Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When I became new

The world looked different.
I understood unconditional love.
You were more than I dreamt of having.
You were obviously from above.

You taught me patience.
You taught me to be still.
You showed me my purpose...
And a new depth to feel.

Like waking in a new life,
everything was new...
the smell of your breath, your "na na" cry...
I could not believe that God gave me you!

You trusted me from the start.
To show you the way.
We locked eyes, and traded breath,
and for each new step, I would pray.

You began to grow bigger,
and become so smart.
You are kind and polite and funny...
and have the biggest-sweetest heart.

Daily I thank the Lord,
for trusting me with you.
And for that gift of being changed,
for allowing me to become new.

I trust in Him for direction,
and for patience for our longest days.
And to highlight your blessings on me,
when I am in a "parenting haze".

It has been 4 years since I changed...
since our world shifted from calm,
but this 'new' was worth the trade...
for it was the day I became a mom.

Happy birthday Maddox Payne.
To that little face that I adore,
it feels like only yesterday you came to us,
but today you are already four!

Love, mommy.


  1. So very sweet and special! He is going to cherish this forever. Did you read it to him? I hope so. I've never met the little guy, but I know he would probably appreciate this - even as a four year old.

  2. such sweet and powerful words, happy birthday maddox and congratulations and happy anniversary on being a mommy of 4 years :) ~leslee

  3. Holly, that is the sweetest poem I have ever, ever read. I understood your feelings in every word. I've looked at that picture a thousand times before and have always thought, "You can tell they already love each other and always will.
    I sure do love you...

  4. Truely written from the heart!! A mother's love for their babies at any age! Love ya'll more than you'll ever know!!!

  5. How sweet! I love this, happy celebrating!

  6. How sweet! I love this, happy celebrating!

  7. Beautiful! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  8. So very sweet. You are a precious mama! I loved this so much. You made me cry today, again! ;)

  9. How beautiful! What a wonderful mom!!