Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rambling thoughts...

My step dad bought our Sea World tickets and booked us 3 nights into the Hilton Hill Country Spa for next week.
We are going!
My mom started this idea, hoping that my SIL and her babies could go too.
But they have another vacation set in a couple of weeks, and they thought this would be too much.
We will certainly miss them,
but we are so excited to go!

Hooray for vacation... 
I am also excited that for the next 2 weeks, I will be working very little.
I love my job...
A lot.
But a break is nice too.
I only have to work 2 nights, next week...
and 2 the week after that!  (since we are closed for July 4th.)
I will be taking call from home, so I get the same check with less days away from my family.

Holly's day care will only be open one day for the next 2 weeks also.
We had another great week together, this week.
We spent both days, at the pool... (the second day with our friends)
and besides the Tahoe that they slammed my car door into, causing me to rip their ears off, yesterday...
They were so good.
And the water wears them out!

The following week is Maddox's 4th birthday which we have planned nothing.
Four... really?!
It falls on a Tuesday, a day that I keep Kyleigh, so I am trying to think of something fun to do with them that day--
but I need to think about the party, at some point, as well!

On another note: My Mamaw fell on Tuesday morning.
She was taken by ambulance and my mom rushed in, but her scans were clear and she was released home.
A simple fall can be very serious on a 97 year old frame, so I was very scared and prayed alot while we waited.
I know her time is nearing... and she will tell you that she is ready when the good Lord calls her...
But I have dealt very little with death in my 28 years of life,
an have anxiety just thinking about it.
I am glad she is okay.

I keep changing my mind about school every day.
Had I written this yesterday, I would have told you that I had backed out again, and was not going.
As of last night, however, I may have changed my mind again.
I was awarded some free money, which at UTA will not go far,
but I might as well use what I was given and take those classes, even if that is all I do for now.

I worry about racking up $30K in loans... (what the entire program will cost)
I worry that I will pour myself into school and miss out of important years in my kids' lives.
I worry that if I jump in-- I may miss my opportunity to have baby #3.
I worry that God may surprise me with Baby 3 and my student loans will have to start, without me finishing school. 
Lance worries about my anxiety.
I have to find out a few more details (like if I have to take a full load to use this money)...
And I will fill you in when I am definite.
Which is never.

Lance has 2 days off like the rest of the world now.
He loves his new job...
and is home by 3:00 most days.
But 6 days of that, gets old.
So recently, he decided to work 16 hours on Wednesday and not go in at all on Thursday.
Today is his first Thursday off.
And he is mowing and changing his oil.
Hopefully soon, we will have more fun-family things to fill this day off.
His Saturdays off, are always busy as it is!

Beckham is such a good baby.
He still doesn't say a whole lot.
At all.
But he is so happy and calm and inquisitive.
And he snuggles and loves and kisses me, all day long.
And he LOVES to dance.
And my favorite part of my day with him each day, is the way he drops everything in his hand to run to me, laughing, when I get home from night clinic, each night!

I am sure we are inching on a tooth again, and he will transform into a terrible monster, just like before...
but I just wanted to write it down so that I could reassure myself that I will get him back--
when the time comes.

Maddox is so funny.
Today, he drew on his own arm with a marker.
He told me that it was an autograph and if I let him keep it on for 10 days, it will turn into a tattoo.
He just inked his brother, as well.
Lance loves ZBB and apparently he told Maddox that the "Whatever It Is" song is about me.
Recently, Maddox asked me "Mommy, do you even like that song that daddy sings about you?"
I said, "I don't know buddy, what song does he sing about me?"
He said, "well, the only part I 'member says, 'she's got eyebrows and cuts him with a knife'!"

I died laughing... the actual song says, "she's got eyes that cut you like a knife, and lips that taste like sweet red wine, and pretty legs, go to Heaven, every time."  Nothing about murder, as Maddox apparently heard it.

He also asked me what spiders ate for dinner, and I told him insects.
He exhaled and closed his eyes, and slowly said, "that's what woodpeckers eat, mommy.  Don't worry about it."

When I leave for work, each night, Maddox always tells me to be careful.
Sometimes, he shouts, "send a post card!" as I pull out of the driveway.
Beckham was crying, the other day, and I thought he was looking for a particular toy.
I asked Maddox where it was, and he said to Beckham, "just look around son."

My mom told him that she was disappointed in the way he was acting, recently, and he said, "oh please don't be disappointed, Gigi.  Just tell my mommy and have her spank me."

Maddox has mastered something that I fear Lance never will.
He loves to dish out compliments.
Usually his timing is on point... and he will even tell me that the house looks nice, when he knows I have been working hard to get it that way.
Sometimes, however, his Erwin blood pools through... and his compliment comes randomly and sounds like this, "you never look skanky momma."  With a big smile, as if it was a good one.

Which reminds me, I have to share this back handed compliment, that I keep thinking about and laughing...
Remember the concert that we went to two weekends ago?
There was a girl there, who told me 4 separate times, that I was going to be so pretty when I was 60.
The first couple of times I said, "thanks.... I guess."
and Finally I said, "yay, only 32 to years until I hit my prime!"
She still kept smiling at me as if she were being so sweet and we were great friends...
I am blaming the wine.
And I am going to be so pissed if I look like a troll at 60. 

Bravo to you, if you are still reading.
I can not get into the swing of blogging lately.
And rambling thoughts do not make the best reads...

"it is what it it is... bra."  :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. I think rambling thoughts make for a perfect blog post! If someone had asked me what I was doing glued to my phone, I would have said, "oh just catching up with my friend Holly."

    I love Maddox's thinking. He's got a lot of valid points and I love his compliments, even the ones that aren't so much "compliments". He looks like such a little guy in that last picture of him - true innocence. I'm used to the ones where he looks so big.

    Ignore that girl that said you'll look great at 60 - yes you will AND you're one smokin' momma now! She was probably jealous of your awesome legs! (or just doesn't know how to give a compliment correctly - like your 3-year-old) ;)

    I'm glad you had a rambling blog, now I need to go work on a blog post myself!

  2. Please please tell me that Maddox will go to Paradise and I will keep teaching until I have him. What. A. Hoot!

  3. Oh my goodness...maddox IS sooooo funny! Enjoy SeaWorld...glad you,ll be having a break from work too.
    This was so much fun to read!

  4. I laughed while reading your blog. I think you have it wrong, ramble blogs are fun to read! Maddox is hilarious! These stories remind me of Cori, a lot. I bet they'd get a long really well. Let's plan this soon!

  5. YOu're right...random posts are the best! Although all I can remember from your post is how FUNNY Maddox is!!! I'm sure that ZBB song sounds much better to a 4 yr old the way Maddox says it! So cute too that Lance told him it was about you. Awwwww! Now whenever I listen to that song I will know who it's about....and who's singing it! ;) And, you never look stanky....that is the BEST! Just so you know I will probably come back and read this post several more time in the next few days when I need a good chuckle! Brady has always called them "compuments" and I have never corrected him. He gives them so easily too....something my husband does rarely...unless of course I am fishing for some.
    Have fun on your few days away!!!

  6. Thanks! Last night he had a very insightful thought, and I hated that I had already posted this-- so I'll add it here!

    He asked me if I thought Superman had a phone. I told him that I imagined that he did, because he has to call his mommy like everyone other boy does.

    He said, "don't you think that is weird... that Superman is really just a little boy on the inside."

    And then he thought for a second... and said, "well. I guess that means that even bad guys are really just little boys."

  7. How fun that you are headed to San Antonio...I have heard that hotel is so nice! Good luck with the decisions about school. I can see how it would be hard to decide, but hope that the path becomes clear for you.