Saturday, November 5, 2011

splish splash- money stash, there's nothing here but rambled trash!

  • I have not bought one Christmas present yet.  Not one.
  • But I am excited for it.  (and dreading the expense all at the same time) But still, mostly excited.
  • I could eat chips and salsa every day.  And bacon.  And avocados.
  • I made loaded baked potato soup today. yum.
  • I only like Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.  To me, it tastes soooo much better than the other brands.
  • I am not a big fan of chocolate.  Or dessert in general, actually.  I'll eat it-- sure, but I would rather have seconds on dinner.  Maybe thirds.
  • I wash my hair every day.  I know you aren't suppose to... and sometimes I try to skip a washing-- but I always end up with suds on the scalp before bed.   I just can't do it.
  • My hair is falling out in massive amounts.  Its gross.  I think it is hormones.  And Beckham stealing my protein... But I barely have any hair to start with.  Maybe I should try Rogain-- or quit washing it so much! 
  • At my brother's birthday dinner, last Sunday-- we bowed our heads for prayer and before David could begin, he was up-staged by Maddox who decided he was saying the prayer-- finished-- and started eating like nothing was wrong.  My dad said,"that'll work" and we all dug in.  I just love his confidence.
  • Recently at night, he has been praying for outerspace, Mars, astronauts, "Erf", spaceships, etc.  I just keep my head bowed and let him talk.  I love it.
  • I am a horrible driver.  I scare myself sometimes.
  • I think I was born in the wrong era.  I love the 60s-70s.  I have the lanky body of a hippie... but I couldn't do the drugs... and from what I know of the decade (from Forrest Gump) that's a must.
  • Pandora was a fantastic invention.  As was the docking station that blares it out while I clean... brilliant.
  • My hair is naturally curly... God threw me a bone when the Chi was invented.  (Too bad I was out of high school before it was)
  • We had to lower Beckham's crib after we found him standing in it this past weekend.  Remember he turned 6 months old about 36 minutes ago?!??!  I hate that.
  • I love Modern Family.  It's hysterical. 
  • I love rain.  [except when I have to drive in it.]
  • When people have dirty homes, it makes me think they have dirty minds, dirty kids, and are lazy.  And then I remember how filthy my car is.  hmmmm.
  • I love to dance, but I am so out of shape I would surely get a side-stitch 1/2 way through any song.
  • I don't have any tattoos.  My husband has 2 and wants more.  I know it is sexist for me to think that they are okay for boys and not girls... but it isn't that.  It's more the permanence that gets to me.  Like moons and stars were once really cool... not so much now.  And at some point there is going to be a nursing home full of tramp-stamps.  That's weird to me. 
  • I love cherry-vanilla coke from Sonic.
  • I hate anything scary.  For that, I am glad Halloween is over.
  • My husband is crazy-helpful.  But sometimes it cracks me up the way he chooses to go about that task.  ie:  I came home Sunday to him vacuuming with the shop-vac (inside) and he had cleaned the ceiling fans.  Thank you honey?!
  • Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks!!!  I love love love Thanksgiving.
  • I work 4 days this up-coming week.  It is only 1 more day than I usually do, but I am already dreading it.  Dumb huh?!
  • The girl Lance dated before me, lives a street behind us.  [You realize I don't know this by accident... I stalked her down.  That's serious.]  Anyhow-- I think it is weird we have only ran into her once, 3 1/2 years ago and we are practically neighbors.  Maybe I'll invite her for dinner?!  --Cut the awkwardness that I keep stored inside my brain about it. 
  • I hate cold weather.  It hurts my bones.  I do enjoy a couple of days of snow... then I'm done.  But this weather that we are experiencing right now, is. a.mazing.
  • I am back to my pre-baby goal weight.  Which means nothing.
  • I bought a new crock pot this week. A bigger one.  Mine cracked.  
  • I really want a girl one day.  But sometimes I just see myself with a house full of boys and I am happy with that too.  It's God's call, I guess.
  • My laptop will not get onto the internet.  I have been using Lance's for 2 weeks.  He constantly acts as if I have gasoline and matches in my hands when I go to log on his.  It is annoying.
  • My mom brought my brother's kids over for a few hours today.  That was fun.  ...and exhausting!  But I love them.
  • Knuckle dents melt my heart.
  • So do suckling noises, tiny cries and baby chuckles.
  • I love weekends.  Mainly ones where we do nothing.  They are my favorite.
  • I really want a glass of wine right now, but the only thing I have on hand is a bottle from 2006 and it would be such a waste to open it.  [I crave wine, but never really love it.  I wish I did.]
  • We are trying to decide when to do our Delightfully Tacky Christmas party round 3.  This year, Lance and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary in December also and for the first time, we are actually going to celebrate it so our choices are limited for the party.  [especially since Kaleb vetoed out the weekend of the 10th]  
  • Lance has been talking to me about the LSU vs. Alabama game the entire time I have been typing.  He knows I don't care about it.  At all.  But I respond as if I do.  [because I am a good wife like that.]
  • Maddox just told me I am "good lookin"... on that note, I am done blogging.  :)


  1. I FINALLY got to hop on last night and blog a little and catch up! I loved all the Halloween pictures- Maddox's costume was great!

    I, like you, am glad Halloween is over. It's not really my thing- although right before we got ready to go Trick or Treating, I got really anxious/excited. But that was about it. I am SO ready for Christmas I can taste it. Like, I would love to put Christmas decorations out TODAY. And I have all these grand plans, but no money to do them. lol And a ton of ideas to try to put together (thanks to Pinterest).... I could probably get the money, but I'm not sure I have the time?!

    I am planning our first Ugly Christmas Sweater party- inspired by YOU! Y'all always have so much fun- so I wanted to do one. Well, I find out yesterday that Kent's work may be doing a Christmas party (they haven't done one in a couple years!) Ugh. Just my luck. Now I pray it's not on December 10th (y'all want to drive to ATX that weekend since yours was vetoed for the 10th?!)


  2. I'm right there with you, I can eat chips and salsa every day. I think I have been lately. I also am a lover of bacon and avocado. We don't buy Christmas gifts, except a couple for Boyd now. We stopped doing that about 12 years ago. I always have to clarify b/c people think we don't celebrate....we do. We decorate, get together with friends and family, cook and eat! etc. The no gift thing is the best decision we ever made. Oh, and suckling noises. I still have those etched in my memory from Boyd as an infant. Melts my heart. Love your post!

  3. I WISH!!!
    I kind of have a yucky feeling about he whole gift thing, honestly. When Lance lost his job, no one even acknowledged the time were going through. One family member, when I told her that we were going to be doing less that year said, "well, I already bought your family something"... which tells me it was never about the giving-- more the getting.
    I hate that the spirit of the holiday gets pushed aside for the financial stress of the gifts. Especially since we have a LARGE family.
    I have brought up stopping-the-gifting a few times, --even mentioned all adopting angels in lieu of gifts for each other... but gets over-looked pretty quickly. I don't want to be the family showing up empty-handed and leaving with gifts, so we continue.
    Maybe one day we will adopt your idea- until then, we will go in debt each year to buy people who have the money to buy what they want, something they may or may not want at all! ;)

  4. Grrr... when I re-read that, it came across much tackier than I intended it to.
    I will clarify!!

    I LOVE Christmas.
    I LOVE being with my family.
    I LOVE the food.
    I LOVE the laughs.
    I LOVE the excitement of the kids.

    I hate the entitlement we have as adults to give a wish list... when we have jobs!! (and know our own budget)

    I just wish it didn't set us back so much each year!

    P.S. the family member who said that, doesn't read my blog. (but I wouldn't care if she did) :)

  5. Love this post are a funny girl!

    When I became a mom (who stayed home)...I made it clear to my famiily and my husband's family that we would not be able to exchange gifts. Now, we just exchange between the cousins and put a small limit on it. My mom and sisters and I exchange Christmas cookies and candy in the mail. At first I felt really bad for telling our family that we just couldn't swing the gifts....but Christmas really is about so much more than that. Now, I love giving out little trays or cookies.

    I had no idea you had curly hair! I need to know what the chi is all about?!

    I laughed at your dirty house thinking. I think the SAME way! And, I have the hardest time keeping up with our van...maybe b/c I don't!

  6. Oh Holly, no I totally get it. Our wake up call was when my dad died. That first Christmas we didn't really do Christmas at all....My grandma took us all to Mexico. Right after that we were talking one day. It's hard to put it into words, but losing him changed us all so much, and when we thought of Christmas gifts we thought....we lost the most important gift ever, a loved one. No gift could ever compare. We decided to enjoy the holidays more, and take away the gift part of it. I know it's VERY hard when others in the family don't see it the same way. We were lucky in that everyone agreed. I used to have the closet full of gifts, starting in July. It has taken so much burden off of us, and made the holidays so relaxing. We just kind of ease into them, and we love them so much more. We know the magic of Christmas for kids, so we do buy Boyd a few things still. Ok, enough from me. I just have so many thoughts and feelings about it all, and I could really never put it all in writing. :)) ps. One other turnoff, we had "extended" family members, grown ups, that would send us their Christmas list each year, when we never asked for one. That was a turn off. Yes, talk about entitlement. grrrrr.

  7. ...and I'm sorry you went through that when Lance lost his job. :(

  8. I should copy you on this post. I have a lot of randoms to say too!!!

  9. I like it whenever I make the blog. I am just happy that I remembered to call you about the tacky Christmas party. I do not want to miss it.