Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend update

Friday we went to eat at Babe's to celebrate my sister's 20th birthday.
We followed dinner up with bowling at The Main Event.
We happen to run into our friends, Matt and Candace while we were there.
It was a good time.
We stayed the night with Mom on Friday night...
I got to work with Amanda and Candace, which is really not work-- and then we went to lunch together.

David picked up his new toy Saturday morning and Maddox wore himself out on it...
(he is sound asleep in this picture)
Mom made dinner-- I cleaned the kitchen-- and then we headed home,
ready for today...
We had our first (of 4) Thanksgivings today at Lance's granny's. 

Of course I left the camera sitting on the bar-- so Iphone it is!

My nephew, Dane is staying with us the next few days...
They are still awake-- and I surprised them with late-night sundaes!


  1. The picture of you and!! You are the cutest! Great pictures-looks like a fun weekend. 4! You guys will be good and done with turkey until next year!

  2. Love all the pics. Hope you have a wonderful extended Thanksgiving week.

  3. I agree with Kerri, love that picture of you and Lance. Your dark hair is gorgeous! I don't know why we have not been to Babe's in so long. I love it, I just never think about it. LOVE the picture of Beckham where you see his gums. Oh, I miss those days with Boyd. He didn't get his first tooth until he was 11 months old. :) Boyd had that striped onesie too!

    Happy birthday to your sister!