Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 on 10

I had a rough night last night...
I went to bed crying over work stuff.
and mommy stuff...
just future stuff.
(that may or not even become real)

 I woke up today and realized it was April 10th...
A new day.
With new plans...
And I could actually participate in 10 on 10!
(its the little things in life that rock my world!)
So, here goes!
Ten photos in ten hours on the tenth of the month.  Trying
to find the beauty in the ordinary moments of your day.
[I used the ShakeItPhoto app for all of the pictures today]
 * * *
Maddox told me he saved a biscuit from breakfast for Daddy, Gigi and Pop.
He said, "I hid them in my underwear but I moved them to a box so you don't throw them away."
Of course, I said, "your underwear?!"  
(trying to verify he meant his underwear drawer)
Which is when he dropped his panties to expose his biscuit crumbs all over his pee-pee and answered, 
"No! I moved them to the box."
I laughed until I cried...
What in the world went through his mind to stash them there?! 

A phone call to my mom...
and we finally have mine, Maddox's, and Beckham's bag packed, clothes ironed, and a list made of the final essentials to stuff in while we are running out the door!!
Thanks mom!

Mom and I headed to Fort Worth for pedicures and Target...
I noticed a place that I had read about through a blogging friend's blog called Zoes kitchen.
While coming through the door, I was telling Mom about the protein plate that Nicolle gets, 
turned around to make sure Maddox was still near, and BAM:
Nicolle was standing there!!

We had never met...
But it felt like I already knew her!!
She was soft spoken, sweet, and adorable just like she is through her blog.
And crazy as it sounds, my husband and mom had both heard about her too, 
since her blog is one of my most favorites to read!

Nice to meet you Nicolle!  :)

Lance met us to take Maddox...
And give us a day without the boy?!

Mom and I grabbed cupcakes at the bakery next door and then headed to our pedicure.
Mom's treat for my birthday!!

Next we made it Target for Lanolin, Soothies, chapstick...
and a few other things.
Including jelly beans:  buttered popcorn, birthday cake, and french vanilla!
...which were gone before we made it home!!

All that shopping and I was hungry again!!
(don't judge... we never ate our cupcakes!)

We had a pit stop at Sonic for tator tots with cheese and a water with lime.

We noticed these thunderheads out the window on our drive in...
And couldn't help but get excited...
We need the rain!

We made it home just in time.
To sit.
And watch the rain come down.

We stayed there until dark!

And then came in to enjoy our clean house.
(thanks to my husband)
We let our old neighbor borrow our real vacuum back in Haslet once...
we think she vacuumed up an entire cat.
And it's litter box.
...It has been disgusting since.
So until Lance buys him a new one, the shop-vac and mini-vac get the job done!!

Well, it is late... 
A light just came on by itself...
And I hate to be scared.

Good night blogging world,
I am off to snuggle next to Lance.

He and Maddox are already snoozing!


  1. I laughed when I saw you bought chapstick- you and your chapstick! haha

    I'm envious of you being so close to your mom. She is so lucky to have such a great daughter like you! (and vice versa) I know my mom would give anything to live closer to me. :( I guess I'll live through you until we end up in Texas again.

    How funny that you ran into Nicolle! That's too crazy-- I need to try this Zoe's Kitchen if I ever make it back to the area!

    I hope you are having a great Monday so far- You look great and Beckham will be here SOOOOOON!

  2. It was so much fun to meet you! SMALL WORLD, huh?! You and your mom are so pretty and when I met Maddox I thought I already knew him! :) I've told everyone about running into you!!!!

    I love the bags you have personalized with the boys names on them!!! Very cute.

    Sorry you had a rough night the other night. I am having that today. Our garage door broke this morning, my neighbor had a crisis so I have her kids, and we are cleaning out the camper and I just can't take much more today. AGH!

    The storms were fun, but then when they got scary I didn't like them. I've had about 3 hours sleep, so maybe that is why I'm so moody! Kevin and his dad almost blew over at the campground. I went out there today and we saw several campers turned over and a coca cola 18 wheeler on it's side in the parking lot.