Sunday, April 17, 2011

We are going to miss this.

I apologize for the blogger's over-load.
I don't know that I have ever posted so much.

And apologies for another post, done solely with pictures from the Iphone...
But there was too much to see, catch and document.

I left the camera at home again.
Even still, memories were made.

And had to be documented.

I have a feeling I may take a hiatus soon.
(Beckham is sure to be mommy-consuming.)

My grandpa just bought the neighbor's cattle...
Today they all had to be tagged, wormed, de-ticked and sprayed for flies.

It started as an event for Pop and Papaw...
But Maddox really wanted to go watch.

My mom was quickly recruited to document numbers, age, and teeth of each cow.

Maddox and I watched from behind the panels.
These cows can get nuts!

Allison showed up to help.
And then Lance dropped by in his way home from work.

Again, we kept our distance.

And took pictures.
Of everything.

I think Maddox is starting to feel better.

But unfortunately I am feeling worse.

I plan on calling my doctor in the morning, and hopefully I can take something.
For now, I am just staying hydrated.  No meds.

Maddox made it through the day without a nap.
And surprisingly, I didn't regret not strapping him down and making it happen.

I feel like these memories were worth it.
He couldn't stop smiling.

Back at the house, we had another one of mom's epic dinners.

It is days like these, that I wish our time here in the old farm house would slow down.
I'm going to miss this.
We are going to miss this.


  1. SO much fun and so many great experiences and memories for Maddox. I LOVE all of the pictures!!! I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get some time to prop your feet up today and get a little rest. :)

  2. why don't y'all stay longer in the farm house? I'm sure you can find renters for the other house once these tenants move out....Love the blog...super country. My fav.

  3. loved that!!reminded me of when i was younger and i would watch my dad and deryl do this all the time!!