Friday, November 4, 2011


Yesterday was Beckham's 6 month appointment.
weight:  18lb 1oz      height:  27 1/2"

Against my better judgement, he got all the vaccines recommended.  
I hate that I give in to pressure like that.
But he is fine.
All normal, post vaccines.
But I still hate it.

We ate at The Black Eyed Pea after the visit.
Lance says I always pick the places where the senior citizen discount is most used.
And I do.
It's the vegetable plates that get me!
Yummmmm.....  :D

We ran to Academy after lunch, just to kill time (and Maddox and I got a kick out of the funny mirrors) then I had to be back at the office to work.

I have a couple of new recipes that I am going to try over the weekend.
I will try and post them if all comes out well!!


  1. I really love that last photo! I think you and I have the same view on the vaccines, but don't beat yourself up over giving into pressure this time. I know my doctor always frowns on us, b/c we split them up, and have yet to get the MMR....there have been times when I have wanted to just walk out. The photo of Beckham sleeping is precious. I love their sweet faces when they are asleep.

  2. It is really difficult for me because I am a nurse there... it would be like buying meat from a vegetarian, I suppose.
    I caught a lot of slack with Maddox... so I definitely understand that feeling of wanting to walk out!!
    People know I'm crazy this go around and say less. Until check ups. Then I get the looks, the literature, the bargains...

    I hate that I gave in...especially to the flu vaccine. But he was much better acting today. Thank goodness. <: