room.
"Your blood pressure looks great.  You've only gained a pound.  Let's find this heart beat."
She placed the doppler back on my belly.
Same song.
No dance.

Dr. Deem was sure the baby was just below my pelvic bone, making it difficult to hear and that everything was fine, but she still thought we should do a sono to make sure.
So off to sono we went.
I was into ugly-cry at this point.
A million emotions.  A thousand thoughts.
None of them good.
Maddox watching, also upset that his mommy was so sad.

Our sonographer handed me a handful of tissues, dimmed the lights, and got in serious- all business mode.
"Good things are going on here"
She zoomed in and showed us our peanut.
Arms moving, heart beating, tucked in tight, looking cozy.
Heart rate was 183.  (Maddox was 164 at this visit) but this baby was 140-something last time.  I have no idea if my anxiety had this one's up, or if it's heart is just faster beating... I guess the next appointment will tell.

Maddox says from his daddy's lap, "I love my baby. Its soooooo cute!"
And now my tears turn to happy tears.
And tears of relief.

She handed us our pictures and sent us back to our room.

Hateful nurse was standing outside our closed door.
"I already filled your room with another patient."
"Was she done with me?"
"Well, was everything fine with the sono?"
"It was."
"Then you can leave."

So that was it.  I waited a month for this appointment.  And it was a mess.
I got to ask none of my questions.
I feel beat down and exhausted and emotional.
I didn't get words of encouragement after the sono.  I was just scooped out the door.

*crying again
Tears of frustration.

Lance took Maddox to the car.
I spoke to the insurance lady, and then joined them.
GREAT NEWS from Charla:  Our fan-frig'n-tabulous insurance is covering everything, 100%.  The only thing out of our pocket is a co-pay per sono.  That is it!  Hospitalization: 100%.  Dr. Deem: 100%
Are you kidding?!
Maddox cost us about $650 to Dr. Deem up front, $30 per sono and somewhere between $1500-$2000 to Harris.  All worth it, but geese!  What a blessing to get that news!!

We went to The Railhead BBQ after the appointment.
Lance was able to get a 1/2 off discount there, because of his job, which was awesome-- we both got 2 meat combos (so Maddox and I could share) and 2 drinks and it was $13 total!!

Maddox has been in this Blue's Clues kick for a while.  He holds his hand out as if he is holding a pretend notebook and he "writes" clues in it constantly.
A couple of days ago we were behind an SUV with a sticker on the back glass of a puppy paw.  Over, and over and over he yelled, "I found a clue!"
So today he spent most of his meal spotting clues.  He found a red diamond, and a circle and a number 5!  (by the way, I just typed "a red triangle" but was reminded that that is a diamond as Maddox just saw this picture... and once again, excitedly shouted his clues!)

He then found another clue.  It was a moose that went mooooo.  (It was really some exotic goat)
....All this clue finding got people talking.
This group of men across from us were talking about how much energy he had.
One man said, "you need a few more just like him and then you'll really be skinny"
He didn't know that my feeling were as fragile as ancient art today, so I took it personally.
A. I feel like such a toad lately.  Nothing looks cute.  But I don't look pregnant yet either.  Just frumpy and bloated, with a gut.

So I'll really be skinny then?  Hummmm.... How else could I take that?
B. Was he saying Maddox was bad?  Was that his nice way of saying, "Good Gosh kid, shut up!"

I knew I was being sensitive, so I just said, "yes sir, he's full of energy."
Lance said when I went to the bathroom they were talking about how much fun he would have on their ranch, etc...  So I think I may have read way too into it.

We left lunch and went to the mall.  I needed some new make-up and wanted to look at Halloween costumes for Maddox.

We didn't find him a costume, but I did get some make up.  Its a new brand that I have never worn before, so I hope I like it.
I also broke down and rented one of the mall's carts.  He always begs to ride in them but my phobia of germs typically shoves us in the opposite direction.   
Today I broke down and let him ride.
He loved it!!

As we pulled into the house, a red fox sat in our front field.  Lance has seen it a couple of times and my parents have too.  I asked him to stop the car so I could get a picture, but he kept going and so did it.  This is the best pic I got from my phone.
It wasn't really even worth posting, it is almost impossible to see.

A 15 minute nap interrupted by loud play and repetitive phone calls is all I pulled off.

I am on call right now and haven't got a page yet.  Good luck or a broken pager???  We shall see?!

If you are still reading, props to you!
I feel like writing in this blog, lets me 'work it out' and cheer up or de-stress in some weird way!
Thanks for helping with that!

cleaning out!

The biggest issue with this house is the lack of storage space.  Cabinets and closets are small and sparse.
In Maddox's closet, the only bar to hang clothes on was like 15" long.  It ran from the door side of the closet to the back of the closet --rather that length wise, with the closet... Weird, huh?!
Maddox's clothes have been in boxes in his room because I had no where to hang them.

Lance night, I was frustrated with the fact that I have to dig for an hour to find something that fits him, and leave the rest of the boxes in shambles after my exploring...
So last night, Lance hung me a bar, and I went to organizing!

I should say:  This kid had a lot of clothes last year.  A lot.

So I sent Po a message, and went to boxing goods.  I wonder if it makes me selfish that the only person I am willing to give his clothes to is my friend Po?
Not to tell their business, but they don't hurt in any way, and her kids are always dressed cute.
I don't pass them to her every time because I think she needs help buying clothes, I pass them to her because I am selfish I guess!
 She borrowed my pregnancy clothes and got them all back to me as soon as she was done, all in good condition, and I think she threw in a few pieces for me as well!
 She is finished having children, so I know that she will give theses back to me if our 2 (or 3) is another boy, and I don't have to worry about them going through 2 sets of knees before they are back to me!

So here it is:

That is 10 pairs of shoes.  9 pairs of pants.  6 short sleeve shirts. and FIFTY FIVE long sleeve tops.  (including sweaters, coats, jackets, sweatshirts, etc). And one binky.  (that he found again!)

After pulling all of this out, I started thinking...
My friend Candace always does the JBF sale both times a year, and says between both of her kiddos, typically pulls in $450 in each sale.  She uses that money to buy new clothes for the upcoming season.  I thought, WOW!  That is a great idea!
If I sold all 80 items at $5 a piece (obviously some would me more, others less) that's $400 in my pocket!! 
I may start moving towards that route next season!

Another perk to my organizing, is I found a couple of pair of 2T Gap jeans and a few pair of wind pants that aunt Jenn had handed down of Dane's that will fit this winter.  I have already bought 3 pair of jeans (because he is super-difficult to fit being so tall and skinny-- when I find some that fit, I buy them) and I think he can still wear 2 of the Gap 18-24mo jeans from last season for a little while.

Next I need to get him some long sleeve shirts and I think we will be set for fall!

Here's to a good day to you, blogging world....
We are off to our OB appointment here in a bit.
I always get nervous and pessimistic before these appointments, so keep me in your prayers.

Monday, September 27, 2010

little of this and that...

A friend of mine from high school (Kylie) made one of these for her little boy's 2nd birthday.  I thought it was adorable!!  She gave me the website and I have had a blast messing around with it!  It is free and a lot of fun so I thought I would share it with my blogg'n mommas!
The website is
You want to read the faq's before you begin.  (It'll show you haw to keep words together with the ~, and how to make words bigger than others by writing that word multiple times)
It is also helpful to make it in Word first and then copy/paste it over so that is is easy to adjust and you don't lose anything as you go back and forward.
Here is an example of one I made.
I realized, 20 minutes into this, that my printer isn't hooked up so I hope you can still get the idea with this pic of my computer screen?!
You can change up the layout, color scheme, etc:

Of course my wheels are turning trying to think of all the things I could make these for!!

Another thing I have been meaning to pass along is the website
It has clothes, shoes and accessories for a discounted price.  Some are awesome savings-- some not so much.  But I have fun looking for deals, so you may too.  Lance now wears Spy sunglasses rather than Oakley. On this website, they are $40-$80 rather than $100-$150...
Just food for thought with Christmas nearing...

I have to get on my Christmas shopping ASAP.... I need ideas?!
Most everyone I buy for has everything they need so I would like to think of something personal, not costly to make or put together that has thought and meaning.
Last year I got all of the grandmas robes and slippers and had their grandma name embroidered onto them....  my aunt always makes homemade Kahlua or wine and orders specialized stickers for the bottles, they are super cute if you want to steal the idea, but that's her niche; not mine to steal! ;)

I have been wearing my hair curly a lot.  It is easier and quicker...
(I edited out all 642 'blemishes' to my face for your safety... its rough to look at!)

I am ready for fall cooking...
Baking, and comfort food!
A couple of friends have sent me some crockpot recipes already.  Feel free to send any others if you have any!
My mom is hosting Keeno at her house in December and she asked me to help her plan the menu.  Don't worry, I've already got it planned from drinks to the meal, to dessert.
I am already thinking about our Christmas party too... our tacky sweater fiesta! 
I can't wait.
I love festivities!

Finally I have to tell you a few things about my child.
  1. He talks in Chinese from time to time. (thanks Kai-lan) but we don't have a clue what he is saying?!  My sister has a video of it... I'll see if she can send it to me and I'll put it on here!
  2. Two is all about control.  And the most difficult part for me is allowing him to have some of it.  He is mostly a good boy, who minds me well but like all 2 year olds he pushes the limits looking for what he can control.  To make us all happy, I have to decide what is okay for him to control.  I still make the decisions, and he can not disrespect-- but he may choose to walk when I would rather him ride in the stroller-- or drink juice when I have already made him milk.  Neither hurt anyone, but he gets a small win, allowing me to avoid an 'episode', so in the big picture-- I win!
  3. He has to have his nap.  The world's a better place that way!  
  4. He found a tuperware of binkies in the move and I swear he hid them all over the house.  We don't take them from him (that control thing again) but once he takes it out, we grab it and hide it.  I swear we have hidden 56 of them but he comes up with another one.  Today he had his  big blue hospital one in his mouth!  Hopefully we have rescued them all now... but I am sure he'll pull another from a black hole tomorrow!!
  5. He hates his daddy's work schedule.  He tells me, "I miss my daddy a lot." and tells Lance when he gets home, "I'm so cited you home daddy!"  He made Joe feel 1" tall at Katie's birthday when he asked where Lance was.  Maddox said, "He's at work.  [got a super sad look on his face] I miss him a lot."
  6. He has his daddy's mischievous smile.  Twice now, he has stood up in the bath tub and grinned at me with that look that his daddy has patented, and peed in my lap!!! 
  7. Speaking of pee, we rarely ever have tee-tee accidents anymore, but we rarely ever poop entirely in the potty either.  He will start pooping in his underwear and then yell, "help mommy-- I'm pooping!!"  But yesterday he told me he had to poop, went and climbed on the big potty and took care of business!  He finished and few minutes later said, "I need-a poop a lil more"  and did!  --I was a proud momma!  Go Maddox!
  8. I fell asleep while playing with him a few days ago.  It freaked me out when I woke up because the house was silent and I had no idea I had gone to sleep.  (thanks pregnancy) I found him, also asleep, but naked on the couch!  When we were playing he had underwear so I assumed he must have had an accident somewhere??  When he woke up, I asked him what happened to his underwear?  He said he took them off to go potty.  I said, "in the big boy potty?"  He said, "no, my baseball potty"... my heart dropped.  He never uses that potty and I don't even know where the blue thing that catches the pee is at.  When I dozed off he was actually putting toy trucks and airplanes down into the potty so I was sure we had a huge mess on our hands...
         He is a responsible little pottier!!

We have our 3rd OB appointment on Wednesday.  I am excited for Maddox to hear the heart beat.  I think we are going to film it!
(sure to be posted)

And now that the cat's out of the bag, I can share:  Kimberly is also pregnant!!!!  We are a week apart!  How fun is that?!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday High Five... remember me?

I recently changed my night clinic schedule from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  It makes me excited to have Wednesdays home with my family.  I can cook dinner and we can eat as a family.  That's a big deal! I'm stoked to be like a normal family one night a week.  It is definitely a bonus to live next door to my baby sitter.  I would have never been able to have this schedule in Haslet.  And as long as we don't wear Mom out, Maddox is happy as a clam to be there.  He typically walks in the door saying, "I'm home!"

Fall is near.  I love, love, love fall.
Here's the exciting thing.  October is just a few days away... and I already have so much planned for us that I know it will fly by.
Flower Mound Pumpkin patch, Boo at the zoo,  carving pumpkins, Halloween...
And then its November.
And in November we find out the sex of baby #2!
I am ready for broccoli and cheese soup, chicken and dumplings, roast, chai tea, stew and cornbread, spiced cider,  lima beans, DRESSING with cranberry sauce-- actually all of the thanksgiving feast.  I love love love Thanksgiving!

Sometimes Maddox talks so big. 
Last weekend he told Randi he was looking for his instruments... he needed his drums, a b-tar (guitar) and a mic-a-phone!
Here are just a few conversations that went down today:

Maddox: let me see that baby! (like an excited 85 year old)
[I raise my shirt]
[he pokes his finger in my belly button]
me: Be careful
him: I be patient, I'm just trying to kiss my baby!
him:{kisses my belly]...My baby's soooo cute!

Maddox:  I sure would like to go to Gigi's house.
me: Gigi's at work
him: I just wann'a go a lil'bit.
me: not today baby, you'll go tomorrow when mommy goes to work for a little bit.
him: but I love her.  I love my Gigi a whole lot. 
{he likes to say "I sure would like..." so that you have to repeat it and then he can say "sure" (his favorite response) and it is all your idea!}

[Lance was leaving for work earlier]
[Maddox stands on the porch waving]
Lance: bye Buddy, I love you.
Maddox: Bye daddy!  Be a good boy, Be nice to mommy!
{as you can tell, Lance tells him this a lot}

Me:  you look sleepy pumpkin, want to climb in mommy's lap for a minute?
him: umm, no thank you.
{though I appreciate manners, he get away with saying no to rhetorical questions because he has learned how to use thank you with his no!}

Maddox: I want to watch cartoons.
Lance: I'm watching ESPN, you can watch them in a little bit.
Maddox: I'm not your buzz lightyear anymore! [turns around sits in the floor and crosses his arms]

This house is never going to get in order.  Never.  I should be working on it now... but I don't want to.  I don't care if it ever gets in order.  I really don't.  I have zero drive.  We've got so much more to do... so many more things to hang on the walls, junk to organize, boxes to unpack, curtains to hang, etc...
I'll post pics one day, if it ever is all the way put together.
Here are a few for now... notice the incompleteness of every single room.
The living room:
 The restroom:
 Mine and Lance's room: 
 The den (office)
 The dining room:
Maddox's room:
I have been told by so many people that every pregnancy is different.
And they weren't lying.

With Maddox, I was never nauseous.  And never hungry.  This go around I have to eat to keep from being  nauseous.
Last pregnancy I gained 20lbs total, I'll be lucky if that's all I gain this first trimester!
Last pregnancy, I was treated like a princess from my husband:  "Take it easy babe", "don't do that babe", "what sounds good to you babe", "lay down and take it easy" --this pregnancy is quite the opposite.  "do you think you can lift that box?", "we have got to get this house in order" (meaning I need to get on this house), and it hasn't mattered yet what sounds good to me to eat.
Not just Lance, everyone treats you different the 2nd go around.  Not that they treat you bad, it just gets forgotten a lot.  I remember with Maddox if we went into a restaurant, everyone made sure I had a seat before they sat... not this time.  I'll stand and hold Maddox!  
Last pregnancy my skin 'glowed', this time my skin looks like a black cat went off in my face. 
I forget that I'm pregnant sometimes.  I know that with Maddox, it was all I could think about.  My day, my thoughts, my entire world revolved around him.  And I guess because I am so busy with Maddox, this pregnancy gets the back burner... which makes me feel really guilty.
I hear it is normal.  
It doesn't change the guilt!
Nausea and exhaustion, remind me when I forget.
I went into Maddox's pregnancy telling myself to enjoy every day-- even the bad days... And I think I need to change my outlook on this one too.
Not that I'm not enjoying it, I'm just not giving it the attention that it deserves.
I love being pregnant, I just need to pay more attention to it.
I need to enjoy this portion of my life, savor it a little.
I need to quit being scared that something will happen, and just live today for today.
I need to accept that the 2nd is just different.

A few pictures from this week.

And check out his new kicks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

our vacation

Day 1
Flying out:
We planned on leaving our house by 5:30am, running a few guns up to my parents since we didn't have the gun safe here yet and then get to the airport in time for our 8:30 flight.
I realized I had not taken my pager back to work... even though it is with me every single day of the year, occasionally someone will need to borrow it, (because we only have 3) and it I had left it home for a week it'd be my tail.
So a last minute detour to Keller, to drop it off with Candace was added to our agenda.
The storm that barrelled through, did not make the list however --nor did the wreck the stopped traffic from Southlake to Grapevine.
We took back roads to the airport but slid our card 5 minutes too late.  If it is less than 30 minutes before your flight, you've missed it.
So $150 more, and 3 hours until the next flight-- we had time for breakfast and airplane watching with Maddox.  He did so great and was quite a hit with his toy airplane.  An older man who worked for AA even bought him a little red matchbox car!  He loved it!

We had an easy flight (Maddox slept over an hour of it) and found our car rental place without issue.  Getting out of the airport-- not such an easy task.  My Iphone maps sent us on a crazy path into a parking lot without an exit.  Lance's fit, competed with some of Maddox's 2 year old tantrums, when he saw that it was going to cost us $5 to get out of the parking lot.  Luckily his wife explained the issue to the attendant and she let us out free of charge.
A nice man pointed us on our way and before we knew it we were chatting with Kristen...
Dinner at a burger joint and relaxation is all we did that Tuesday.
It was nice.

Day 2
Kristen kept Maddox and they had a great time back at the house. See her blog: HERE about their time while we were away.
We had plans to get on at the metro and ride it into DC for a day of exploring.  No parking spaces kept that plan from coming alive, so we decided to drive in.
What a joke!
Getting a parking space in DC is virtually impossible.
So we went to the Arlington National Cemetery, where we could park.  And we really enjoyed it.
I'm not a history buff, to be honest it bores me to my core, but I have to say that I loved learning while we were there... I'm not sure if my age or the fact that no one was making me learn... either way, it was an interesting place.
We saw a funeral while there, complete with a band and a gun salute.  Though honorable, it made me sad.  Actually 20 minutes into our walk I was crying looking at ALL of the headstones.  Literally miles of fallen soldiers, peoples babies.  The area that is still mostly dirt, all new graves-- hurt my heart.  It made me realize how I take for granted my freedom... how someone else's son has died for me or my government.  It made me a little ill.  

The changing of the guard was impressive.  They do it 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  Even when the cemetery is closed, no matter the weather; even in snow and rain storms.
We called Lance's great aunt and uncle while we were there to see if we could get some insight on the city, we ended up going to their condo and doing dinner.  We had SUCH a fabulous time catching up with them.  And we learned alot about them too.  They were hilarious and super-interesting!

Day 3
We went to an apple orchard.  If we wouldn't have insulted the owners, we would have taken pictures of their anti-government signs to portray the people that they were.  They were NOT fans of Kristen's gas guzzling Tahoe, and even asked if she were going back to Texas!!
Despite the long walk, through the hippie-owned orchard, I truly enjoyed it!  I know the babies loved picking their own apples off the tree-- and throwing a few they found on the ground as well.
We decided to take our packed picnik back home and eat it there... there was just something that told us they'd rather us do that!!
$3 in apples (that we never ate) was all we spent for a few hours of fun!
Kristen downloaded my pictures at the end of each day so she was able to get her's and mine up.  She's got some really good ones since she is fabulous behind the camera (and computer while editing) so I'll link you to her pics from the orchard too: HERE

Day 4
A day in D.C.
We paid $60 to tour the city, and it was $60 wasted.  We ended up walking from site to site and the free tours from the Park Ranger were far better from the man on the microphone!
But no hard feelings, Lance was scammed $5 for a fake map of he city-- you live and you learn!
Most everything else in the city is free, so no biggie!
I have so many pictures from this day... I'll post a few.  I'll try and make them different from the ones I posted to FB.
Dinner time:  I was on E and we needed to eat now.  Lance kept making me walk a "little further" because he knew there was a good Mexican Food place just around the corner!
We forgot that in Texas, our Mexican food is actually Tex-mex, so it was a little different than what we were use to.  The chips and salsa was more like chips and burning hot liquid.  It didn't have tomato chunks in it, and was soooo hot.  We ordered something similar to fajitas here.  It was expensive and different but nonetheless, it was really good.  I'm glad we branched out!

After dinner we started back to the metro.  And we got lost.  The thing about DC is that nothing is really all that close to the next thing.  The entire mall is miles long... and we walked it all! We were told that it is not the safest city to be in at night, so I started panicking!  The crazy lady who got an inch from my face yelling the F word didn't help.  And Lance kept reading the map like I was fine... Although oddly enough I was... she was yelling and cursing and not making a bit of sense but it was like she was looking right through me!!
I guess every town has their crazies...
And I have to admit I loved watching them during the day!
You have to admire their passion.
But at night, I was thankful to see the metro!  And ready to get back to Kristen's so I could see my baby, and hear all about their day!!

Day 5
The couple that we stayed with have been our friends since our engaged days in the Watermark apartment in Roanoke.  They had just got married and we got married while we lived there.  We have literally watched each other become wives, start careers, buy houses, have babies, go through major life changes, and have coached each other through hard times and cheered for each others good times alike.
So we were excited that Kent got to come home for the weekend so we could all hang out together, just like old times.
We decided to go to Mount Vernon and see George Washington's mansion.
Again, I'll link you back to Kristen for more pictures.  She's great I tell you! Click here

Day 6
Leaving day.
We got up that morning and Kristen took some family pictures for us.  She did an awesome job!  I love them all.  Especially since it had rained that morning so we were limited as to where we could sit and about 10 minutes into it, Maddox decided he was done.
In case any of my family want to order any, or you want to see more; I'll also link you to her website. once again, HERE
The password is Erwin1
After pictures, we loaded up and headed to the airport.  We were going to make SURE we didn't miss our flight home! 
[Well, Lance was willing to miss it to go to the Cowboy game there Sunday night, and Kent actually was able to get a hold of some box seats through his company but since it was such a late game and we wouldn't have made it home until 2:00 and then he'd have to be up at 5:00 for work, we passed.  Maybe next time?!]
Here are some shots of goodbye!
Lunch and then a gift from Daddy (a new airplane-- an Airforce One to be exact) and finally we boarded for home.
We were the last people off of the plane, which was cool because we got off with the pilot.  They offered to take him to the cockpit but he thought they wanted to take him airplane from him, so he declined the offer!
Home at last.