Friday, October 29, 2010

I have something to say...

I have something to say to a little boy whom I loved.
A little boy who probably grew up a little faster than his friends,
And who maybe witnessed more than other little boys did.
A little boy who went on to walk his mom down the isle
and assured his sister it was a great move.

I have something to say to a little boy who could only use the restroom at home.
Who couldn't take a decent picture if his life depended on it.
A boy who, in the 3rd grade, saved up his money to buy me a good $8 toy from Santa's Secret workshop, even though I only got him a 25 cent globe key chain.
A boy who would get covered in poison ivy at the shear mention of the word.
Who woke up earlier than me on Christmas morning, looked at all of our gifts and then came and woke me up so I could see too.
The boy who let me believe in Santa until I was probably too old.
Who shot a million baskets every spring, rode a million miles on his bike each summer, and who kept our freezer full of deer meat each fall.
The last kid in kindergarten who learned to skip.
And the first one to end up in the ER every year with bone injuries or stitches.

I have something to say to the teenager who hated me to his core, but still secretly took care of business when he knew I needed him.
Who kept me from going to prom my freshman year...
Who tried to convince my mom I was a lesbian...
Who drove 30mph every where we went, with Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, or Pantera blaring so loud that I could feel it thumping in my soul.
The boy who threatened to tell on me every time I messed up.  But never did.
And who let me climb into his bed in the middle of the night and sleep because I was in tears and scared to death, and never made fun of me for it.

I have something to say to the young man who put himself through police academy while working a full time job.
Who has only had 2 jobs in his life because he only knows how to be loyal.
Who would rather fish than breathe.
Who watches ESPN on repeat.
Who married his best friend, a perfect fit for him-- and great friend for me.
A man who finally decided we could be friends.
And who has a work ethic like nobody I've known.

I have something to say to the man who's exterior is hard as stone.
Who isn't that funny, but laughs at my jokes.
Who is straight-laced and who rarely (if ever) breaks the rules.
A man with zero patience.
And crazy ideas.
A man with a plan, typically an extreme plan, that I usually think is dumb.
A man who gets an idea in his head and can not let it go, and the best way to deal with it is to pacify it and hope it goes away.
A man who writes down the NFL draft on napkins, just to throw away later.
And yelps like a little girl, jumps up and down and takes losses personal when watching sports on TV.

I have something to say to the man who sold his prized bass boat to prepare for his first child.
Who looked at that baby girl with limitless joy while a frozen tear sat at the end of his nose.
Who fought like hell to get me in that delivery room so I could have a piece of his happiness.
A man who would give me his last dollar if I needed it.  But would make me pay it back.
A man who would make sure my son had everything if I was ever not there to provide for him.  I have no doubt he would work 6 jobs, and never mention a word of it to him.
A man who looks at my son the way I do, with pure bliss and a crooked smile.
Who gave my son a life-long best friend, another boy, just 6 weeks younger than Maddox
A man with a tattoo on his arm, for not only his own 2 kids-- but for mine too.
A man who loves to save money just as much as his wife loves to shop with it!

I have something to say to a man of character.
A man who won rookie of the year as a police officer.
And who ran into gun fire to save a woman's life, receiving a medal of valor.  But will probably never tell you about it, because he just doesn't boast.
A man who spent hours at home, off the clock, putting together a program for the local schools.
A man who would never cheat.
A man who can always be trusted.

I have something to say to the man who paced his steps on my wedding day.
Who was just as nervous as I was on the day I delivered Maddox.
Who was waiting at my house ready to hold him when we came home from the hospital.
And who still, as an adult, can not take a decent picture-- even though he tries so hard!!

I have something to say to a man who was changed last year when he lost a friend, a fellow officer in the line of duty.
A man that doesn't realize that I too was changed with that horrific news.  You see, time stool still as these 2 officers shared the same name, we sat numb and terrified until my mom got the phone call, "I can't talk, but it wasn't me, I'm okay"
A man who doesn't know that I still cry sometimes thinking about it; first sick: worrying that it could have been him and how empty I would feel now and secondly guilty: that I have relief when I remind myself it wasn't him.  Because another great guy died for a profession that is dangerous and under payed and under appreciated.

I have something to say to someone I put high on a pedestal.
My first friend,
Who always protected me,even when he didn't like me,
A person I can trust always,
Whom I love to my core,
and one of my heroes in life.

I have to say happy 29th birthday to my brother Weeder.
I hope your day is wonderful....
You deserve it!


  1. Beautiful Holly!! Beautiful!!

  2. aw hol! that is so sweet! i was seriously in tears! ur such a good sister and all around person! that truly is BEAUTIFUL!!
    my birthday is Jan 15th btw...haha

  3. Bawling!!!! Like, a lot!!!!! This is beautiful

  4. And that wonderful person is the first of my four grand children. I've always said that Weeder was born 40 years old. He has always been a wonderful brother, son, grandson,
    friend and now a very dedicated Police Officer.
    I hope he knows how much I love him.
    Holly, I hope you know how much I love you as well, and think you did a wonderful job of expressing your love for Weeder and your appreciation for the man he has become, or should I say, "Always has been."

  5. wow. what a great sister! Awesome words Holly!

  6. I need to do more of these apparently... this one and the one I did for Lance last year got a lot of comments. (almost as many as our "we're pregnant" post.) ;)