Friday, April 15, 2011

On the way to well

Maddox ran fever during the night last night.
It was low grade.
But after 5 days of us both being snotty, me waking up with a sore throat and ear pain, and him laying around and telling me, "I just don't feel good momma..."
I took him in.
Typically, I would have just watched him.
Let this junk run it's course...
But we will have a new born baby in this house within the next seven days...
He is starting to get an ugly rash on his face from the snot...
Over-kill or not, I wanted him on an antibiotic.
The greatest nurse of all time happened to be working today for my pediatrician...
and she knows how few times Maddox has been sick in his life or had to take antibiotics...
She encouraged me to bring him up.
And be proactive.
She was right.
We stopped by Sam's Club USA for his antibiotic, and then surprised Lance at the fire station.
There are grass fires everywhere.
He stayed busy today.
(and still smells a little like soot, despite his shower!)
I had a ton of contractions,
and feeling like my hips were locking up today...
Who knows if will actually mean anything,
but maybe my body is trying to do work!

Lance made me go ahead and cut his hair... just in case it is the last one for a while! ;)
I checked the mail to find these...
Inside I was blessed with money and gift cards from my dad/ step-mom and my Nana...
I tore open those envelopes as if it was my 10th birthday!!
Lance and I never really celebrate very big-- I don't count down or throw a sha-bang or have a birthday-week (or month) like a few of my friends.
It just isn't our style.
But typically I know when my birthday is just 3 days away--
However I had forgot...
(there are a few larger fish in my frying pan)
But the cards were so nice... and I just got really excited about my girl's night in South Lake Monday night!
I just realized that Maddox put himself to bed...
He is feeling warm again.
Lance is tucked away also.
So I think I will try and get a few chapters into my book...
We are wild folks on this Friday night!!


  1. Are you sure you're going to have a baby SOON?! I think my belly was that size at about 4 months! Geez!
    Hope your little guy feels better SOON!
    Happy Birthday to YOU!

  2. Happy BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your son is better with the antibiotic. Sounds like you are nesting and finishing up details before the baby...have a good weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday!! :)

    Oh poor Maddox. I hope he is well soon. It's hard having a sick baby!

    I hope your husband stays safe. Those fires are just crazy and out of control. Be careful out there!

  4. Thanks girls!

    I wish I was nesting a little more... there is still so much to be done-- but little by little, I am getting there!