Tuesday, April 7, 2015

all of the pictures...

Nana bought us tickets to see Steel Magnolias at Casa MaƱana.  Due to the ice and snow, we moved our tickets to March.  We had a big group, made up of my cousins, aunt, step-mom, and Nana's friends.  The show was great and Julie and I laughed so hard the entire show.  (not necessarily at the the show).  Nana had us a back stage hookup after the show to meet the cast.

Tball has started in Paradise.  Maddox, Beckham and Gunner are all on the same team and we are having a great time watching them play!

Maddox had a field trip to the Fort Worth zoo!  The weather was perfect and we snuck out with Aunt Randi and Gunner for lunch and to help Gunner pick out his new glasses!

Our first game of the season was cancelled due to rain, but they did not cancel pictures.
I can not get enough of these three in their little uniforms!

The boys love to help Lance feed.
Honestly they just love Lance.
He is such a great daddy.

The boys wake up in the mornings asking if we have practice, excited to go.
I have been so surprised at how well B is trying.

We had another fun run and I found this selfie on my phone that night.  
Maddox looks like a baby here, to me.

Sleeping pictures are my favorite.
Usually they are tied up like a couple of worms, but this night had Lance and I giggling.

Good weather means baseball-- 
also more nights feeding with Lance.

It also means spring shopping for momma.
And horse rides at Chaney's!

Aunt Randi gave them haircuts,
but B doesn't like the product.

B does like imaginex these days.
I am assuming it is what the girl moms feel like when their girls play house.
It is lots of little houses-- 
and super-heroes instead.

Maddox was the groom in his class' Q and U wedding.
His friend Abby was the bride.
I could just eat them up...
and that little usher named Gunner too!

After the wedding, they had their class Easter egg hunt and then we checked the kids out early and took them to see Home in 3D.
We can be pretty cool like that!

Saturday, the boys had another ball game and once again, our whole family came to cheer them on!
Afterward, we went to our friend's (Clint and Brandy) annual Easter egg hunt.

Maddox caught 6 fish, but was outdone by our friend Mark and Wendy's little girl with a whopping 7!

I caught one by accident while holding Beckham's pole for him-- and luckily Brandy took it off the hook for me!

B wasn't patient enough to ever catch one, but he had fun trying!

I worked Sunday morning in the office and then we went to mom's that afternoon.
The kids hunted eggs with their cousins and ate their yearly limit of candy!!

Lance scored tickets from our friend Bubba to the TCU vs. DBU tonight and I wasn't able to get off of call to join them.
I'd like to say that Beckham and I are having some good bonding time, but in reality--
I'm blogging and he's watching the iPad.
Videos of other kids playing with toys, to be more exact...
and strange!

And I think that's it.
All of the nine million pictures!