Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy birthday little man!

Beckham Harold Erwin
Blessed us with his sweet baby cry at 7:46, yesterday morning.
He weighed 7lb 14oz and was 21"long

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So here I sit...

In the Courtyard by Marriot.
3 minutes from the hospital...
Contracting away.
I sit.

Let me back-track my day...

I woke up around 1:00am with some hard, painful contractions-- shooting into my lower back and down into my bottom.
And bloody-yuck.
I was able to sleep in between contractions, but when they would hit-- they would HIT.
Lance kept asking if "it was time"... but I knew these things should be closer together, so I said no.

Around 8:00, I got a text from my mom saying she was staying home today...
So I could go anytime today, if I wanted...

Lance crawled out of bed around 9:00 and immediately started nesting!
He swept, vacuumed and mopped the entire house, and I bleached bathrooms and finished up on laundry.

Every so often or so, I would pause for a contraction...
occasionally complain of pain...
but wasn't impressed enough by their strength to find a clock.

Around 11:00, Lance said, "you've been contracting pretty regularly for a while now... you think you should sit down so we can time these things?

So I did.

I opened my handy-dandy little IPhone app called nine months, and started timing.
Consecutively, they were 5 minutes apart.
We watched them for a solid hour...
And though they weren't getting stronger, they were getting closer together.

I kept saying how excited I was to see my body do actual work... contractions... possibly labor on its own...
But bigger than that, I was thrilled to see how calm I was!

I continued cleaning (iPhone in hand), and realized at some point these babies were getting closer to 3 minutes apart.

Because I worry way too much what everyone else thinks, I still didn't want to head into Fort Worth, for the fear of this all being a figment of my imagination and being sent home like a whipped puppy.

I called a couple of my gal pals, who all agreed we should head in.
Super-firm or not... Dumb or not... I was 3 minutes apart-- and they know me::
I need an epidural.
They encouraged me to go.

I called mom, who had just sat down in the chair with hair color on half of her locks, and was panicking on what to do.
She sent Allison my way.

Funniest part of my day::
Allison:: flashers on-- tears in her eyes-- hitting every bit of 70mph coming down my driveway!!
I don't think mom explained to her that I was completely comfortable (at this point) and all she knew about labor, she had seen in the movies.
She was booking it!

She took Maddox for me, and Lance and I headed in.
About 10 minutes from the hospital, I decided to call my office.
They said to come there rather than going upstairs to the 2nd floor and they could check me.

I had a break down of the century when the receptionist said, "Dr Deem is out this afternoon so another doctor will be seeing you."
"So if I am in labor, she won't deliver him for me?!"
"No ma'am, she is not on call"

You know that cry when you are trying to hold it in but all the sudden it busts out 5 million times louder/ stronger/ more pathetic than you ever intended it to??
That's the wail I made in the middle of the waiting room.
Lance patted my back and then apologized for me.
And the receptionist said, "its going to be a long night, daddy."

In the room we were hooked to a monitor and checked.
Still a 3.

My biggest fear of going in hours from my induction came true.
I am still. a damn. three.

After about thirty minutes on the monitor, the nurse came in and said, "So your contractions have stopped?"
Which I replied no?!
(Do not treat me like that crazy pregnant girl... I am contracting.  I have never done this monitor crap before.  I may have not labored on my own with Maddox, but this tight belly-- pain in my back--stuff, is hard to forget.  I don't want to miss my epidural.  Bottom line.)
She re-adjusted the monitor, and realized they were right on top of each other.  (Like some less than 2 minutes apart)
And her tone changed pretty quickly.

The doctor came back in and gave us our options:
She said we were right on the cusp:
She could send us upstairs and admit us.  (Due to the constant contractions)
We could go eat and walk around and then come back in a few hours with hopes that my body would progress some more on its own.
Or we could go home.
(She said some women can contract this close together for days and not change their cervix at all)
We have an induction already set for 7:00 am.

I chose the eat option.
It was now 3:30 and the only thing I had put into my mouth at this point was a glass of orange juice.
We were starving.

I chose dinner at Lubys.  :)
I love Lubys but always get vetoed.
It  is hard to veto a chick in labor...
Me and all-folk-over-80 ate dinner at 4:00 pm today at Lubys.
Contractions slowed to about 3 minutes apart during our meal.

After dinner? (its difficult to call food that early in the day, dinner!) we had to make a decision...
home, back to the hospital, kill time in Fort Worth...

We went to Sams Club USA and I walked.
And walked.
And walked.
There my contractions moved back to 2 minutes apart.
But still not anything that I couldn't handle, pain-wise.

I wanted to go home.
Lance said that wasn't an option.

I finally decided to call our family-friend, Lori.
She was an L&D nurse forever, I kept her babies every year growing up, and she is who I admired to be when I decided that nursing was the path from me.
She is actually why I chose nursing.
I love her, and respect her opinion.

She talked to me a while, and thought this could really go either way.
Hospital or home... it was tough.
She thought the best option was to get a hotel in Fort Worth, get a warm bath, and wait-- since we live an hour from our hospital.
So we did.

Thanks to Dave, who put us up in the Marriot for the night,
2 minutes from my hospital.
We sit.

My contractions are still coming constantly...  some managable, some breath-taking.
(which is why it has taken me over 2 hours to type this thing)
but bigger than the pain from my contractions is my headache.
It is killer.
To the right side of my head.
and running down my neck on that side.

My mom has rubbed it for me...
and I took Tylenol (despite Lance trying to convince me not to, saying it might "mask my contractions"... seriously.)
This tiger is still rocking my world!

I am planning on laboring here in this room and showing up to my induction at 7:00...
but if it gets unbearable, we are minutes away.

I really do think this was the best option for us.

My girls have been on pins and needles, texting for updates constantly, and I love those chicks for their care and support.
I have also got texts, emails and FB posts from other friends, and every single one of them have given my heart joy.
I know we have a ton of people praying for us, and especially my team of prayer-warriors who I asked to join my team a week or so ago.

Despite the pain, I feel peaceful and blessed.

Stay tuned for further updates...
The next one should be the picture of a beautiful bouncing boy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I had such a great birthday yesterday...

Hundreds of Facebook wishes, lots of texts and phone calls...

These flowers from my boys:

Along-side these cards:

At first, I thought that Lance probably talked Maddox into the "aunt" card, since pre-kids, I had received Spanish cards and random holiday cards from Lance instead of birthday cards, because he is a nerd and thinks that's super funny.
But Lance said Maddox cried for this card.
He snatched it up immediately and when Lance tried moving him towards the 'happy birthday mommy' cards, he told Lance, "Mommy loves pink cake!".

And I do!
This is my favorite card of all time!

My husband gave me another sweet gift, last night, by encouraging me to take a girl's night out with my friends.  I didn't realize how much I needed it!

Though I would have enjoyed a date-night with him too... I love, love, loved my night with a few of my closest gal-pals in Southlake at The Cheesecake Factory.
(and he and I are still going to take a night together on Thursday night)

Us girls sat for almost 3 hours, chatted and laughed until we had stitches in our sides and Wendy had to take Tylenol!  (true story)
We had a blast!

Of course we missed a few of our girls, like my friend Kimberly who just gave birth last week to her sweet baby girl... her and I always share the lettuce wraps.  I tackled them alone this time  :)
And Chanda, who had to hold down night clinic without me.
And Candace who's car wouldn't start and then she ruined her iphone4 trying to get there...

But we made do...  ;)
and had a fabulous time.

Apparently I broke a cardinal sin by ordering a smoothie for dessert, but I already got this little yum-dum for my birthday surprise, so I thought it was a smart move!

Today Maddox and I went to my sister-in-law's for lunch and play.
We enjoyed our day with them, but needed naps when we got home.

I woke up from my nap with contractions, and a bloody show.
Since this is all new to me, I don't know if he is trying to come on his own...
but we have induction set for Friday morning, just in case he is pulling pranks!

I walked up and down the driveway (from my header) three times, trying to help things along.
Unfortunately Maddox took a spill and scraped up his knee.
Drama Maddox is still hobbling, as if he can't bear weight on it, and randomly tells me he needs to rest it!

Now that I am caught up on life, I am going to log off and count these contractions.
We have an appointment in the morning, our last appointment with Dr Deem.
I will be shocked if I still have not had any change...
(but I have been shocked before... so we will see!)

Lance is officially on paternity leave.
Tomorrow is my due date.
I am 27 now.
I am ready to be the mother of 2.
I am already sad about not being pregnant any longer next week...
But in days (we could even break it down into hours at this point), we get to meet our prize!

Let's do this thing baby Beckham, your mommy is ready!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We are going to miss this.

I apologize for the blogger's over-load.
I don't know that I have ever posted so much.

And apologies for another post, done solely with pictures from the Iphone...
But there was too much to see, catch and document.

I left the camera at home again.
Even still, memories were made.

And had to be documented.

I have a feeling I may take a hiatus soon.
(Beckham is sure to be mommy-consuming.)

My grandpa just bought the neighbor's cattle...
Today they all had to be tagged, wormed, de-ticked and sprayed for flies.

It started as an event for Pop and Papaw...
But Maddox really wanted to go watch.

My mom was quickly recruited to document numbers, age, and teeth of each cow.

Maddox and I watched from behind the panels.
These cows can get nuts!

Allison showed up to help.
And then Lance dropped by in his way home from work.

Again, we kept our distance.

And took pictures.
Of everything.

I think Maddox is starting to feel better.

But unfortunately I am feeling worse.

I plan on calling my doctor in the morning, and hopefully I can take something.
For now, I am just staying hydrated.  No meds.

Maddox made it through the day without a nap.
And surprisingly, I didn't regret not strapping him down and making it happen.

I feel like these memories were worth it.
He couldn't stop smiling.

Back at the house, we had another one of mom's epic dinners.

It is days like these, that I wish our time here in the old farm house would slow down.
I'm going to miss this.
We are going to miss this.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A day at Gigi's

Maddox was very restless last night.
He slept underneath me.
So I know.

This morning when he woke up, the first thing he said was, "Mommy, are you happy or sad?"
I said, "I'm happy, buddy."
He casually replied with, "well, congratulations!!"

He then asked me if I could make him some of my "incredible cinnamon rolls"...
But before I could accomplish that, my mom called and asked if we wanted to come up for breakfast.
(I chose her incredible biscuits and bacon over making breakfast myself.)

My brother and SIL went to South Lake and celebrated their EIGHT year anniversary today, so my mom was keeping their kiddos.
Ellie, Gunner and Maddox play together so well.
They make my heart smile to see how much happiness, giggles, hugs, and fun times these 3 can have together.

(of course I left my camera at home... so here is our day, through the camera within my phone)

I got to lounge in the sun for a bit and pour myself into my book...
They got multiple rides on the golf cart.

After a picnik lunch on the patio...
(which I believe only the Cheetos were eaten)
a great attempt at making 3 kids nap...
(in which only Maddox zonked)
a yummy dinner and this dessert
(that I have been craving since Christmas):
Another ride in the golf cart....

We took a trip to the tank.
(the "in dire need of rain" tank)

Throwing rocks in the pond is one of Maddox's favorite things in this world to do...
We made it a family affair today!

 Boys will be boys...

 The mud was inevitable!
(Even for Aunt Allison)
But nothing an old fashion bubble bath couldn't fix!

The original plan had Maddox coming home...
but the cousins wanted him to stay...
and he said, "pleeeeeeeeease momma!!!"
So I gave in.
Gigi read them a book and then tucked them in tight...
I kissed my babies,
and then called it a night!

I called mom a few minutes ago to check on everyone.

  • Gunner was asleep in the kid's bed.
  • Ellie was awake, but snuggled up next to mom in her bed.
  • Maddox was wide awake, watching the Mavs game with Pop in the living room.

I am not sure I still may not have to go get my night owl.
I'm a bit nervous about heading to bed.

But I am spent... so I will take my chances!

Friday, April 15, 2011

On the way to well

Maddox ran fever during the night last night.
It was low grade.
But after 5 days of us both being snotty, me waking up with a sore throat and ear pain, and him laying around and telling me, "I just don't feel good momma..."
I took him in.
Typically, I would have just watched him.
Let this junk run it's course...
But we will have a new born baby in this house within the next seven days...
He is starting to get an ugly rash on his face from the snot...
Over-kill or not, I wanted him on an antibiotic.
The greatest nurse of all time happened to be working today for my pediatrician...
and she knows how few times Maddox has been sick in his life or had to take antibiotics...
She encouraged me to bring him up.
And be proactive.
She was right.
We stopped by Sam's Club USA for his antibiotic, and then surprised Lance at the fire station.
There are grass fires everywhere.
He stayed busy today.
(and still smells a little like soot, despite his shower!)
I had a ton of contractions,
and feeling like my hips were locking up today...
Who knows if will actually mean anything,
but maybe my body is trying to do work!

Lance made me go ahead and cut his hair... just in case it is the last one for a while! ;)
I checked the mail to find these...
Inside I was blessed with money and gift cards from my dad/ step-mom and my Nana...
I tore open those envelopes as if it was my 10th birthday!!
Lance and I never really celebrate very big-- I don't count down or throw a sha-bang or have a birthday-week (or month) like a few of my friends.
It just isn't our style.
But typically I know when my birthday is just 3 days away--
However I had forgot...
(there are a few larger fish in my frying pan)
But the cards were so nice... and I just got really excited about my girl's night in South Lake Monday night!
I just realized that Maddox put himself to bed...
He is feeling warm again.
Lance is tucked away also.
So I think I will try and get a few chapters into my book...
We are wild folks on this Friday night!!