Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We went out to Bridgeport to trick-or-treat, so the boys could do it with their cousins.
We got started around 6:30 and I could not believe the number of people!!
This was the first year Maddox was old enough to understand... [since last year he chose to not go] and he and Dane had a blast!! 
Beckham just watched the madness around him, and never cried a peep.

It was a great night.


  1. Cute pictures. Boyd loved him some trick or treating! :) I bet Maddox did too. I love his costume.....and, infants in snuggly costumes like that one make my heart pitter patter. So sweet! We couldn't get over the number of trick or treaters out this year as well. Maybe it was the beautiful weather or something, but it was fun!

    totally random....I drove by a place on 156 in Haslet tonight on my way back from the TMS campground. Mai Thai & Sushi. Have you been or heard anything about it? I love Thai and Kevin loves sushi, so it caught my attention.

  2. Well, I have never had sushi...
    I don't eat fish and raw fish flips me out but my friend Wendy LOVES it and swears I will too, but I am chicken!
    I do like Tai food, but I don't know of the place you are talking about?!
    The only place that I know of in Haslet is the one right out of 287, in the new shopping center. We have eaten there once, and it was good!
    I'll have to look the other up!

  3. I just want to pick Beckam up and hold him for a bit...or maybe for the day! Adorable! Maddox is at an awesome age for trick or treating...so exciting! We did not have many trick or treaters at all this year....I'm telling you...we live in the wrong neighborhood!