Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, part 2: the droopy dragon

We called my sister-in-law, Jenn, as we reached Rhome to come up with a game plan for the night.  We started a tradition last year of going trick-or-treating together in their town, and we had a blast!
But unfortunately Landry was feeling very sick and running fever and they couldn't go.

I hung up and called my other SIL, Randi, who I had invited to join us in Bridgeport this year.
She said they were already heading out and we hadn't even made it to Paradise yet, much-less changed into our costume, so it looked like we were going to attack the streets alone this year.

As we pulled into Paradise, I threw us in high gear-- so we could get out the door and get going.
Maddox had other plans however, as he threw on the breaks.
(and a tantrum)

He did not want to be a dragon.
And he did not want to trick or treat either.

I tried for about 10 minutes to dress him and I then gave up.
Party's over, no trick-or-treating this year.
I'm not trying.

Lance showed up shortly after and gave it a go too.
He ended up wrangling him to the ground and 'forcing' him into the dragon costume.
Happy Halloween Maddox!

I know Lance reeeeally wanted him to go (especially since he had taken off for this night) but I was on the opposing team.
He's sickly
He's tired
He's sunburned 
And he does not want to be a dragon....

I didn't think it was worth the fight.

But that doesn't mean Lance didn't fight the hard fight.
I heard him ask Maddox, "Do you want to go eat candy, and cookies, and ice cream and get cool toys, or do you want to go home and go to bed?"
And Maddox answered, "I just want to go home Daddy"

It wasn't long before he decided he liked the dragon and wanted to scare everyone...
But he still didn't like it enough to want to go trick-or-treating!

I wish I would have caught him doing this the first time on camera...  He came out with best mean growl he could muster up....
And Gigi followed with a terrified scream!!

He immediately started pulling his dragon head off, he was sincerely worried that he scared his Gigi and he really wanted to clarify that it was just him...
"it's just me Gigi, it just your Maddox!"
...and then it became a game!

Even sick, and crabby, and irritable and difficult...
He's still just two
The final word sometimes lies with him.
He said no trick-or-treating...
and last night, he called the shots.
Though rotten,
He's still sweet and compassionate. 
And my sweet, sweet little loving boy.

Happy Halloween Maddox Payne!

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  1. Holly, he is too cute!! Sorry you guys didn't get to go treating for candy. I was looking forward to seeing you guys again! :)