Friday, May 4, 2012

This week in pictures.

I picked Maddox up at my mom's...
ate up some sun on her back porch...
Got a snow cone at my favorite stand, The Chilly Penguin, on the way home...
Then work.

We experienced the shortest visit to the park in history.
I said, "if you whine again, we are going home."
He whined... I held true to my word.
Later, we took a quick trip to Cabelas and then Lance surprised me with a mini shopping trip to find me a swimsuit for next week.
I left with a tshirt.
I am wearing a trash bag to the beach.
No biggy.
We had Kincaid's for dinner.
And we were all in bed by 9:00.
Loved it.

We had a play date with Candace at The FW Science Museum.
There was lots of laughing...
Even more playing.
Lunch at McKinley's...
on the patio.  (aka: blazing heat)
Then back to work again.

Beckham woke in a pile of vomit and followed that cycle through the rest of the day.
Poor baby.
I cleaned like a crazy woman...
And both of my kids slept.
A lot.
We had dinner as a family...
Lance cleaned the kitchen, Maddox recited an entire episode of Duck Dynasty back to us... and I bathed Beckham for the forth time. 
We ended our night swaddled up on the front porch, in blankets and sharing sweet tea.

Even though my baby is ill,
I really enjoyed this week.

I always love Saturdays,
and am praying that the rest of us stay well, so that we can enjoy tomorrow as a family.

Lance did get some stinky news on one of his stores that was set to open in a couple of weeks,
but we are going to be faithful that it all works out.

Life is so good, right now.
(although I always fear writing that.)

I am still waiting to See if I get accepted into UTA...
And praying I am blessed with some major financial aid or scholarships to make this transition a little easier.

Happy weekend, y'all!
I hope your days are going great!


  1. Hi Holly!
    Looks like a great week in pics.
    UTA... good luck!!!!

    So, I think you asked me before about the blog list on my sidebar. I answered you via email so I apologize if you never got it and thought I just didn't respond! How rude!

    It is really simple. When you are signed in to your blog, go to layout, and on the top of the sidebar lists where it says add gadgets, blog list is one of the options. You can select different ways to categorize it and then that's it. Save changes and voila. :)

  2. We have had park visits like that. One time we had to make a mad dash to the car because Macie pulled down her pants in front of a huge group of people and proceeded to pee right in front of them! At least it was just whining for you.

    Have you had any luck with the swimsuit? I haven't even attempted swimsuit shopping, but know there won't be a bikini in my summer wardrobe this year.

    I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

    Good luck with UTA! :)