Friday, April 27, 2012

To my boys...

I am so proud of you, every day.
In the tiniest things you do...
Just the fact that you are breathing amazes me--
but everything you learn and do--
every time you act from your heart or reflect good...
every time you are you...

I am proud.
Stay covered in joy, son...
it looks good on you.

Get dirty.
Play outside.
Have shins covered in bruises...
be a boy.

But don't be afraid to be sensitive too.
It is okay to cry.
It may seem un-masculine while you are younger...
but it is a great trait to have as a husband and father.

A lot.
And surround yourself with people who enjoy this too.

Love your brother.
One day your daddy and I will be gone and you will need him.
Start as his best friend and end that way too. 

Learn how to use basic tools.

Ask your dad for help.

Learn to play an instrument...
your daddy and I both wish we had this talent.

Learn to love guns.
There is already an arsenal of them with your name on them...
you might as well know what they do.

Practice.  Practice.  Practice.
At everything you want to be better at.

Use your words...
Communication is key.

From the time you were born, you were in a competition against the world--
"Is he crawling??"  "Is he walking??"
"Oh, mine was already reading at 3."
you are all just about even.
There will be places that you excel and places that your friends do too.
Be supportive.
Be positive.
Try not to compare yourself.
Everything is not a race.

You are one of a kind.

You are interesting.
You are funny.
 I miss you when I am not with you...
and I dream about all that you will become.
But even though you are my child, I see plenty of room for improvement--
so keep moving forward.

Be a leader.
Make the right decision.
Be proud to see others mirror you...
Don't follow the crowd.
Don't fold to peer pressure.

Use your manners.

Have a firm handshake.
Never use it while sitting down.
And always make eye contact.

Open a savings account and save your money.
Give to others when you can.
One will give you a sigh of relief when something unexpected falls into your lap,
the other will give you joy in your heart.

You are a part of me.
Made out of my flesh...
Everything you do reflects on me.
And I, the same to you.
Let's promise to respect each other, and keep each other in mind when we make rash decisions.

Learn the art of complimenting.
But don't over-use it to where it loses its value.

Don't settle.

Iron your clothes, shave your face,
use your smell goods, and brush your teeth.
The first impression you give people, will go a long way.

Play sports.
I don't care if you are good.
Just be a part of a team.
Win.  Lose. 
Practice with your dad.
We will wear your school colors and scream the loudest from the stands.
Sports will hold you accountable and make you strive to be better.

Don't drink and drive.
Or better yet...
Don't drink.


Be kind.
Take up for the underdog.
Take up for yourself.
You better never start a fight...
but if you find yourself in the midst of one, one day...
your daddy says, "you better finish it."

Never stop telling me that you love me.
And understand...
no matter what you do--
what mistakes you make--
how angry I may be at you.
My love for you is unconditional.

Pray about it.
When you are tempted.
When you are frustrated.
When you see no end in sight.
Find your knees.
{{Psalm 91:4}}

Open doors for strangers.
Be confident... but not cocky.
Feel worthy of the greatest things...
but humble enough to get them yourself.

Eat well.
Not only as in 'good for you'...
but with an open pallet.
Experience fine dining...
And eat burned chicken out of love.

Help me cook.
Help me clean.
There will come a time that you will need this bit of knowledge,
and just because you have a penis, does not mean you are above it.

Speaking of penis.
Be gentle.
One day I will explain what those "two little bugs" below your peatie, do...
but until then,
leave them alone.

As long as you are honest with me, I will trust you.
But the first time I have to track you down in my night gown (and believe me I will) because you wouldn't answer my phone call--
the party will be over.
{figuratively and literally}

Don't have sex with girls you don't love.
And never pressure anyone into anything they don't want to do.
One day your wife will want to know "your number"...
Have a respectable answer.

Don't say "I love you" unless you mean it.

However, don't take someone loving you for granted- even if you don't love them back.
It takes a lot of courage for others to share their feelings.
Handle such information with care. 

Don't date girls that you wouldn't eventually marry.
Sometimes casual things turn into permanent things.
Trashy girls, do not make good mommas.
Pick your loves wisely,
they will determine how close I get to be to my grandbabies.

Examine her family before you say 'I do'.
They will be your family too.

Clean up your mess.
Don't act entitled.

Work hard.
Read books.
Be punctual.
Keep your word.


Get a job and enjoy it.
It really doesn't matter what it pays--
do it passionately.
Even the parts you don't like.
You aren't above mopping floors, and by doing it well--
you will be noticed.

Learn how to dance.
A simple half-step in your kitchen, can put an argument to rest.

Don't smoke.

Say you are sorry first.

Be nice to waitresses...
and give a good tip.

Surround yourself with people of good morals.
You absolutely are who you hang out with.
{{I Corinthians 15:33}}

Don't ink your body until you are at least 25...
maybe 30?
Just ask your dad.
If it doesn't have an eternal-emotional meaning to you--
you will regret it.

Be romantic, even if it feels forced to you.
Flowers, foot rubs, and random notes are things I desire from your daddy--
and I hope to breed into you.

Take your time.
Enjoy life.
Savor the little things.
You will be an adult in no time.
Reality hits hard.

Be kind.

I am your momma.
You will always be my baby.
I will always love you with all that I have.

My home will always be open to you...
and my phone just a ring away.

There will always be a kiss waiting for you,
a hug yearning for you...
and uplifting words when you need to hear them.

Remember your daddy too.
He will never be too old to play catch,
or talk sports.
Talk to him when life throws you curve balls,
because most likely, he has been in your shoes.

Together, Daddy and I have put many, many hours of thought, conversation and love into raising you...
and we have only just begun.
We have prayed for the man that we hope you become and strive daily to mold you into him.

Be proud to look in the mirror...
It is your life to live.

Forever and always.



  1. You're such a great momma, Holly! Your boys are a gift to the world because of the wonderful values you are instilling into them as children and the plans you have for them as they grow. You're an inspiration!

  2. Love this! It brought tears to my eyes as I read it because it is all so true.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  3. You nailed it here on so many levels. I love this! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Holly, you are amazing! Your boys...all 3 of them are so LUCKY to have you. I LOVE the picture of Maddox pulling brought tears to my eyes.

  5. this is so great! im sure your babies will love reading that someday!! ~leslee

  6. It is amazing how I am always moved by your blogs!! Your boys (big & small) are blessed to have you!! *Elycia

  7. I love all of this. You should print 2 copies and put them in an envelope for each of your boys to read one day. I did something similar in the back of Boyd's baby book. One of the things I wrote to Boyd is, no matter what you've done you can always come home.

    You are a sweet, loving mama, and those are 2 lucky boys!

  8. Love this ! It's is so true!! You truly have an awsome gift in writing!! I love reading your blog!! And I love those boys!!

  9. Well said!!!! Would you kindly write something like this to Katie and Lucas and sign my name on it?? Jk...sort of!! You are an amazing mom, wife and writer(and friend, but that's not really relevant with this blog!). Your boys will never doubt how much you love them. I'm crying...seriously, write my letters.....

  10. This was so sweet Holly!
    I love what Nicolle said about printing it and giving a copy to each of your boys one day.
    They are lucky to have a mama like you.

    LOVE that picture of them too. Frame that one!!!!

  11. Oh what can I say. Another great blog by Holly herself! I always look forward to reading your blogs! You should consider being a writer. You are a great mother and I find myself asking what you would do or think in situations I find myself in with my kids. You are so inspiring. Keep on writing and entertaining me with your words. You're great at it.

  12. This is special and I loved it. You are a great mom and I hope that one day I have the chance to be a great one too. Wishing you and your sweet family well. XO.