Thursday, June 28, 2012

San Antonio. (the first post)

I wanted to blog from the hotel tonight.
I even came prepared with my lap top and blew the dust off the real camera, filling my card full of fun, today. 
BUT... I'm having hell with the wifi- 
And I left the cord that connects my camera to my computer, at home. 
So I'll give you a little teaser from the iphizzle, and will try and post the real pics, once we are back home.

The ride down, went off without a hitch. 
My mom and sister might tell you that Beckham had a few issues... I have flown with Sir-terrible-travels, and I am here to say that he was perfect. 
Maddox was great, as always, and even took a little nap. 
We are staying at the Hilton Hill Country Spa... And I was worried that it would be too 'adult-esk' for the boys, but I was wrong. 
The boys swam... Maddox sang a song on a microphone and won us a s'more kit... We roasted them in the fire pits of the court yard... Attempted to watch Garfield on the outside movie wall... But  when the fire pits didn't mix well with the 100 degree weather, we turned back to the pool before calling it a night. 
Learning from my mistakes in Florida, we set up the pack and play in the bathroom, and Beckham slept perfectly. 
Well, he did perfect, I should say, until I thought I saw a man in our room and screamed, in the middle of the night--waking him up.   Maddox had a separate night-talking episode... As did my mom, who always does.  But all in all, we slept well. 
This morning we made Maddox's dreams come true, when we finally pulled into Sea World. 
He was so excited, that he was hard to control at first. 
He may have earned himself a spanking, right inside the gate of the park... And for those of you who don't believe in spanking... He may have not. 
Our second glitch of the morning, was realizing we had a flat tire on the stroller. Luckily we found a worker who was able to give us a little air.  "little" being no understatement.  It's still low, but finally pushable, and we made do. 
We rode a few rides, and Maddox was so brave on all of them.  He actually rode a water ride that takes you 100 feet into the air-- turns you backwards for a bit-- and then drops you into a water-rush, while splashing you all wet! I don't think he knew the extremes of that one when he agreed to ride it!  His mommy did a little panicking and out loud praying-- right before we took the plunge-- scared I put too much trust into a little measuring stick okaying him to ride.  After the plunge, we asked him what he thought. He said, "I opened my eyes and I was wike 'oh my gosh, What am I doing?'." and then he assured us that he wouldn't be riding it again. 
Beckham fought sleep all day, and gave us a bit of a hard time... But finally he gave in-- sitting straight up-- cracker in hand, and took a 30 minute nap. 
It was so hot, and we didn't even see half of it... But we have tomorrow to pick up where we left off! 

I felt a little guilty that Lance was missing out on so much fun, and worried that he was going to be lonely on his day off in an empty house.
But he wasn't.
He made stops at Cabelas, Cheaper than Dirt, Omaha Salvage... And the Under Armour store. I think he actually loved his day!

We too, loved ours!
We all loved feeding and petting the dolphins-- even B got in on that!
The Azul show, was by far the best show we saw today-- full of acrobatics, diving, synchronized swimming and humor too. 
Watching Maddox dance to Elmo Live, as if he were the only kid in the room, was a lot of fun too... And probably one of the most memorable parts of our day. 
Shamu wasn't as great as I remember it from my childhood... Because no one gets in the water anymore.  Although, during the show I was reminded of a story I shared on FB about reading Maddox 'The Giving Tree' a few nights ago and how I watched his lip turn down as she gave up her apples... Saw a tear fall, when she cut off her limbs... And how I had to console a bawling boy once she became a stump.  I finished my post by saying it was just another example how he is me through and through.  Well, today, while watching the Shamu show, there was a tiny part recognizing our soldiers. They asks all veterans and currant military to stand and as I turned to wipe to auto-tear from my left eye... I saw my mom doing the same. 
I guess we are all cut from that same sensitive cloth! And maybe I too, am her, through and through. 

Tonight, we moved Beckham's pack and play into the closet. (with the doors opened) and mom rigged up blankets through the hallway, creating him a room.  She, like Lance, feels bad putting him by himself to sleep by a potty.  It's whatever works-- and since her and I are the only ones still awake. (in silence) It works!!

Tomorrow is another big day...
I'm off to bed!


  1. Love it!! I laughed at "he may have not earned a spanking" - One paragraph is okay - this is how I blog. I guess I should break it up like you. I feel like I always copy you. Cori calls it a "Coffee Cat". The dolphins look so neat! I wanna go to Sea World - but definitely not in the summer time!!

  2. You're forgiven for the huge paragraph.

    You've got me excited for Sea World (I'm a little scared of the heat, though). The last time we took Macie, she was about two years old and didn't really get the full experience.

    (I'm sure the man you saw was Mr. Grey - peeking at you while you sleep.) ;]

    I love your stories about Maddox, they never get old!

  3. I love your pictures and your stories....and I really did laugh out loud about you screaming and thinking you saw a man in the room....because that is totally something I would do. ;) I'm gonna laugh about that all night.

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. I think I fixed the one-huge-paragraph issue... Thank the Lord! (it was getting to me!)