Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday High Five... remember me?

I recently changed my night clinic schedule from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  It makes me excited to have Wednesdays home with my family.  I can cook dinner and we can eat as a family.  That's a big deal! I'm stoked to be like a normal family one night a week.  It is definitely a bonus to live next door to my baby sitter.  I would have never been able to have this schedule in Haslet.  And as long as we don't wear Mom out, Maddox is happy as a clam to be there.  He typically walks in the door saying, "I'm home!"

Fall is near.  I love, love, love fall.
Here's the exciting thing.  October is just a few days away... and I already have so much planned for us that I know it will fly by.
Flower Mound Pumpkin patch, Boo at the zoo,  carving pumpkins, Halloween...
And then its November.
And in November we find out the sex of baby #2!
I am ready for broccoli and cheese soup, chicken and dumplings, roast, chai tea, stew and cornbread, spiced cider,  lima beans, DRESSING with cranberry sauce-- actually all of the thanksgiving feast.  I love love love Thanksgiving!

Sometimes Maddox talks so big. 
Last weekend he told Randi he was looking for his instruments... he needed his drums, a b-tar (guitar) and a mic-a-phone!
Here are just a few conversations that went down today:

Maddox: let me see that baby! (like an excited 85 year old)
[I raise my shirt]
[he pokes his finger in my belly button]
me: Be careful
him: I be patient, I'm just trying to kiss my baby!
him:{kisses my belly]...My baby's soooo cute!

Maddox:  I sure would like to go to Gigi's house.
me: Gigi's at work
him: I just wann'a go a lil'bit.
me: not today baby, you'll go tomorrow when mommy goes to work for a little bit.
him: but I love her.  I love my Gigi a whole lot. 
{he likes to say "I sure would like..." so that you have to repeat it and then he can say "sure" (his favorite response) and it is all your idea!}

[Lance was leaving for work earlier]
[Maddox stands on the porch waving]
Lance: bye Buddy, I love you.
Maddox: Bye daddy!  Be a good boy, Be nice to mommy!
{as you can tell, Lance tells him this a lot}

Me:  you look sleepy pumpkin, want to climb in mommy's lap for a minute?
him: umm, no thank you.
{though I appreciate manners, he get away with saying no to rhetorical questions because he has learned how to use thank you with his no!}

Maddox: I want to watch cartoons.
Lance: I'm watching ESPN, you can watch them in a little bit.
Maddox: I'm not your buzz lightyear anymore! [turns around sits in the floor and crosses his arms]

This house is never going to get in order.  Never.  I should be working on it now... but I don't want to.  I don't care if it ever gets in order.  I really don't.  I have zero drive.  We've got so much more to do... so many more things to hang on the walls, junk to organize, boxes to unpack, curtains to hang, etc...
I'll post pics one day, if it ever is all the way put together.
Here are a few for now... notice the incompleteness of every single room.
The living room:
 The restroom:
 Mine and Lance's room: 
 The den (office)
 The dining room:
Maddox's room:
I have been told by so many people that every pregnancy is different.
And they weren't lying.

With Maddox, I was never nauseous.  And never hungry.  This go around I have to eat to keep from being  nauseous.
Last pregnancy I gained 20lbs total, I'll be lucky if that's all I gain this first trimester!
Last pregnancy, I was treated like a princess from my husband:  "Take it easy babe", "don't do that babe", "what sounds good to you babe", "lay down and take it easy" --this pregnancy is quite the opposite.  "do you think you can lift that box?", "we have got to get this house in order" (meaning I need to get on this house), and it hasn't mattered yet what sounds good to me to eat.
Not just Lance, everyone treats you different the 2nd go around.  Not that they treat you bad, it just gets forgotten a lot.  I remember with Maddox if we went into a restaurant, everyone made sure I had a seat before they sat... not this time.  I'll stand and hold Maddox!  
Last pregnancy my skin 'glowed', this time my skin looks like a black cat went off in my face. 
I forget that I'm pregnant sometimes.  I know that with Maddox, it was all I could think about.  My day, my thoughts, my entire world revolved around him.  And I guess because I am so busy with Maddox, this pregnancy gets the back burner... which makes me feel really guilty.
I hear it is normal.  
It doesn't change the guilt!
Nausea and exhaustion, remind me when I forget.
I went into Maddox's pregnancy telling myself to enjoy every day-- even the bad days... And I think I need to change my outlook on this one too.
Not that I'm not enjoying it, I'm just not giving it the attention that it deserves.
I love being pregnant, I just need to pay more attention to it.
I need to enjoy this portion of my life, savor it a little.
I need to quit being scared that something will happen, and just live today for today.
I need to accept that the 2nd is just different.

A few pictures from this week.

And check out his new kicks!

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  1. YAY! You're back to the blogging world!! I was literally laughing out loud at all his conversations.... I can still hear him in my head while he was here. It was like talking to an adult! haha

    And I LOVE the pictures of him pee'ing off the deck! That's great! The joys of being a boy ;)

    Miss you guys- and don't worry about getting that house in order (speaking of- your house has NO look of "incomplete"!!) I LOVE your decorating style... in fact- you want to come to our next home and help me decorate? ;-)