Monday, July 2, 2012

San Antonio, the other part

I am home, and fully capable of uploading and editing pics for this blog...


Since I have been home, my sweet-sweet, husband has been showering me with bountiful amounts of love... attention...  sweet words... snuggles... kisses... and wait for it...
wait. for. it.... 
this evening, I walked into the door to candles, a bubble bath, my robe and a warm towel, waiting for me.
He even put the boys down, so that I could just relax!!

So you can see why I can't chat with you for long.
History will repeat itself, it always does...
but I would be a fool not to soak up this attention from my one and only.
While it lasts!!

(I should say that he is always a toucher-- loves to snuggle and kiss... but not so much a talker-- so I am really enjoying all of the praise and complements!) 

So back to San Antonio.

Our second day out, was even better than the first.
We started out at the water park, and splashed until 1:00 or so.
We left and ran to Chick-fil-a.
Both kids conked out, so we drove around the Target parking lot while my mom bought herself an ice maker machine.  (as if we weren't full to the brim with luggage, already!)
We then treated ourselves to icecream, before returning back to the park.

There were no waits for any rides that afternoon, so my sister and I rode a few, multiple times.
We watched a few shows, saw the alligators...
and then grabbed our seats for the Shamu Rocks show.
Maddox was rocking out with his air guitar, and made it onto the big screen!

He was bummed that he didn't win the stuffed Shamu--
but it wasn't anything a light-up bubble gun didn't fix.
(and he had a crowd of fans around us, who thoroughly enjoyed his performance!)

Saturday morning, we loaded up and headed back.
The Garmin decided to send us home a weird way--
but 281 ended up being a beautiful route, and kind of nice, really.

Lance met us at my moms with open arms and a huge smile.
We have not been away from each other more than a day (maybe 2) since we have been together.
And I think it was good.

He walked the perimeter of our land, so that it could be appraised this week, and then we finally made it home where I slept like a rock.

Sunday, Lance treated me to breakfast at my favorite Mexican joint, Esperanzas.
And that evening we played in our first softball game.

Lance is really good and I am really bad, so I was kind of nervous, playing.
I hit the ball, however, at both bats and no ball was ever hit to me in the outfield, so all was good there.
Lance scored 2 homeruns and I think a double or triple too.
I never made it to second base.

We ended up going into over-time and winning!

Truth be told, however, I could care less about the winning part, but I did think it was awesome for Lance and I to have that hour of play-- on a team-- time for us.

It was a lot of fun!

And I can't believe I wanted to quit a couple of weeks ago...
I am already excited for next week's game!

Next on the menu...
Maddox's birthday party.

I ordered the cake before we went out of town... the invites tonight on a rush, and I hope to mail them this week.
The bounce house will be paid for tomorrow and hopefully it will all come together for the 14th.

I hope!

Good night, y'all.
I am off to cuddle my boyfriend. ;)


  1. yalls trip sounds like yall had a blast! and your return home sounded even better :) congrats on the game.. isnt softball so much fun?!!! ~leslee

  2. Sounds like a fun time away and your hubby really missed you!
    Have a gret 4th!

  3. You are so cute. I love this post and all of the pictures, and I enjoyed hearing about your trip. Girl, you have got yourself a GREAT husband! :) I love that he has been doing so many great things for deserve them all.

    Megan and I mentioned you at lunch the other day. We just love you, and your blog. :)


  4. Sounds like someone missed you while you were away! :)
    I love seeing all your pics on instagram...maybe someday you could teach the rest of us how you do your awesome collages and editing. Your pictures just look better!!

  5. Maybe it's just your CUTE subjects?!

  6. So glad you had a great trip and are home safe to your man. I always think time away is hard, but makes me appreciate my husband so much! Enjoy being pampered and home!