Friday, November 4, 2011

soccer and other fun.

Lance bought Maddox a soccer ball on Wednesday.
He needed a nap...
[hence the pouty face in a couple of pictures]
but the boys had fun trying it out at the field near our house.

Beckham and I took pictures.
[well he tried to eat grass while I took pictures]
and then Maddox and I teamed up against Lance...
and Beckham made his way off of the blanket--
ready to play also.
In time, son.  Slow down!!

We timed it just right, because as we were packing up--
the winds picked up and it dropped 20 or 30 degrees.

The cold front is here.
Christmas is near!!

And in "other fun" news::

This morning Maddox asked if he could have a yogurt for breakfast.
I said yes because he almost always has yogurt with his breakfast.
He then got a sideways smirk and said, "can I have 3 Cheetos for breakfast?"...
In which I replied, "do we usually have Cheetos for breakfast?"
And he said, "3 is not too many..."
So I handed him 3 Cheetos.
Shocked, he said, "can I have a fruit roll up too?"
And I said, "sure." and handed him one over.

Maddox eats fast food --maybe-- once a month.
Overall, I think he eats healthier than the majority of 3 year olds.
And this will in no way become a habit.

But breakfast was fun.
I think we will do that again... day!


  1. Yes, Maddox for sure eats healthier than Boyd. I know that is something I need to work on. Sounds like he got to have a fun breakfast though! :)) I love his monster tshirt. We were outside playing when the winds picked up and that front rolled in as well, I love it!

  2. Well "majority" may have been a stretch. ;) PB&J are probably frowned upon on the greatest-eater list... (and he eats A LOT of those) but at least it is on whole grain bread... and peanut butter is decent... jelly has fruit... right?!
    I was just prefacing the rebuttals that you know are out there!!!
    If I would have left it alone, someone would have had something to say--
    and I shouldn't care.
    But I do.
    I am *trying* to let go a little... attempting to be less controlling... saying yes more... let the little things go... etc.
    Breakfast was fun. :)

  3. I'm on the bad momma list when it comes to always healthy eating. Cori is so picky so instead of fighting over eating the "good" stuff she gets away with "junk food" more often than I said...bad momma award goes to ME