Sunday, May 6, 2012

The weekend

To keep the collages going...

Because, why not?
They're fun!

I thought I would share a few more pics of our last two days...

Saturday recap::

We had breakfast in North Side, at Esperanza's-- my favorite Mexican breakfast eatery-- on the patio.
The weather was perfect... the food was amazing.
We were surprised with a Cinco De Mayo parade as we were leaving, and a car full of candy.
I bought a few shirts and a cute little fringed bag--
then the boys cruised through Cheaper than Dirt (a gun store) while I drove right 'down the road' for a Sonic drink.
20 minutes later, I was in North Side again (dang GPS) but I got my cherry vanilla coke.
We made it home for naps, and then played catch in the street, followed by ice cream from the ice cream truck, and more play with the neighbor kids.
We were snuggled up by 10:00 and Maddox stayed in his bed all night!

Today, however, Lance woke up with Beckham's virus.
I have never seen him this sick in our 10 year span together.
I went after an anti-nausea, anti-diarrhea, Gatorade cocktail for him...
and rewarded myself with another snow cone.

The neighborhood boys played in the water,
and then I played in the neighborhood softball game!

Which is huge! 
I have never played in a game before... and I caught 4 balls (every one that came my way) and hit the ball at every bat!!!
Look out!
As I was walking out the door Lance told me to play in the outfield and "not get hit".
So I did.
I played behind third base.
Everyone was cheering each other on, and I had the best time!
Back home, I bragged to Lance at all that his 'un-athletic wife' accomplished...
He gave the credit to one of his most prized possession, his lucky glove (that he got as a kid from his friend Joey's dad, and I had re-done a few years back) and asked if I caught any in the air!?
What a brat! 
I killed it today and I don't need his praise.
I am an athlete!

I am sure my body will ache tomorrow...
but for now, it is just my throat.
That feels like cotton.
And pain.

Beckham is still refusing to eat, but very little...
and I wonder if his throat feels the same way.

We are set to leave for Florida on Mother's Day...
And I am super excited!


  1. I wanna do iphone collage blogs!! Where are you making these now?

    Nice job playing softball! I would consider myself a tiny bit athletic, but when it comes to baseball, my favorite sport, I suck....horribly. I usually just chase butterflies in the outfield and strike out when it's my turn to bat! I'm impressed by your skills!!

    1. I made them with pic frame... But I have to make 4 collages and then collage them together... Does that make sense?!

    2. is pic frame on the computer or an app for iphone.

    3. I found it....i think I'm gonna like this!! I'm going to steal your weekend collage blogs!! =) I envy you!

  2. How awesome is it that you were surprised by a parade?! So fun!

    I spy an ice cream truck. I LOVE the character ice cream - I'm a sucker for those.

    I'm jealous of your awesome snow cone joint. I went for my first of the season only to find that the ice wasn't frozen enough - so it was more like a slushy. We'll just have to go back, I guess...darn.

    Gosh, you athlete! Lovin' the pic of you posing with the glove and your tenny runners - it looks really athletic. ;)

  3. YOU GO GIRL! I can foresee a softball star in the making ;-) I love that Lance gave the credit to his glove, lol.

    Y'all have a GREAT time on your trip!!!! And I hope everyone is 100% before y'all leave!

  4. I love all of your pictures, and your collages are always so much fun to see. You know how much I love Esperanza's. I think they have some of the best food I have ever had. :)