Monday, April 30, 2012

catching up and stuff

I bought into my community's food co-op this week.
[it was my first time]
I split it with my neighbor and still got all of this...  (plus a few other un-photographed fruits)
You can look to see if there is a co-op in your area by going to
The bread is to die for!
And I just think it is a lot of fun to get random, surprise fruits and veggies, to learn to incorporate into our meals!

Plus, we already use Town and Country for our organic meat products--
so if I can find someone to bring me toilet paper and toothpaste, I may never have to visit the grocery store again!!

Now on to our weekend festivities.

April is a busy month of birthdays in the Erwin house.

3 in 11 days, to be exact.

This weekend we celebrated Lance turning 31.

Saturday night, we hired a sitter.
{{AKA:  Aunt Allison}}
And we headed to down town to eat.

Since I have the picture, I'll share::
I had planned on wearing the skirt-- but my sister didn't like it...
So I sent a test run to 3 gal pals who all chose the shorts.
Lance chose the boyfriend jeans...
  he won.

Back to our date...

I planned to take Lance to The Woodshed Smokehouse, a new restaurant by Tim Love...
but an hour and a half wait was more than we cared to endure.

So we headed into Sundance Square and had us a little P.F. Changs.

Afterwards, we listened to a some live music from 8.0 and mosied around B&N.

We weren't out long...
But we enjoyed our time together.

Sunday Lance had to work.
We ate our breakfast on the porch and the neighbor kids all played.

They rode bikes...
They hunted rolly pollies...
They played in the neighbor's pool...

It was all fun and games, until one little boy accidentally ran over Maddox with his bike.
I mean... took.  him.  down.

It was a terrible fall--
Maddox's head went slamming into the sidewalk...
and the little boy locked up his brakes-- causing black tire marks all down his arm.
His knees, and elbows, and forehead were covered in road rash.

He cried for a little bit,
but we cleaned him up and he still wanted to play.

So he did.
All.  Day.  Long.

Once Lance got home we all went to the park.
I learned to bat for the first time...
and even scored a home run!!

Afterwards, we had a birthday dinner with the boys...
Complete with Mexican food, cupcakes, and my battle wounded soldier.

Today, we took it easy.

Both kids have snotty noses and neither will are eating or sleeping all that well.

We played at one of the parks in our neighborhood for an hour and Beckham experienced his first sucker!

My mom was in the area, so she stopped by and picked up Maddox to go home with her.
It was his first time to stay the night with her, without me or any cousins and though he really wanted to go-- he is his mother's child.

He would cry...
and then laugh at himself for crying.

I would tell him he was free to go or stay and he would decide to stay but then cry because he wanted to go.
He went.
And we face time'd earlier and he told me what great of a time he was having.
We were glad.

And it was nice to have a little quality time with B Baby too.

We don't get a lot of one on one bonding with him.

And the best part of all...
There will be no little legs crawling into my bed around 1:00am.

And on that note--
I am off to bed!


  1. Poor Maddox and his booboo. That looks like it hurts. Boyd had a collision on his bike yesterday with a neighbor boy but nothing bad happened. I am always worried about that.

    We love downtown FW and we LOVE PF Changs.

    One of my friends wants to do Bountiful Baskets. Everything you got looks great!

  2. We do something called Farm Fresh To You and love is only fruits and veggies though. I see you got some bread as well.

    Your poor little guy! Funny how once you get a bandage on any booboo they feel better.

    Yummy looking cupcakes.

  3. I will have to look into that co-op. Maybe I can get my neighbor to split with me. Do they do milk too?

    I'm glad I got an explanation for Maddox's head - poor guy! If that had happened to Macie, you might think the world is ending with her cries. Drama queen.

    Looks like you had a fun date night for Lance's birthday! Cupcakes...yum!!!

  4. Sounds just like our dates...bookstore and everything. I love all 3 outfits. You are too cute...of course,he won.
    looks like a great time.
    I have been meaning to join in our vege co op here. Looks fabulous.