Friday, October 15, 2010


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It is fabulous!
Maybe even my favorite site right now...
Deals. Deals. Deals.
On clothes, shoes, toys, diapers, etc....
and just in time for Christmas!

Lance put in a request to move to days.  (6-2 rather than 2-10)
He knew it was a stretch since they were sent an e-mail a few months back that transfers were on a freeze.
And since 2 other people on his shift had been denied the move...
But it was worth a shot.
Wednesday night, he got a call from his sargent.
Request: APPROVED!!
It will not go into effect into November, but I can not tell you how excited I am!!
This was an incredibly sweet move from my husband, because if he were to get completely honest with me-- this was for me, not him.
He loves the people he works with, he loves the officers that he works under, and he is really respected with his crew.
I know Lance hates change, and I am sure he feels like he will have to start all over to get the respect he has on nights, but like I told him-- he got to where he is by himself.  No one got Lance the position, no one knew anything about him when he started.  He is training other officers and considered a go-to-guy because he graduated top of his class, he works hard, and he is dependable.
He will do the same on days.

**But the awesome part:
  • We can have dinner together again!  You have no idea what a loss that is.  We have breakfast together now.  But I can not wait to eat dinner.  As a family!
  • He will be home by 3:00 everyday-- and rarely anything happens before that!  He can go with me to weddings, parties or anything else that we are invited to that starts after noon.  (which is everything) 
  • Holidays.  I feel like he will get more out of them.  It will feel like more time together.
  • Cookouts.  We love to have people over to grill, but Lance's schedule doesn't allow us to do that anymore.  Now we can.
  • Together, we will be able to get Maddox on a "normal kid" sleep schedule.  Right now Lance doesn't get home until after 11:00, I am on call most nights until 11:00-- our clock is a little shifted in comparison to the rest of the world's.  But with a baby coming-- a normal clock is perfect timing!
  • Lance can keep the babies when I go back to work.  Mom keeps Maddox 2 nights a week for me now-- but if we have to  move back into our home in Haslet, there's no way she will be able to do that.  (not to mention, an almost 3 year old plus a newborn is too much to ask her to do while working a full time job)  I probably will continue to work my Saturday mornings... and mom and I will just have to figure that out once it comes.  I know my Nana has offered to help too-- so between everyone, I think we can get it taken care of!

We are going to my parents tonight to eat, watch the Ranger game and my SIL is going to do my hair!
[Oh the perks of your hair dresser being a family member.]
We are making cheese enchiladas, beef enchiladas, tacos and rice and beans....
This preggo chick's mouth is watering just thinking about it.
ummmmm.... MEXICAN FOOD!
I am so stressed about the Ranger game.
I hope they win.
I love Josh Hamilton.
I love that they celebrated with Gingerale on his behalf.
It made me cry.
Watch Josh Hamilton's I am Second story.
I love I am second.

I believe in miracles.
I hope that doesn't become a statement that haunts me in some way.
But its heavy on my heart and I thought I should share.
I believe in miracles; prayer begging, God willing, science not-following, jaw dropping miracles.
I love to hear stories of them... it keeps my faith alive, it gives me chills, and it makes my heart smile.
I seriously have heard 5 or 6 separate ones over this last week, and I just wanted to say it out loud.
You know, in case sometime in my future I am down and out and Lance is about to pull the plug...
Call my Aunt Missy, and have her pray over me-- (she's a crazy-miracle believer too) and then everyone believe too... or leave. 

Here's one of the stories I saw:

Our fall party the other night was a blast, but leaving the front and back door open for better air flow was a big mistake.
There are 632 flies in my house and I do not have a fly swatter.
I would hang one of those disgusting sticky fly things at this point, because I am about to pull my hair out.
I need a malaria net to protect me and my boy.
These things are gross.

Oh, and the cupcakes:
Maddox is willing to break his neck to get to them!
He's a sneaky one...

That boy!

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