Thursday, April 7, 2011

38 weeks

Yesterday we had our 38 week appointment with Dr. Deem
BP was great, HR was 140, I lost 2 pounds (just what I gained last time), and had no change otherwise.

Dr Deem asked me how ready I am to get him out...
She said if I was done, we could set up induction next week--
But if I wanted to try and wait on natural labor, she was fine with that also.  (up to 41 weeks)

I decided that I at least want to go another week to try and see what my body is capable of... if we did not have major leaps and bounds by next Wednesday, I would opt for an induction then.

Now we just need to pick a day.

We are looking at the week of the18-22.  (with the exception of the 19th, when she will be at another office.)
I think I am leaning towards Friday, the 22nd, and away from the 18th (my birthday).
...even though I said the opposite in my last post!

I was thinking that way I could still celebrate my birthday on Monday... maybe dinner with girl friends-- or a date-night with my husband.
Have my 40 week appointment that Wednesday to evaluate my progress.
Induce Friday.
Come home in an Easter basket.

My Easter surprise... just like I said from the start!

But then again, I may change my mind all-together.

Today I am still enjoying pregnancy...
This isn't miserable-- just yet.
If by next Wednesday I am done-done, we can still do it that Thursday or Friday...
She is leaving this up to me at this point.

It still makes me laugh at how different this pregnancy is from Maddox's...
Dr. Deem remembers too, I can tell, because of how lightly she laid the words, "no change" on me!!
I have literally cried once (maybe twice) in her office this past 9 months...
but I am not sure we had 2 visits with dry eyes our entire pregnancy with Maddox!

I re-read my blog from Maddox's pregnancy here and I am in such a different place than I was then.
It is a little bit scary to me that I am this calm and comfortable.
So Lord knows the bottom could drop out at any time!!

Pray for peace!

We left our OB appointment an met up with The Ponce's for lunch.
I love, love, love my friend Amanda... but most people do!

I thought the Dixie House Cafe was over-priced, but our kids sure had a great time together.

After lunch, Lance and I decided to take Maddox to do something special!
We went to Build a Bear so he could make Beckham a bear with his sweet little voice recorded into it!

It sure is precious... and I think I will treasure it more than Beckham ever will.
His tiny voice melts my heart... and telling his brother how much he loves him and can't wait to play with him was just icing on the cake!

Lance and I had built up "Maddox's surprise" so much that I had my feelings hurt as we paid and left and Maddox excitably said, "Now are we going to get my surprise?"  I said, "that was your surprise, buddy... we built a bear!" He said, "We built Beckham a bear, can I have a surprise now too?"

It sounds bratty as I type that... but he wasn't whining or acting out, he truly just didn't see that as a surprise for himself.

And maybe it wasn't.

I asked Lance if we should take him back in and let him make himself one, but Lance thought it would be a waste.
He really wasn't that interested in the whole process anyhow (except the computer part, where we made the birth certificate) and his attention was changed pretty quickly when he noticed the play area and I actually let him play!!

I guess that was his surprises!

After the mall, we headed home.
In search of an open snow cone stand to suffice my overwhelming craving.

After passing multiple closed stands, my sister's -best friend's -little brother let me in on a secret, open stand in Springtown.
Well maybe it wasn't a secret...
but it sounds so much cooler that way!

I only had $3 cash, so I selfishly handed her the bills and said, "I'll take the biggest snow-icecream snow-cone with cream that I can get for $3."

Just as she was pouring my cream on top did I realize that I didn't get my boys a thing.
(although they did have cookies at the mall)
So I shared.

And they were fine with that!

Back at the house we played and played...

We took advantage of the 90 degree temps and having all 3 of us at home.

No work.
No 4th family member...

Not yet!

We checked the mail to find this beautiful blanket my Aunt Monica made and sent to us.
I love home-made things, and can't wait to snuggle my peach into it!

Leftovers and an episode of AI rounded things out.

We had a great, great day!


  1. You are very calm - but that's great! I'm glad you are enjoying your time with your family of three before it grows! I can't wait to see pictures of Beckham!! I know he is going to be just as adorable as Maddox!!!

  2. It was so fun to run into you today! I'm so embarrassed at how I looked tho! :( You and your mom are so cute! Maddox is a doll. Hope you enjoyed your day!

    I was thinking of taking Boyd to build a bear, but I think he would be too distracted, and not really into it! I love the sweet baby blanket you received. So pretty. I love handmade gifts like that!


  3. ps. I came home and took a picture of my food for my blog, so I will write about running into you when I do that post! :))

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