Saturday, April 7, 2012

weekend talk

Friday, we had perfect weather.

Lance and I had the opportunity to hang out in a suite for opening day at Ranger stadium...
but work trumps fun, and we had to miss out this time.

The boys and I didn't sweat it tough.
We spent or entire day outside, playing--
at the park, walking the trails in our subdivision, and playing with the neighbors, riding bikes.
(notice where Maddox likes to place his Capri Sun when he rides...)

We finished our evening with my mom and sister at The Olive Garden and Kroger for Easter groceries.

This morning we went to Home Depot re-do our flower beds.
We lucked out and showed up on kid-craft day.
Maddox wasn't as interested in the bird house as much he was his very own apron!

We had lunch at Chick-fila, and came home and got busy!

Well, some of us did.

I love Saturdays.
It is Lance's only day off, and I try and savor every minute that we have, all four, home together.
I try my hardest to keep that day just about us four, being together.
Which is sometimes difficult.

Beckham took a 3 hour nap....
Lance and I worked our butts off on the yard...
and Maddox got a little fun accomplished as well!

Tomorrow is Easter.

I am going to let you in on a secret...
I never believed in the Easter bunny.

But what's odd...
is I didn't think I was in on a big secret or anything, then.
I don't think that I realized that other kids really believed in one either?!

My grandma always bought us a few outfits each and we dyed eggs at her house.
We wore new clothes to church that Sunday...
And we had a big hunt with our cousins.

When I told one of my friends this, she said she was sad for me, that I missed out.
but I don't feel like I missed out...
We celebrated differently, but equally as fun.

I always knew what Easter was in celebration of...
and it had nothing to do with bunnies or ducks or chickens.

But with that said, now I have my own children and I honestly have no idea how this holiday is suppose to go?

I seriously thought about googling it.

Does he come at night, like Santa?

Do they leave out empty baskets, and they are miraculously filled?

Does he hide the eggs?
[And if so... do you hide the eggs over night, or does he make 2 trips in??
--because what if your hunt isn't until like 3:00?... those boiled eggs might stink by then?!]

I'll be honest.
With too many unknowns, we skipped it this year.
And until someone lays down the laws for this holiday, to me...
we might continue it this way!

Like my grandmother did for us,
my mom bought each of the grand kids a few outfits and baskets filled with goods.

I bought plastic eggs to stuff with candy.
We will color eggs after church in the morning-- and hunt them after lunch at my mom's, with family.

My kids are going to celebrate Easter the same way I did. I suppose...
and they will have a great time!

And don't worry about missing the reason for the season...
{I really hope this video shows up, because it is the sweetest thing ever}
Maddox gets it.
[as best as a 3 year old can.]

Happy Easter!


  1. I waited until 1:30am for that video to load... I have to sleep--
    So I will try and go back and edit it in later!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2nd to last picture, in the sprinkler. Love your cross. Love where the Capri Sun is hidden on the bike, it took me a second to find it. :) Now that I think about it, I'm not even sure what I thought about the Easter Bunny growing up. I think we always knew our dad hid the eggs. Our parents didn't really go all out for Easter. We got baskets, but I just don't have a ton of memories of Easter. Kind of sad, huh?! What's the most weird to me is that the church I grew up in didn't really celebrate Easter for the death and resurrection of Christ. We studied it and knew about it, but they didn't honor it on this particular weekend. So, I think I did miss out on a bunch of what other's celebrate as Easter, growing up, but I didn't know any differently. See, now you've got me 5:30 am! :)

    I hope you and your sweet family have a beautiful Easter.

  3. You make me want to get out and do yard work! I just love Maddox in his aviators and Beckham's baseball paci is adorable! That stinks y'all couldn't go to the game.

    I never believed in the Easter bunny either, now that I think about it. I always knew those bunnies were just someone dressed up and I knew my Grandma and mom stuffed the eggs. Like you, we got an Easter dress for church...not an egg hunt. I don''t think Macie believes either because the other day, while taking pictures with the "Easter bunny", she said it was a fake. Ha! She knows the true meaning of this time of year, though, and that makes me happier than her believing in something else I'll have to one day explain isn't real. :)