Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 on 10 [May]

Ten pictures in ten hours on the tenth of the month.
Trying to capture the beauty in the everyday moments.

My mom sent me a text last night that she was coming over early in the morning because my sister was using her car and she had errands to run in Fort Worth.

Around 8:00, she showed up with burritos in hand.
She threw (literally) a color on my hair, for me, before we headed out.

On our way to lunch, I spotted a baby calf, stuck in the pond.
We pulled over so I could make for sure that he was lodged in the mud, and once I was sure--
I went on a hunt to find it's owner.
Thankfully, my step dad knows the ranch manager, and he was able to get in touch with them about the calf.

Lunch at Chickfila...
And would you notice...
My baby is eating!!

This revelation actually came by dinner last night, when he grabbed an entire loaf of bread and started gnawing.
A friend/ ex-teacher had sent me a little prayer for him...
and since I have already told you that I cant keep my eyes from pouring lately,
you guessed it!!

I cried.

After lunch, we rand to Sam Moon.
I ran in to Children's Place to exchange a pair of shorts.
Then we went to Hobby Lobby.

That was too much excitement for my big boy.
He was out.
Beckham on the other hand, screeched from the back seat-- exhausted but refusing to toss in the towel.

My mom and I treated ourselves to a pedicure,
and then I was off to work.


It looks like rain is coming in tonight...
which is fine.

But I have a trip to Ikea tomorrow, with my gal-pal, Candace...
[my first trip to the store ever]
And for my hair's sake, I hope it is gone by then!

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  1. Did you link up? I didn't this time. Gotta get the hang of it first.

    I'm so glad Beckham is eating! Hallelujah - I know that was killing you.

    I've never been to IKEA either and I'm sort of afraid to go. I'm either going to love it too much or just be completely disappointed. Ahh well, that's just life right?

  2. I'm so glad your sweet baby is eating! I have been praying.

    Sam Moon overwhelms me for some reason. I go in there needing a new purse and sure enough I never leave with one. How dumb is that?! I mean, they have 5,000 purses in there. :)

    I love that I can get a bean burrito from Taco Bueno at 6 am!

    Love your pictures.

    Enjoy IKEA. It's so much fun. I could buy a hundred knick knacks in their kitchen section.

  3. What is Sam Moon? Everyone loves Chick fila....Yay! Glad to see he's eating.
    Poor cow. And have a great time in Ikea! It is like a fun adult field trip!
    Happy weekend!

    1. Sam Moon is a store that sells jewelry and scarves and handbags and belts and such for dirt cheap. It's a fun place to go but like Nicolle said, it can be overwhelming!

  4. That second picture made me laugh! Love it! Chick-fil-a is featured in my set too, haha. :)

  5. That was pretty much a perfect day with all of my favorite things; Mom, Sam Moon, pedi, lunch and your favorite boys. So glad little B is doing better!

  6. i had no idea your poor baby has been sick, ive been out of the blogging world the past week. im so glad to hear he is feeling better, and for your sake as well. your family pics are presh by the way!! and i love your moms hair too. it always looks cute but something looks a little different this time.. more flippy on the sides? anyways glad to hear beckhams doing better and good for you for saving baby calf!!~leslee