Friday, July 6, 2012

I got, got.

I forgot to brag in my last post about how we had 3 separate people in a 3 day period, come up to us and complement our children and/or our parenting of them.

It sure felt good.

And I would have told you that my admittance of that story backfired, because Beckham was a beast at dinner tonight.

But no one noticed my kids.

I am sure they, as well as myself, could only focus on the ass-wipe next to our table and the terrible way he talked to the teenage boy with him.

10 years ago, I would have let him know that I didn't appreciate the way he was talking to his step-son.
I might have even asked him to say something nice to him, and try and offset all of his negativity... just for me.

But instead I cried.
And kissed my boys.
And told them all the things that make them special and perfect and amazing to me.
And thanked my husband for being the daddy that he is.

And reminded myself that, even though I never think of my marriage as a 100% permanent thing (remember my 5 year commitment) --I will NEVER let my kids be talked to like that by anyone.  Ever.
And it might be worth throwing the word divorce out of my dictionary, just to secure this promise for myself.

We left there and stopped at a gas station to look for a movie at Red Box.

Just as Lance was getting in our car, he was approached by a heavy-set man in his late 30's.
He said he was a part of a group called Vision 2020, that goes to high schools and talks about drug and alcohol abuse and then he invites them to revival and leads youth to Christ.

He said that he ran out of money, and was embarrassed to ask, but needed cash for gas.

Lance apologized and told him that we had no cash and got back in the car.

As we pulled out of the gas station, I got real sappy again, and asked Lance to take me back so that I could ATM.

Lance reminded me that he was driving a 100K rig and even as a non-profit organization, should have funding for gas... or a credit card.
but he took me back.

Lance and I hit up Google on our phones and couldn't find anything about what he was talking about...
but while investigating, I felt like I was questioning God and had an overwhelming feeling that I should help.
So I finally hopped out of my car and went in to get cash.

I walked over to him and he told me his name was Pastor Freddie Reed and told me the exact story he told Lance, earlier. 
I was led to Christ at a revival by Pastor Clark Bosher as a child....
It made sense to pass the buck.

After taking my money, however, he hopped into his big fancy bus and took off.
And didn't get a gallon of gas at all.

Lance was disappointed and had an "I told you so" speech prepared.
But 2 seconds into it, my tears took over.

Lance was telling me that he wasn't mad at me...
but I can't be so trusting of other people.
That it was "just money"...
but he was probably a crook.
That he wishes I wouldn't take it so personal...
but would stop crying about it.

It felt really personal.
And I cry.
That's what I do.

It wasn't even a lot of money....  {We don't have a lot of money.}
But dang it... there is someone who could have used it better than him, had I known he was just scamming me.

Maybe there is no moral to this story...
and maybe when I am not so hormonal, this will seem silly that I even re-told it.

But Maddox kept saying, "I know that man."  and "I have seen that man before when I was a baby" and though I knew he hadn't, I was not wanting to fail a hypothetical test that Jesus might have been giving me...

But then he said, through my sniffling, from the back seat, "well mommy, I think you got, got."

On to other news...
I loved the car.

We are taking mine to Car Max tomorrow and if they will give me pay off, I am heading back to Denton for my new ride!

We shall see!


  1. When I was in Oklahoma at that water park last week, a lady was being so nasty to her little boy. She yanked him and hit him and screamed at him, and the eyes of every mom were on her. My friend and I could literally feel ourselves about to jump out of our seats to defend him. I know what you mean, it makes us even more tender to our own babies.

    I think we've all been "got" before. The beauty is, the Lord knows your heart, and he knows the heart of that man who was doing a really bad thing. It's hard to know what to do in a situation like that. I am sorry and I know it was upsetting to you, but you have a huge heart and a beautiful soul. Bless your heart for doing what YOU felt like doing, even though this stranger was lying and stealing! Shame on him. All we can do is pray for people like that.

    A man was begging for gas money one time in a parking lot of Home Depot. I gave him a few bucks, and then a bit later I saw him shopping in there, and I asked him for my money back. Yes I did! I was much younger then, and may not be as brave now, but I was so mad.


  2. there is nothing worse than hearing a parent talk ugly to a child! it makes my heart so sad. almost like you just want to take them and give them a hug but more than anything it makes me love my baby even more, be more grateful and be a better parent. it sounds like you did the right thing by giving the man money. no matter if he truely needed it or not, your heart told you he did and thats what counts!! ~leslee

  3. I've been reading your blog for awhile & I have never commented but your post had me in have a tender heart & it is a wonderful thing. Your boys will grow up feeling compassion for others & that is a rare trait. And if that preacher was a fake too bad for him--your generosity was noticed by God, your husband & your kids--that's the important thing. I work at a high school & I hear stories from the kids about parents, step parents etc & all the terrible things that are said to them--it is heart breaking. Just know that the most important thing is that your kids are secure with you & your family.