Sunday, October 10, 2010

there's the bump

Friday night, as I put on my nightgown and got ready for bed, I realized there was a little something new on my body.
A bump.
A real pregnant-looking bump!
I *hoped* this was end-of-the-day bloating.... (since I had a wedding for one of my best-est-est friends from high school Saturday evening.)
I already had an outfit picked out to wear, and a bump would not be welcomed in it....

But morning came--
and it was still there!

Dr. Deem told me that my uterus was pointed towards my back and at some point my baby would be to big to keep going backwards and I would wake up with a bump...

[She wasn't lying.]

So after work I ran around Ridgmar looking for something to disguise my new body.

**Easier said than done.**

I'm not big enough for maternity clothes yet, but this lump-of-love still just looks like I have no self-control at the dinner table!  So, finding a cut that didn't touch my midsection was incredibly difficult.
At times, I thought about throwing myself on the floor and crying.... but I refrained!
I am not a fan of shopping alone so I had to text my mom pics...
Her and I do not always have the same taste, but she was major help!


Mom:  no to black top, yes to plaid.
Mom: no
Mom: yes!
Me: Of course, this one is over $100. :(

Together we decided on this one:
[A $60 dress, on sale for $40. Deal.]  

Because this:
Concealed this
Well enough!

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  1. I love that plaid dress! The one you chose is adorable too...and that little bump is toooo cute! Why hide it?