Friday, November 11, 2011

I am thankful

for today.
And every single other day that I am alive.
Being a mother, a daughter, a grandchild, a wife
A cousin, a nurse, a friend, a sister
or a smile to a complete stranger.

Even the hardest--longest-- days...
I am thankful!!

To serve an unfailing God.
I am imperfect and he knows that and he loves me anyway.
He loves me so much, that he sacrificed his child for me.
That's big.
Hard to comprehend, really.
I am thankful.

For Lance.
We don't have a beautiful love story.
We aren't romantic or mushy.
We are simply best friends who enjoy laughing.
And he is an exceptional dad.
[Who knows that the minky-dot snuggy is Beckham's favorite....he reminds me every time I grab the bear one]
He lives life so easily, without thought or worry.
I am thankful. 

To be an Erwin.
The greatest gift from my husband.
I did not share the last name of the family members in the house I was raised-- my home...
and I never lived with the family whom I share my maiden name.
But Lance gave me that.
A last name that matches him and my kids.
I know it is silly to most people.
But it means a lot to me.
I am thankful.

For Maddox.
Who taught me the meaning of unconditional love, patience, worry, happiness, contentment.
He is so funny and sensitive and caring and creative.
He is also 90 miles an hour and a spaz.
He is me.
And he filled holes in my sole that I never knew were there.
He taught me to stand up for myself.
And while pregnant with him, was the first time that I realized my husband was on my side against any and everyone else.
Maddox turned us into a family.  A solid unit.
He is my first born... my big boy... he made me a mother-- forever and always.
I am thankful.

For Beckham.
Who taught me that God has plans bigger than I will ever understand.
He told me that I needed another boy [not a girl like I had planned]... at a time that I was giving up on everything, honestly.
I learned to be faithful.  To be still.
He is so calm and observant. 
He is Lance.
He makes these baby noises; grunts and cries and smacking while he's nursing that almost melt me.
He reminds me how fast time flies and just how blessed I am to be a mother.
I tell him he is my soul mate.
I am thankful.

For good {healthy} genes on both sides.
My Mamaw is 96.  [my mom's grandmother]
She tells me that as long as I stay away from that bottle, I will live as long as her!
And I do.
I don't smoke nor do I eat a lot of bad things... so I hope she is right.
My Nana [my dad's mom] is in incredible shape as well.
She is a blog-reader so I won't spill her age...
but you have seen her pictures and I promise you wouldn't believe it.
I hope to carry on the genetic traditions for both.
I am thankful.

For my mom.
Sometimes she makes me crazy with a capital K.
And I, to her, the same.
But I can't go a day without talking to her (usually multiple conversations) and she is the greatest Gigi around.
She is the main reason I crave a daughter.
I want what her and I have some day.  (minus a few teenage years)
Days at her house, in pjs by the fire-- or on the back porch just sitting and talking, rank in the top of my favorite days.
And she's a good cook.  ;)
I am thankful.

For shelter.
It isn't the house I pin on Pinterest.
But it is warm.
It is comfortable.
It is clean.  (usually)
And it is home.
I am thankful.

For the economic bust of 2008.
I learned so much from those difficult times.
That Lance and I were prepared more than we ever knew.
[we did not go behind on one bill... and that was a huge accomplishment]
It was so difficult, especially since people who's jobs were not effected, didn't understand our troubles-- but constantly offered their opinions.
But we learned to be frugal, to be cautious, to be grateful, to be simple, to be strong
and we learned to fight.
We realized that we were determined, more than we ever knew possible.
When Lance took a job making over 50% less, we adapted.
And were grateful.
It changed us for the better.
I am thankful.

For chores.
Sometimes when I am sweeping or loading the dishwasher or cooking dinner, I just smile.
[never when I am doing laundry, please understand that.  never.]
I smile because I am doing exactly what I dreamed I would be.
I am a wife.
I am a mom.
And I am decent at both.
I am thankful.

For naps.
Rarely for me...
but for the rest of the house.
I crave the break, and love it when all 3 boys go down at the same time.
Except today.
Lance took Maddox and a couple of the neighbor-boys to the soccer fields and Beckham and I got a nap.
An hour of uninterrupted sleep.
I am thankful.

For my job.
Though I have had moments of bitterness towards the company I work for...
and a few times I have even claimed to hate the place. 
In honesty, they supply me a decent paycheck on light hours.
I have a great schedule and I am able to work (more than 50% of my job) from home.
I also have the perks of 17 incredible doctors at my fingertips when an issue arises with my own kids.
Usually, without fees.
And amazing co-workers.
I am thankful.

For internet.
Pinterest to dream a big dream.
Blogger to express my honest thoughts and document my memories.
Facebook to, lets face it, be nosey.
For technology...
I am thankful.

For my friends.
I have good ones.
Some I talk to religiously...
others I don't.
Some make me laugh...
others lift me up.
The best thing about being a grown up is we choose our friends now-based on commonalities and not just geographical location...
As an adult, I am left with a great group of people that I would be proud to mirror.
I am thankful. 

For Pepsi.
Or coke.
Heck, I'll take RC, if that's all you've got.
Cherry vanilla cokes from sonic during happy hour...
Yes, they make the thankful list.
Sweet tea.
Iced coffee.
For caffeine,
I am thankful.

For my crock pot.
And anything else that helps to simplify.
I am thankful.

For the sun and trees and stary nights.
For roadtrips, and crazy ideas.
For music.
Heating blankets, good sheets, warm baths.
For the colors of fall, and the warmth of summer.
For originality and freedom of expression.
For cell phones, cars, running water, electricity,
For pictures.
For health and modern medicine.
For arms and legs and all of my digits.
For chapstick.
I am thankful.

For my family.
All of them... extended included.
Crazies included.  ;)
For Lance's family, specifically his sister and dad, who prepped him to be the man he is.

To live in a free country.
and for our military who make that possible.
And to the mothers of those people who fight.
I can not imagine their emotions...
But to them all,
I am thankful.

For girly things in a male-dominated house.
Like glitter.  And ruffles. and pedicures. and makeup.
And the chance to shop alone.  For me.
Rare, but I am thankful.

For kisses.
Excited and slobbery from Beckham.
Without reason, constant and full of love, from Maddox.
Without words but full of encouragement from Lance.
And snuggly hugs.
I am thankful.

For nice people.
With smiling faces or soft expressions.
Who live life whole-heartedly and .
One of my favorite things is when someone is really god at their job [maybe not even a high paying job] but they go out of their way to do it well...
I like to call and tell their manager.
People often go out of their way to complain, but rarely voice up when people are nice or helpful.
I like encouragement or positive feedback from parents about my job-- so I like to pass it on.
I am thankful.

For a baby who feeds multiple times a night.
At least I have kicked the fear of SIDS...
He reminds me often that he is doing well.
I am thankful. 

For random acts of kindness
and stories of the greater good.
For people who make a difference...
even if it is small.
For miracles.
For hope.
I am thankful.

For the ability to breastfeed.
Not only does it save us money (that I will eventually use to perk them back into position) ;)
but I cherish the closeness and bonding that I have with my babies when they feed. [or fed]
Not to mention the benefits my children reap from it on multiple levels.
For that, I am thankful.

For inside jokes.
Great memories.
Funny stories.
Heartful words.
New tricks.
friendly faces.
Baby laughs.
Tickle spots.
Belly buttons.
Little toes.
Knuckle dents.
Date nights.
Playing chase.
a full pantry.
Movie nights.
Nick Jr.
Snack bucket full of choices.
the ability to see, hear and express.
For chips and salsa.
I am thankful.

For days off like today...
easy.  laid back. peaceful.
[even call is being good to me]

For simplicity.
I am thankful.


  1. even though I may never come back and read these comments, I just wanted you to know that. Do not think that a day goes by that I don't think about you four.

  2. This might be one of my favorite posts ever of yours....and you have a lot of GREAT ones! You are the real deal...and I'm thankful to know you!

  3. ditto with kerri - although I've never met you, I feel like I know you so well. We will meet someday!! Sooner than later, hopefully =)

  4. I hope the shin-dig at Kristen's comes together for January!!!!
    I am excited! :)

  5. yes!! Sounds fun!! I just gotta figure out how I'll get to Austin with 2 babies alone....

  6. OH Casey- don't think negative--- you can do it!!!!!! I promise! I've travelled many times with two girls in tow. I have faith! It'll be fun :)

    Holly- great post. As usual. I caught myself nodding my head a few times. You point out things I never would have thought about.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I love your list a lot. I see myself being thankful for so many of the same things that you are. Kevin and I are not mushy or romantic either. He proposed to me at Thanksgiving in front of our family, and I knew it was coming. We don't have a great love story, but we love big.

    I have called many managers to compliment an employee. I love that you do this. I think it's so important! I am VERY thankful for caffeine. :)

    I could respond to each of these, but I would write a book. Great post!