Friday, October 1, 2010 It's Friday!!

I was invited to a patient of mine's house today.  Her husband happens to be a pretty big musician.  Its funny because my husband and his friends followed him when no one knew his name... and now everyone does, and he doesn't play little gigs anymore.
His wife makes jewelry and had a open house at their house.
I wanted to go. (More to see their house than anything else!)
But I didn't make it!  :(

The weather is so nice today.
Lance and Maddox made the most of it.

There was a roach in our bathroom last night.
It was longer than an inch. 
Somehow Lance missed it when he tried to kill it and it went up into my scale.
How in the world did he miss it??
How did I sleep last night knowing that thing was on the loose?
I'm calling an exterminator.

We met Amanda, her 2 kiddos and Kimberly for lunch yesterday at Chick-fila.

We attempted to find Halloween costumes, but once again-- it was a no go.
Maddox wants to be Buzz Lightyear or Woody and I want him to be something sweet and cuddly.
I found a giraffe at Old Navy but he said, "no.  I not a giraffe. I'm Woody"
I really want to win this battle but I'm afraid if it isn't something he wants to be, he'll be difficult the whole night.
The day was a little rushed since I had to get Maddox to mom by 4 so I could go to work...
But we did spend our $20 Crazy 8 cash, and I got a $42 coat for Maddox for $24!

I have a busy weekend ahead.
I am on call Saturday and Sunday.
I have a baby shower Saturday.
And a birthday party Sunday.
If call is decent, I'll attempt both.
I always dread beats me down a little.  But I can't turn it down either.
It'll feel like a free $700 on my check-- even though I will have to work for it.
Working from home is nice, but its frustrating the things people believe are important enough to have you paged over... I could make an entire blog on dumb calls....
but I won't.
Some people use it exactly how it is intended...
...most don't.


  1. Well, I don't want to break HIPPA-- but I guess as long as I leave the patients out of it, I can promote her line.... :)