Sunday, May 20, 2012

Florida; the other post

...the better half of our vacation.

I finally realized that if we moved Beckham's crib into our bathroom, he could get the same effect he has at home.
Dark, cool and cozy.
Lance wasn't fond of the idea...
But I wasn't fond of him crying non-stop.

This divine enlightenment changed our trip.

I did actually take a few pictures with my real camera...
But call me lazy--
I am posting all iPhone pics.

Lots of them.


Wednesday evening, we went to a pizza place called the Red Elephant.
I had a crazy-good Greek salad, Tomato Basil soup... and pizza, of course.

Thursday was Lance's final day in class.

As soon as he was out, we headed to Clark's Fish Camp-- where we were told we were sure to find, real, live alligators.
It was was weirdest little joint-- packed FULL of fake greenery and stuffed game.
When I say "full", I mean thousands of tigers, cheetahs, elk, snakes, gators, giraffes and pretty much any other animal that can be mounted.
We chose to sit on the patio...
and since the entire restaurant in on top of the river, it was an amazing view.
A manatee swam right by our table...
The water was so clear, we saw turtles, tiny crabs, fish and baby gators too.

Friday, we woke early and headed for donuts at Krispy Kreme and were on the water before 9:00.
We spent time on the pier.
The boys splashed in the water...
We walked along the beach...

We ate lunch at a joint, right on the sand.
The food was great, and while eating, the music changed from quiet Jimmy Buffet type music,
to a loud booty- beat...
and on cue,
me and both of my boys started bouncing to the beat.
We just laughed.
They were definitely cut from my cloth... with dancing in their blood!!

We shopped along the surf shops,
and then headed in for showers.

That evening, we went to the outdoor mall.
We had been told over and over that it was worth checking out.
Lance bought a t-shirt at a marine store...
and then drove around trying to encourage me to shop a little too.

He pulled onto the street that held Tiffany's and Louis Vuitton and said I should get out and "look around."
I told him that they would smell the white trash on me and I didn't have any desire to go in either of those stores.
He kept trying to persuade me and asking me why I felt that way, to which I replied, "we're just not fancy enough for those stores."

Finally I hopped out to look around Forever 21, (directly across the street) and Maddox wanted to go in with me.
Just as we entered the store, the young girl said, "can I help you find anything today." To which, Maddox responded, "no thanks.  We're not fancy enough for this store."
I died laughing!!!

We came back to a prom in our hotel....
We packed up our hotel room and set our alarms for 4:00.  (3:00, home time) and called our vacation over.

Oddly, our 7 days flew past...
and I realized the vacation that originally was beating me down--
I was sad to leave.

I was sad to leave our hotel and the great breakfast we ate every morning.
I was sad to leave our room service that made my bed and tidied my room every day when we were at lunch.
I was sad that our early bed-times, all snuggled together watching tv, were over.
I was even a little sad to leave the front desk guys-- the one with the long eye lashes, who always seemed ultra-professional... and maybe a bit feminine.  The chatty one, who always asked about our plans for the day... and even the who talked with the (I am pretty sure it was fake) Matthew McConaughey accent.

Together, we said a prayer on the way in...
that our flights would all be on time...
that Maddox and I (flying on buddy passes) wouldn't get bumped...
and that Beckham would be good on our flights.

Our prayers worked, and both boys were showered with compliments by fellow flyers on all 3 flights.
Well, except over breakfast in Nashville.
Beckham was doing his point and scream, and I thought he wanted my phone.
Like a turd, he grabbed it out of my hand and threw it to the ground.
I sternly said "no. no.", while popping his hand.
Maddox, who never looked up from his biscuit, dryly said, "hit him hard."

Lance and I made eye contact and I was frozen by the many eyes around us...
and then everyone busted up laughing---
and an older coupled said they were all for a little popping and wish there was more discipline these days.

All in all, it was a good laugh.

We flew from Florida to Nashville.  Tennessee to New Orleans... and made it back to Fort Worth by 4:00 and had dinner at Babe's.
We all have wet, but non-productive, coughs and our ears are full of pressure.
Lance's, the worst.
We were in bed by 6:00...
And slept until 7:00am.

Maddox is running a low grade fever--
and Lance is threatening trying to pop his own ear drum to relieve the pressure.

Tomorrow I go back to work...
and the pager will be calling my name before too long.

Lance already returned to work today--

So here it is...
Life is back to normal.


  1. Oh my gosh, I so wanted to LOL at Maddox's comment but the baby is sleeping...I managed a quiet goggle, though.

    You got some wonderful pictures! I'm so glad that things turned around for y'all. Doesn't the fun ALWAYS start just as you're getting ready to leave? That seems to be the way it goes for us.

    This makes me want to take a vacation, but I don't think I can talk Mr. Homebody into

  2. Me and Bobby had a good laugh as always!

  3. I have a funny memory of going into Neiman Marcus many years ago and NO ONE would help me buy some perfume. I chuckled b/c I know what you mean about those fancy stores. I would never have gone to Neiman's, but they were the only ones that had this particular perfume. Except for looking at Christmas decor years later, you bet I never would shop in there! :)

    These pictures are so great Holly. I think your vacation looks like so much fun. I'm glad you got the sleeping arrangement figured out and they vacation ended on a high note, except for being sick. You know I love that manatee, and the ocean, the pier, everything. The boys look so happy! I'm glad you shared your trip with us.

  4. Hi Holly, how fun you guys had a getaway! I always feel like that when leaving hotels too. I think anywhere you do life with your family becomes like a home. And house keeping never hurts. Don't feel bad about putting your boy in the bathroom to sis does that with her twins in hotels and says it works like a charm!

  5. I'm glad this vacation turned around for you! (and if my husband asked me to move to Florida...I would have my bags packed in about 15 minutes!) Your pictures are so FUN! I love your dress (or coverup?) you wore to the beach! I love the closeup of you and Lance at the beach. I bet you're exhausted now that you are home...that always happens after a trip.