Wednesday, November 30, 2011

adjust and overcome

"Never say never"
"Adjust and overcome"
"Don't sweat the small stuff"
"Pick your battles"
"take it one day minute at a time"

If ever asked to give my best parenting advice, I am sure that I would pick or (or all) of these.

Yesterday I had thrown in the towel by 10:30 in the morning.

Maddox was whiny and needy and non-stop and honestly just annoying, from the minute he woke up.

Beckham, has began cruising on furniture.  Meaning that now that he has finally mastered pulling up on any and everything-- he took it to the next level, ultimately taking us back to the falls and back to the tears from when he first became mobile. 
He has also learned to make a new sound.  It is an earthshaking squeal, that makes me want to pull my hair out, one strand at a time.  
At barely 7 months old, has learned how to throw a temper tantrum sounding similar to a pig being chased or tortured.  It isn't fun.
On top of this, my cute little lump'o'love ate his own poop yesterday.  A first for me. 
I let him "air out" in the bathroom while I took a shower... big mistake.  Poop in the floor... squished between his toes... and some in his mouth.  Gross.
I have a clear shower curtain-- I was watching him the entire time.  He mastered this all in the time it took me to wash my hair.

Amanda called me at 11:00 and I confessed to her that both of my children were in time-out.
Even the infant.

Honestly, I was in time out.

I needed a break and I was counting down the hours that I got to go to work and free my mind from the stresses of my house.

Back home, I was refreshed and excited to be mommy again.
[that's what I love about my schedule]

Maddox and I went to bed chatting about our big day that we had planned for the next day [today], which led to talking about anything else that comes to his non-stop mind.

I wrote down our conversation because he just cracks me up::
Do you remember before we had Beak'um when I found that cupcake menu?
Cupcake menu?  No?
Hmmmm... well, Daddy 'members it.
Where was it?
In the deks... desssssk... you know what I am trying to say momma, the word that starts with a c.  (slowly and thoughtfully he pronounced 'desk')
(I giggled, since obviously desk does not start with a c-- in which he grabbed and kissed my face)
See, now you remember... good time giggles.

Good time giggles?  Isn't that the funniest thing?!
I'm sure he heard it on a show, but it tickled me so much.  I think I will start using it!

Lance was already asleep... so like a bad wife good momma, I snuggled my little man and let him sleep with me.
Good call.
Beckham had me up to nurse at 4:00 and Maddox was up shortly after that with a horrible barky cough, fever, and stridor [a scary sound that makes you think they are gasping for air].

All kind of things came over me::
Obviously I hate my kids to be sick anytime....
So first, and fore-most I want him well.
But also the timing for this illness was the worst.

We are celebrating our 5th anniversary Thursday.  At the Gaylord, without our babies.
It is not cheap to stay there.
My sister has never kept my kids over-night... and honestly Maddox has only slept over night without me about 5 times in his 3 1/2 years.  Beckham never has.

We had plans to go see Santa today and since I plan my life down to the hour, there really is not another time before Christmas that it would work out perfectly for us to accomplish this task.

At 6:05, while discussing all of the above with Lance and Maddox, I heard a car go screeching by with the alarm and headlights blaring in unison.  Against Lance's advice, I called 911.

The sun wasn't even up.
Already this was my day.

We all drifted back to sleep, and crawled out of bed by 10:00.
In true-croup-fashion, Maddox seemed a million times better, so we ran with our plans and continued on to Bass Pro Shop and Grapevine Mills.

Both boys were wonderful.
Quiet, easy, tired.
Neither were running fever... or even coughing for that matter-- 
just hoarse.

Lance and I talked about the date night many times today...
I leaned on the side of canceling it.
Fearful of dropping the cash and having to rush home in the middle of the night...
Scared to leave my babies at all, much less when they are ill.
Just dreading it all together, under these circumstances.

Lance talked me out of it.
This is the first year that we have planned to celebrating our anniversary.  (falling so close to Christmas, we are typically broke and busy-- and it is just impossible)
"We need this time"
"We never take time for ourselves"
"Please, lets do this"
"It is our FIVE year..."
He'd say.

Hesitantly, I would agree.

By dinner, Maddox started looking worse.   He had "that look" in his eyes, and his voice was sounding worse and worse.
Rather than having to make deals to keep him in the stroller, he stayed swaddled up under Beckham's blanket, quiet and solemn most of the day.

Out of no where, Lance said, "lets rent movies and lay in our pjs all day together tomorrow.
We can celebrate our anniversary next month or something."

It was like a weight off of my chest.
I wanted to cry.
Talk about winning my heart?!??
I am the momma.
Call me crazy, but my husband has never seemed sexier!!

Back home, Maddox grew worse and worse.
Lance scanned his head and our scanner read 107.4!
We changed the batteries, and we get readings closer to 102, which I feel was more likely correct.
We held our horrible-medicine-taking-child down and shoved Motrin into him, and then he and I sat in his bathroom with the shower on full blast hot, letting him breathe in all of that hot steam.

He fell asleep on my chest, and his fever finally broke.

If Maddox is better tomorrow, and Beckham doesn't follow suite...
I have an anniversary surprise up my sleeve, that may just be better than an expensive dinner, dancing and hotel stay.

It will be fantastic.

{I'll post our Santa pictures another day.  I am off to bed for now.}

Monday, November 28, 2011

Over the holiday

I kept my nephew, Dane on Monday while he was out of school...
He and Maddox spent hours playing outside.
With their imaginations, they were spies and Toby (our lab) was made of electricity!
It was rather cold, but they didn't care.
They would come inside long enough to grab a snack... and off to playing they would go!
I can't remember a time that Maddox was so tired after playing!
They had a great time together.
I worked Monday and Tuesday night and looked forward to Wednesday, when Lance went on his 3 days off.

Wednesday, rolled around and we ran a few errands-- including a trip to Discount Tire to finally get Lance new tires on his truck. (he got over 80K miles out of the last set-- they were bald and it was time!)

I got home at 7:00 to hear my pager going off...
I had completely forgot that I was on call but luckily there were only 2 pages holding for me.
I lucked out.  Big time!

Thursday I woke up to make cake balls for 3 different Thanksgivings...

Off to my Nana's for a fabulous Thanksgiving lunch.
We pulled out my great grandmother's tatting and chatted together.
Maddox told a few jokes-- we (me, Lance and Maddox) imitated our rendition of the Honda Pilot commercial singing Crazy Train. (we all have a part; and Maddox never lets us trade for another)
Beckham got more snuggles than he bargained for...
It was a great time.

We left there and headed to my mom's for dinner.  (which they ended up eating early)
So I poured myself a glass of wine... we visited... and once my brother got off work, we had leftovers with them.
Our kids are so happy when they are together.
There is nothing but giggles and shrieks and squeals from those kiddos.
Even from poor baby Ellie, who has been very sick.

We crashed in bed for a few hours, with our alarms set for 4:00am.
Beckham woke up to feed at 3:30, so I fed him and then woke Lance up-- ready for Black Friday.
[but better yet, a kid-free outing]

Lance and I went blindly into our adventure.
We weren't going after any electronics or big spending items...
more just the fun and adventure of shopping together.

We stopped for breakfast and then we were off.
[first stop::  Home Depot.  That's what happens when your husband is our shopping partner]

We were shocked at how empty Walmart was at 5:30 in the morning.  All the crazies had come and gone and the place was a ghost town.  But the 2 things that we wanted were still there in plenty so we were happy. 

We laughed-- a lot.
We cracked ourselves up by talking about "door busters" around other people, just to see if we could get anyone anxious and crazy.
We would wait to see someone go for something and if there were only one or two left, we would pretend we were interested in it, just to see people get nervous.
It sounds mean, but it was all in good fun!

Around 10:00, I was tuckering out.... Lance wasn't too far off his normal-everyday schedule so he was eager to keep going.
We made one last final stop into Cabelas and after pumping in the car, [a first for me] I attempted to nap.

I was done.
We headed back to mom's...
fed Beckham and went down for a nap.

We had plans to go to the Parade of Lights... but we were going to need to book it to get down there early enough to hold a spot.
Still moving slow, we missed it.

Instead, the boys took the Ranger 4-wheeling...
made us a fire...
roasted marshmallows...
and mom made some homemade salsa.

Had Lance not had to work Saturday, we would have stayed the night again.

Saturday, I cleaned all day because we were hosting Lance's family (his mom's side) Thanksgiving this year at our house.  [Mexican food style]
I have not been around Lance's brother's wife very much and honestly didn't think we had a lot in common.  She loves to hike, is very outdoorsy, athletic... and well, I'm not. {any of those things}
But we had a great time with them.
Not only are our babies just a couple of months apart... but we are both breastfeeders... she has plans to get her nursing degree... She brought wine [that went unopened but she left it for me to try]... she cleaned up... and she taught us how to Salsa dance!!  {heck, everyone needs a Whitney!}
We all laughed a lot... just like we always do when we we're together.

And here's our video of our Salsa dancing experience...
Once Lance joined in, things got crazy-- [don't mind our sexy moves] I seriously am going to take Whitney up on the offer to 'really' go salsa dancing at Glorias.
I can't wait!

Finally, this week Lance and I are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary...
I work 3 weeks, and then I am off (well, I'll work from home) for 2 weeks.

I will be counting down to this time, to soak in the life of a stay-at-home-mom.
Enjoy my babies...
Enjoy dinner time with my husband...
My mom is off too, so I am sure we will plan a few days together as well.
Yay for the holidays!  [and for being on no one's time, but my own]
For the one semi- vacation I get each year.... I can not wait!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter's bucket list

Winter is probably my least favorite season...
[due to the temperatures, and my hatred of being cold.]
But there are plenty of things worth getting excited about during the winter months, as well.
Since it feels like winter here today [I am honestly not quite sure when fall turns into winter here in Texas]... I thought I'd put together a few things worth getting excited over.

Here's what's on our list:

ICE at the Gaylord
Hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows or whipped cream
Let Maddox pick out toys for the toy drive
Snuggling under blankets
Make paper snowflakes
Play in the snow
Go to look at Christmas lights
Drink Aspen mulled cider
Watch the Parade of lights
Say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012
Decorate the Christmas tree
Make a snow angel
Read The Night Before Christmas
Bake cookies
Kiss under mistletoe
Hang lights on the house
Build a snowman
Plug in the heating blanket
Christmas shopping
Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary
Make smores
Hot baths 
Visit Bass Pro Shop's Christmas exhibit

Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend update

Friday we went to eat at Babe's to celebrate my sister's 20th birthday.
We followed dinner up with bowling at The Main Event.
We happen to run into our friends, Matt and Candace while we were there.
It was a good time.
We stayed the night with Mom on Friday night...
I got to work with Amanda and Candace, which is really not work-- and then we went to lunch together.

David picked up his new toy Saturday morning and Maddox wore himself out on it...
(he is sound asleep in this picture)
Mom made dinner-- I cleaned the kitchen-- and then we headed home,
ready for today...
We had our first (of 4) Thanksgivings today at Lance's granny's. 

Of course I left the camera sitting on the bar-- so Iphone it is!

My nephew, Dane is staying with us the next few days...
They are still awake-- and I surprised them with late-night sundaes!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

a few things

Beckham has been sleeping through the night, for a week now!!!!
[last night was an exception, but I am not going to count it {all 3 feeds}... everyone deserves a fluke!]

Last week, on Lance's days off, I asked him to take over during the night.
I thought it would do two things:
1. Show Lance just how much the child likes to wake up. [so he knows I am not exaggerating]
2. Show Beckham that he is not going to get to eat every time he wakes up. [daddy has no milk on board]

The first night, Beckham was up four times and he was mad!!
Of course I wasn't able to sleep through it but I stayed strong and didn't go in there.
The second night he was up only 2 or 3 times...
And the third night [back to mommy duty again] he only woke up once.
And he has done that since!! [omitting last night]

I am so happy and proud of my little lamb!
In other Beckham news::
He has been pulling up over the last couple of weeks.
--On anything and everything.
[this is the craziest thing ever to me!]
Maddox was a few months later on the milestone, but I recall the hatred of mine for this phase!

He falls over and over and over...
which means he cries.  A lot. 

Lance and I have joked about getting him a little helmet.
Or maybe tying him to the floor?!! ;)
It is hard to believe that he is just six months old...
Falling is the pits.

I have had to move the entire living room around, so to remove the biggest culprit of bruises altogether...
the coffee table.
If he wasn't pulling up on it and falling into it, he was sitting up underneath it--and banging his head that way.
I had to get creative by turning it into the tv-table, holding the DVR and basket of blankets...
and the tv table was moved to a random wall.

I think it looks cute--
however, the Christmas tree in a few weeks is going to have to change things again.
[stay tuned for the creativity I have to pull there!] 

The last thing I need is our little busy-body pulling our tree down on himself.
And he would try.
Speaking of sleeping... and falling.

Beckham rolled off of the bed the other morning!!

When he wakes for his 4-4:30 feed, I lay in Maddox's bed to nurse.
[he is usually always in our bed by then, so his bed is free]
Obviously, I had fallen back to sleep and the next thing I heard was the bonk!
Luckily Maddox's bed sits closer to the ground, but I screamed out as if we were being robbed and Lance came running-- pistol in hand!
He was fine, but I was shook up. {as was Lance-- but more from my reaction than to the actual fall}
Lance said I was not making a bit of sense --so you can imagine the circus!

In Maddox news::

I taught him how to call us in case of emergency.
He has been able to work an Iphone since before he could crawl...
but obviously, he can't read.
He can recognize MOMMY.  DADDY. BECKHAM. and MADDOX but they have to be written in big letters, just like that-- and I just thought it was weird to rename Lance to 'daddy' in my phone... so I skipped that idea!!
I went with the "star" method.
I told him... get to the main screen just like you are searching for your games but click the picture of the phone so you can call Daddy.  Then click the star in the bottom {favorites list} and press the yellow star.
We went through the same method on Lance's phone for finding me.
And now he has it down!  [we have practiced many times]
Yeah, it isn't 911-- so in a true emergency, if Lance were at work, it wouldn't do us a bit of good... but I thought it be a little to risky to give Mr-Can-I-play-a-game-on-your-phone open access to 911!!

He has also hit the stage "I want to wear cowboy boots with everything"-- which were so graciously given to us from our friend Krisha!
Yesterday he was cowboyed-out... and he spotted another cowboy in the restaurant.
In his too-big hat, he said, "that Papaw is a cowboy like me!"...
The Papaw [unimpressed] replied, "yeah but your hat's too big"
Maddox didn't care, he grabbed the top of his hat and belted out a big "YEE HAW"
He has yet to meet a stranger--
and yet, neither have I!

Today he wanted to wear the boots with his wind pants and Nike sweatshirt...
So I let him.  --Why not?!
Lance and I got a good laugh, however, after realizing he had put his cowboy belt on with is wind pants too!

On top of the new look, he has learned to whistle.
Not really... but somehow he has learned to make a high pitched 'wheel-whit' sound that sounds exactly like a whistle!!
Coming from someone who can not whistle at all...
I was impressed!

But not necessarily when it is done to catch my attention!
[we just mastered changing "hey" to "excuse me"]
So now we are on to deleting the whistle!  [or at least as its usage to catch my attention]

We have a busy weekend.
My niece [really my 2nd cousin, but that is too difficult to say] is staying with us during the day, tomorrow.
We are going to dinner and bowling tomorrow night to celebrate my little sister's 20th birthday...
and are staying th night with my mom tomorrow night since I have to work Saturday morning.

Sunday, we have our first Thanksgiving at Lance's granny's.

Here starts the holiday madness.
I'm off to rest!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The boys and I went to the park...
Don't let the pictures fool you.
Beckham screamed the entire walk there and back...

I tripped over Maddox while trying to take a picture of his parachute-- fell to the ground-- on my knees-- camera slamming into a park bench!!  I chipped the edge of my lens [the plastic rim is jacked] on my good camera.  It looks terrible but it still takes pictures... so I don't know?!

What I thought felt like perfect park-weather was actually muggy-humid-hot-and miserable... and my wheels on the jogger are a little low so I was breathing like I had ran a 5K by the time I made it home.

Ultimately, Maddox loaded himself into the stroller after only 30 minutes of playing-- because he was "thirsty and ready to go home".
I obliged.

[It made for a few cute pictures any how!]

Back home, I had to get ready-- because I had a doctor's appointment before work.
Operation:: Holly-attempts-school-again was in full effect and since I am not 30, I had to get a Menactra vaccine before I could register.  [apparently it is a new law]

If I have never mentioned before, I hate shots.
My mouth was sticky and I was light headed before she stuck me... no lie.
I faked her out twice-- asking her to 'hold on a second' so I could take another deep breath.
Trying to decide left arm [since I am right handed] or right arm [since it is my strong arm]...
I went with the right.

The nurse was so sweet and honestly, it didn't hurt that bad.
It did not matter, however, because I had to have it so I could register.
What's a girl to do?!

And I was prepared to do just that post vaccine.

I set timers in my calendar on my phone over the last month.
*When to apply to the school itself.
*Transcript request.
*To call the school and make sure I had a log in after all of the issues last semester...
and then for yesterday-- the day I could finally register.

Logged in and ready to go, I realized that this "online class" comes with a lab that I have to go to the college to do.
Two days a week, an hour across town.

Lance is off Wednesdays and Thursdays...
but I had to choose Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday.
Without childcare, there is just no way.

I was really bummed, but I did what I usually do...
I called my mom.

She is planning on retiring (that's what we are calling it, but frankly she is just quitting) this summer.
So If I wait until next semester, she can keep the boys for me the day that Lance can't.
It will work out.

I just want to get this done.
Maddox starts school in three 2 1/2 years...
and that's my time line to finish.

Patience, Holly.
be still.

I may take that art appreciation class-- or I may take nothing this semester.
Either way, I am now protected against meningitis.
$25 wasted.

Oh well.
I have my entire life to figure this all out...
Or 2 1/2 years...
whichever map I decide to be on.

It will all work out.
It always does.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I am thankful

for today.
And every single other day that I am alive.
Being a mother, a daughter, a grandchild, a wife
A cousin, a nurse, a friend, a sister
or a smile to a complete stranger.

Even the hardest--longest-- days...
I am thankful!!

To serve an unfailing God.
I am imperfect and he knows that and he loves me anyway.
He loves me so much, that he sacrificed his child for me.
That's big.
Hard to comprehend, really.
I am thankful.

For Lance.
We don't have a beautiful love story.
We aren't romantic or mushy.
We are simply best friends who enjoy laughing.
And he is an exceptional dad.
[Who knows that the minky-dot snuggy is Beckham's favorite....he reminds me every time I grab the bear one]
He lives life so easily, without thought or worry.
I am thankful. 

To be an Erwin.
The greatest gift from my husband.
I did not share the last name of the family members in the house I was raised-- my home...
and I never lived with the family whom I share my maiden name.
But Lance gave me that.
A last name that matches him and my kids.
I know it is silly to most people.
But it means a lot to me.
I am thankful.

For Maddox.
Who taught me the meaning of unconditional love, patience, worry, happiness, contentment.
He is so funny and sensitive and caring and creative.
He is also 90 miles an hour and a spaz.
He is me.
And he filled holes in my sole that I never knew were there.
He taught me to stand up for myself.
And while pregnant with him, was the first time that I realized my husband was on my side against any and everyone else.
Maddox turned us into a family.  A solid unit.
He is my first born... my big boy... he made me a mother-- forever and always.
I am thankful.

For Beckham.
Who taught me that God has plans bigger than I will ever understand.
He told me that I needed another boy [not a girl like I had planned]... at a time that I was giving up on everything, honestly.
I learned to be faithful.  To be still.
He is so calm and observant. 
He is Lance.
He makes these baby noises; grunts and cries and smacking while he's nursing that almost melt me.
He reminds me how fast time flies and just how blessed I am to be a mother.
I tell him he is my soul mate.
I am thankful.

For good {healthy} genes on both sides.
My Mamaw is 96.  [my mom's grandmother]
She tells me that as long as I stay away from that bottle, I will live as long as her!
And I do.
I don't smoke nor do I eat a lot of bad things... so I hope she is right.
My Nana [my dad's mom] is in incredible shape as well.
She is a blog-reader so I won't spill her age...
but you have seen her pictures and I promise you wouldn't believe it.
I hope to carry on the genetic traditions for both.
I am thankful.

For my mom.
Sometimes she makes me crazy with a capital K.
And I, to her, the same.
But I can't go a day without talking to her (usually multiple conversations) and she is the greatest Gigi around.
She is the main reason I crave a daughter.
I want what her and I have some day.  (minus a few teenage years)
Days at her house, in pjs by the fire-- or on the back porch just sitting and talking, rank in the top of my favorite days.
And she's a good cook.  ;)
I am thankful.

For shelter.
It isn't the house I pin on Pinterest.
But it is warm.
It is comfortable.
It is clean.  (usually)
And it is home.
I am thankful.

For the economic bust of 2008.
I learned so much from those difficult times.
That Lance and I were prepared more than we ever knew.
[we did not go behind on one bill... and that was a huge accomplishment]
It was so difficult, especially since people who's jobs were not effected, didn't understand our troubles-- but constantly offered their opinions.
But we learned to be frugal, to be cautious, to be grateful, to be simple, to be strong
and we learned to fight.
We realized that we were determined, more than we ever knew possible.
When Lance took a job making over 50% less, we adapted.
And were grateful.
It changed us for the better.
I am thankful.

For chores.
Sometimes when I am sweeping or loading the dishwasher or cooking dinner, I just smile.
[never when I am doing laundry, please understand that.  never.]
I smile because I am doing exactly what I dreamed I would be.
I am a wife.
I am a mom.
And I am decent at both.
I am thankful.

For naps.
Rarely for me...
but for the rest of the house.
I crave the break, and love it when all 3 boys go down at the same time.
Except today.
Lance took Maddox and a couple of the neighbor-boys to the soccer fields and Beckham and I got a nap.
An hour of uninterrupted sleep.
I am thankful.

For my job.
Though I have had moments of bitterness towards the company I work for...
and a few times I have even claimed to hate the place. 
In honesty, they supply me a decent paycheck on light hours.
I have a great schedule and I am able to work (more than 50% of my job) from home.
I also have the perks of 17 incredible doctors at my fingertips when an issue arises with my own kids.
Usually, without fees.
And amazing co-workers.
I am thankful.

For internet.
Pinterest to dream a big dream.
Blogger to express my honest thoughts and document my memories.
Facebook to, lets face it, be nosey.
For technology...
I am thankful.

For my friends.
I have good ones.
Some I talk to religiously...
others I don't.
Some make me laugh...
others lift me up.
The best thing about being a grown up is we choose our friends now-based on commonalities and not just geographical location...
As an adult, I am left with a great group of people that I would be proud to mirror.
I am thankful. 

For Pepsi.
Or coke.
Heck, I'll take RC, if that's all you've got.
Cherry vanilla cokes from sonic during happy hour...
Yes, they make the thankful list.
Sweet tea.
Iced coffee.
For caffeine,
I am thankful.

For my crock pot.
And anything else that helps to simplify.
I am thankful.

For the sun and trees and stary nights.
For roadtrips, and crazy ideas.
For music.
Heating blankets, good sheets, warm baths.
For the colors of fall, and the warmth of summer.
For originality and freedom of expression.
For cell phones, cars, running water, electricity,
For pictures.
For health and modern medicine.
For arms and legs and all of my digits.
For chapstick.
I am thankful.

For my family.
All of them... extended included.
Crazies included.  ;)
For Lance's family, specifically his sister and dad, who prepped him to be the man he is.

To live in a free country.
and for our military who make that possible.
And to the mothers of those people who fight.
I can not imagine their emotions...
But to them all,
I am thankful.

For girly things in a male-dominated house.
Like glitter.  And ruffles. and pedicures. and makeup.
And the chance to shop alone.  For me.
Rare, but I am thankful.

For kisses.
Excited and slobbery from Beckham.
Without reason, constant and full of love, from Maddox.
Without words but full of encouragement from Lance.
And snuggly hugs.
I am thankful.

For nice people.
With smiling faces or soft expressions.
Who live life whole-heartedly and .
One of my favorite things is when someone is really god at their job [maybe not even a high paying job] but they go out of their way to do it well...
I like to call and tell their manager.
People often go out of their way to complain, but rarely voice up when people are nice or helpful.
I like encouragement or positive feedback from parents about my job-- so I like to pass it on.
I am thankful.

For a baby who feeds multiple times a night.
At least I have kicked the fear of SIDS...
He reminds me often that he is doing well.
I am thankful. 

For random acts of kindness
and stories of the greater good.
For people who make a difference...
even if it is small.
For miracles.
For hope.
I am thankful.

For the ability to breastfeed.
Not only does it save us money (that I will eventually use to perk them back into position) ;)
but I cherish the closeness and bonding that I have with my babies when they feed. [or fed]
Not to mention the benefits my children reap from it on multiple levels.
For that, I am thankful.

For inside jokes.
Great memories.
Funny stories.
Heartful words.
New tricks.
friendly faces.
Baby laughs.
Tickle spots.
Belly buttons.
Little toes.
Knuckle dents.
Date nights.
Playing chase.
a full pantry.
Movie nights.
Nick Jr.
Snack bucket full of choices.
the ability to see, hear and express.
For chips and salsa.
I am thankful.

For days off like today...
easy.  laid back. peaceful.
[even call is being good to me]

For simplicity.
I am thankful.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

sweets and eats and shopping fun...

I bet Maddox has picked me a half million flowers in his tiny little lifetime.
Always weeds.
Beautiful nonetheless.
He was super excited to wander upon these yesterday.
He is so sweet.

As for eats...
Here's what's been on our menu this week

lettuce wraps
my version.
[it's really the cucumber salad and the spicy dipping sauce that make these so delicious!]

loaded baked potato soup
I have shared it before.  Again, super easy and fast.
And perfect for these chillier days.

Genn's Nana's chicken
I was terrified of the Capers [because I have never had them] but this recipe was super simple and sooo soo so good.
I can tell it will be a new favorite around here.

I finally bought the refrigerated flour tortillas that you heat in a skillet and flip once they puff... my mom always makes that kind and good grief they are so much better!!
[have I told you before that me and my family eat ketchup on our home made tacos?  --weird, right?]
...and I skip the meat, so technically, mine may be more a burrito?!

Chicken pot pie
I had to call Wendy, because I had never made a pot pie but Marie Callendar doesn't have nothing on me!!  It was a-mazing!
I used the left over chicken from Genn's chicken [I pulled it off of the bones and saved all the juices,  and celery-onion-caper business], 1 can of cream of mushroom, and a large can of Allen's home style vegetables bumped into a pie shell and covered with a 2nd shell and baked.  Delish.

Today, we did a little shopping for the boys.

[Lance's dad brought over some cash and asked us to get the boys some winter clothes from him-- super sweet, right?!]
And we had to get my nephew, Dane something for his birthday.  His party is Saturday!!  Maddox wanted to buy him everything!! 

Lance and I had such an awesome day together.
He is so funny sometimes.  
[honestly:: he is always funny-- sometimes I laugh-- other times it annoys me.  Today I laughed.  A lot.]

The boys were awesome too, right up until Maddox had an accident while napping in his car seat.  
[reason #645 not to let him have Sprite at the restaurant]
He wasn't too happy about having to go commando [he woke up during the tinkle-task, so it wasn't a total failure] 
He was worried that someone would know if he wasn't wearing underwear.  He said, "what if they think I am 5?  Please just tell them, {and he changes his voice into his best mommy voice} he is 3 and accidents happen."
No one asked... but I totally would have told them that if they had!  ;)

I am bummed that I missed 10 on 10 today, but hopefully I can finish my Thankful list soon and post it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you know these days?

Today has been one of those days...
you know the kind:

Where your baby can sign 'milk', but not 'no'.  So instead, he starts spitting baby food in your face when he is done.  No warning.  Just peas.  In your face.

And he nurses so much at night that you are engorged all day so you capture is wiggly little bottom to make him nurse and it is a lot like giving a cat a bubble bath.  Useless and exhausting.

And the neighbor's kids ring the door bell again during your kids naps-- again, as in more than 5-- maybe 10 times.... and every time, you open the door like a scene in a movie, just enough to show the anger on your face... and you talk through your teeth hoping they will just start spreading the word that you are the mean-neighbor-lady and will stop knocking every day, but they don't get it -obviously... and will probably do it again tomorrow.

And you make a last second move (while you are already running late) to put up the cold stuff from lunch and you drop sour cream all over the freshly cleaned kitchen.  Onto cabinets, appliances, walls, your scrubs-- a 16 ounce container... and your husband would rather rub dog crap on his face than touch sour cream so you have to stay and clean it and you are late for work.

And your kid says "damn frik'n"... and you know it is your fault.

And you get your feelings hurt over something dumb, but no one cares to simply pat your back.  When it is a simple fix.  And they signed up for the job.  And you pat their back, a lot.  So instead of getting over it, you think about the next time you can return the favor.  And you will.  (or at least you tell yourself that)

And then you cry in your car.  By yourself.  Like a little girl.  While it is raining outside.  But then you laugh because you think that this would have made a great scene in 'Boy Meets World'...

But you have to suck it up and put your big girl panties on because your pager is going off and you have to comfort everyone else.

And though you are on call-- and your pager is ringing non-stop-- your husband goes to bed leaving both kids to drive you crazy.

You get the big one down but the little one stays pulled up in his crib wailing out through the bars as if he as been sentenced for an unfair trail.

You try pretending you are on an island, drinking something fruity-- and block it all out.  But that baby is still crying and you can still see the laundry needing to be folded, and you accidentally drop your ridiculously expensive camera into the floor... so it is useless.

So you laugh.
What else can you do?

Maybe you don't know the days.

But maybe you know these villains??

No worries if you don't...
I know a real live super-hero who can help me find them.

[he takes this job seriously... even if he can only find one shoe!]

 And just one more bath picture call surely get me over it...

I'm ready for tomorrow.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

splish splash- money stash, there's nothing here but rambled trash!

  • I have not bought one Christmas present yet.  Not one.
  • But I am excited for it.  (and dreading the expense all at the same time) But still, mostly excited.
  • I could eat chips and salsa every day.  And bacon.  And avocados.
  • I made loaded baked potato soup today. yum.
  • I only like Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.  To me, it tastes soooo much better than the other brands.
  • I am not a big fan of chocolate.  Or dessert in general, actually.  I'll eat it-- sure, but I would rather have seconds on dinner.  Maybe thirds.
  • I wash my hair every day.  I know you aren't suppose to... and sometimes I try to skip a washing-- but I always end up with suds on the scalp before bed.   I just can't do it.
  • My hair is falling out in massive amounts.  Its gross.  I think it is hormones.  And Beckham stealing my protein... But I barely have any hair to start with.  Maybe I should try Rogain-- or quit washing it so much! 
  • At my brother's birthday dinner, last Sunday-- we bowed our heads for prayer and before David could begin, he was up-staged by Maddox who decided he was saying the prayer-- finished-- and started eating like nothing was wrong.  My dad said,"that'll work" and we all dug in.  I just love his confidence.
  • Recently at night, he has been praying for outerspace, Mars, astronauts, "Erf", spaceships, etc.  I just keep my head bowed and let him talk.  I love it.
  • I am a horrible driver.  I scare myself sometimes.
  • I think I was born in the wrong era.  I love the 60s-70s.  I have the lanky body of a hippie... but I couldn't do the drugs... and from what I know of the decade (from Forrest Gump) that's a must.
  • Pandora was a fantastic invention.  As was the docking station that blares it out while I clean... brilliant.
  • My hair is naturally curly... God threw me a bone when the Chi was invented.  (Too bad I was out of high school before it was)
  • We had to lower Beckham's crib after we found him standing in it this past weekend.  Remember he turned 6 months old about 36 minutes ago?!??!  I hate that.
  • I love Modern Family.  It's hysterical. 
  • I love rain.  [except when I have to drive in it.]
  • When people have dirty homes, it makes me think they have dirty minds, dirty kids, and are lazy.  And then I remember how filthy my car is.  hmmmm.
  • I love to dance, but I am so out of shape I would surely get a side-stitch 1/2 way through any song.
  • I don't have any tattoos.  My husband has 2 and wants more.  I know it is sexist for me to think that they are okay for boys and not girls... but it isn't that.  It's more the permanence that gets to me.  Like moons and stars were once really cool... not so much now.  And at some point there is going to be a nursing home full of tramp-stamps.  That's weird to me. 
  • I love cherry-vanilla coke from Sonic.
  • I hate anything scary.  For that, I am glad Halloween is over.
  • My husband is crazy-helpful.  But sometimes it cracks me up the way he chooses to go about that task.  ie:  I came home Sunday to him vacuuming with the shop-vac (inside) and he had cleaned the ceiling fans.  Thank you honey?!
  • Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks!!!  I love love love Thanksgiving.
  • I work 4 days this up-coming week.  It is only 1 more day than I usually do, but I am already dreading it.  Dumb huh?!
  • The girl Lance dated before me, lives a street behind us.  [You realize I don't know this by accident... I stalked her down.  That's serious.]  Anyhow-- I think it is weird we have only ran into her once, 3 1/2 years ago and we are practically neighbors.  Maybe I'll invite her for dinner?!  --Cut the awkwardness that I keep stored inside my brain about it. 
  • I hate cold weather.  It hurts my bones.  I do enjoy a couple of days of snow... then I'm done.  But this weather that we are experiencing right now, is. a.mazing.
  • I am back to my pre-baby goal weight.  Which means nothing.
  • I bought a new crock pot this week. A bigger one.  Mine cracked.  
  • I really want a girl one day.  But sometimes I just see myself with a house full of boys and I am happy with that too.  It's God's call, I guess.
  • My laptop will not get onto the internet.  I have been using Lance's for 2 weeks.  He constantly acts as if I have gasoline and matches in my hands when I go to log on his.  It is annoying.
  • My mom brought my brother's kids over for a few hours today.  That was fun.  ...and exhausting!  But I love them.
  • Knuckle dents melt my heart.
  • So do suckling noises, tiny cries and baby chuckles.
  • I love weekends.  Mainly ones where we do nothing.  They are my favorite.
  • I really want a glass of wine right now, but the only thing I have on hand is a bottle from 2006 and it would be such a waste to open it.  [I crave wine, but never really love it.  I wish I did.]
  • We are trying to decide when to do our Delightfully Tacky Christmas party round 3.  This year, Lance and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary in December also and for the first time, we are actually going to celebrate it so our choices are limited for the party.  [especially since Kaleb vetoed out the weekend of the 10th]  
  • Lance has been talking to me about the LSU vs. Alabama game the entire time I have been typing.  He knows I don't care about it.  At all.  But I respond as if I do.  [because I am a good wife like that.]
  • Maddox just told me I am "good lookin"... on that note, I am done blogging.  :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

soccer and other fun.

Lance bought Maddox a soccer ball on Wednesday.
He needed a nap...
[hence the pouty face in a couple of pictures]
but the boys had fun trying it out at the field near our house.

Beckham and I took pictures.
[well he tried to eat grass while I took pictures]
and then Maddox and I teamed up against Lance...
and Beckham made his way off of the blanket--
ready to play also.
In time, son.  Slow down!!

We timed it just right, because as we were packing up--
the winds picked up and it dropped 20 or 30 degrees.

The cold front is here.
Christmas is near!!

And in "other fun" news::

This morning Maddox asked if he could have a yogurt for breakfast.
I said yes because he almost always has yogurt with his breakfast.
He then got a sideways smirk and said, "can I have 3 Cheetos for breakfast?"...
In which I replied, "do we usually have Cheetos for breakfast?"
And he said, "3 is not too many..."
So I handed him 3 Cheetos.
Shocked, he said, "can I have a fruit roll up too?"
And I said, "sure." and handed him one over.

Maddox eats fast food --maybe-- once a month.
Overall, I think he eats healthier than the majority of 3 year olds.
And this will in no way become a habit.

But breakfast was fun.
I think we will do that again... day!