Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nailed it!

I love the "nailed it" pins on Pinterest...
they always crack me up!
and sometimes, that's the way I feel about my week...

             Always trying hard to succeed...
             but usually pulling through looking like a drowned rat with a broken foot!

But this week.
I nailed it!

Monday, after our movie in South Lake, we headed to Irving to surprise Lance for lunch.
Work was slow and call was too.

Tuesday and Wednesday were awesome!

Tuesday, Candace brought her crew over in the morning an we played at the front pool.
Had a picnic lunch and then came home...

Wednesday, my mom brought my brother's kids over--
and despite 4 wild children and a baby following behind, I managed to keep a clean house, washed, dried, folded and put away every piece of dirty laundry and even had dinner ready before I left for work.
...and it was good!
(we are going to completely ignore the fact that Gunner rolled Maddox' fingers up into the car window, because I wasn't here to see it... and the tears were gone by the time I made it in from work!)

"Holly's daycare" went off without a hitch, as well, mainly because I developed a routine for them and we stuck to it...

Snacks and meals are all on schedule now, and even better-- I developed an "hour of rest" where everyone gets their own room and they can look at books or watch cartoons but they have to stay laying down, away from each other.  (and hopefully sleep)

It works.

Beckham has been so sweet an cuddly lately... which makes a huge difference too!

Today we are taking it easy, and then my SIL is bringing the kids back in the morning to swim again.

I am on call both Saturday and Sunday, so you can expect our weekend to be boring!

What's not boring....
the kids and I, are hoping to take a mini-trip to San Antonio in a couple of weeks to go to Sea World.
Since mom is taking us, this will all depend on her strike!
And for my sanity, I am keeping it secret news from Maddox, for now!

We will just roll with what comes next...
because in the words of my 3 year old...
"it is what it is, bra."

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  1. I'm SO very happy for you that "daycare" is going so smoothly. I love when things fall into place. The world is just happpier when it does! :)

    Those 2 pictures of Beckham and his sweet girlfriend, you know you have to print those. I can't help but smile when I see those. ADORABLE!

    Sea World sounds like fun. I think Boyd is at a good age to go too. I'm wanting one more little road trip this summer, maybe we will do that.

    Thanks for the info on the mexican food/snow cones the other day. We decided last minute to spend the night with my mom because we were headed there the next day anyway, so we rushed down there. BUT, I will be going! :))