Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Break before Spring Break

I was spoiled with a girls' night, a date night, and then almost a full week at home due to weather!

Monday and Tuesday were cancelled due to ice, and I was able to finish my school.
I crammed a 6 month program into 2 months, so I was happy to be done.

We had a late start Wednesday.
And B and I met Lance for lunch to celebrate my first day free.

Maddox went back to school on Thursday for a normal, full day.

And to my surprise, we got another call this morning, cancelled again.
This time there was no ice.

It was real live snow.
Lots and lots of snow!

Our spring break before spring break!
And so much fun!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Already February!
This year is flying by!!

Our school didn't celebrate the 100th day of school like others did, we celebrated the 101st day-- and the entire elementary school dressed up as Dalmatians!
They were a cute bunch!

We pulled the kids out a little early one day to visit the stockshow.
It was our first year to not have an entire day to play there, but it was a fun time!

I had a GNO with two of my best friends from highschool.
The man in front of us was stood up by his date and asked to sit with us.
We talked too much -- we basically gave him all but our social security numbers-- and left there realizing that we knew NOTHING about him.  Not even his name.
We spent a few days googling every detail we knew about him and I think I found him on Eharmony.  Except I am not a member of Eharmony, so it was really just a tease.
Mandy wanted to go to the police department after she realized she told him where she lived and worked-- but I talked her out of it.
He was a nice guy... even paid for our dinner...
but we do kind of wonder if there ever was ever a date to begin with?

My allergies have been out of control.
These beautiful days in the winter make me miserable.
I sacrifice for time with my loves but I always spend the next day regretting it.
They love playing basketball and Maddox might be a little athlete one day.

Speaking of, Maddox and Beckham are signed up for tball for the spring.
We decided not to move Maddox up since it will probably be the only year that they get to play together for a few years.
And we are fine letting it be for fun rather than blood just yet.

I guess I can also announce that my brother's family is officially coming home, so Gunner will play on the same team and we are SO excited to have them back!

My big time is still having issues with growing up.
He cries 2 or 3 times a week, worrying about being big...
Worrying about losing me...
Or worrying about Beckham growing up.

His heart is as precious as gold.

My tiny doesn't worry about much, it seems.
He is carefree and sometimes careless.

...but I love that about him.

And maybe I should worry about more....

I joke with Maddox's teacher that I am not the kinder mom that I thought I would be.
We roll in about 7:59 most mornings.
My kids are fed and dressed with brushed teeth, fixed hair, and most mornings-- a lunch made.
but I can't same the same for myself.

I pull notes out of his folder as I am sending him to class and count on other moms' text messages to remind me about early dismissals and other jazz.

I remembered Maddox's valentines, the night before at about 7:00...
And they weren't Pinterest perfect.
As a matter of fact, they were written in sloppy handwriting between calls with patients-- after firing Maddox because he took too long.

I am not near as good as I thought as would be.

But he's excelling.
And loves school.
Has an incredible teacher...

And I am doing the best I can.

I love Valentine's Day and always have.
I was spoiled by Lance and the boys and they were showered with fun stuff from Nana, Allison, my dad and Julie, Aunt Jenn, and my mom.
(I think it might be a favorite of there's too)

Maddox had his first dance on Friday.
They're so innocent, and dancing is more about running around and sliding on their knees-- but they had fun.
They danced and played and little Beckham loved it too.

We spent Valentine's Day as a family, enjoying the 80 degree weather.
We visited the food park for dessert, then PF Changs for late lunch-- early dinner, walked around down town, splashed in the fountains, made our way to Dick's for Beckham a glove, and had icecream before we went home.

I just loved it.
Probably my favorite Valentine's Day yet.

Today I have spent behind my computer taking call.
We went to feed with Lance, and they spent a couple of hours playing PIG.

Tomorrow we are anticipating a freeze-- and as much as I hate cold weather-- I am welcoming it with open arms...
as long as it promises to cure my allergies.

I am in the final stretch of my classes, and I welcome the end of that as well.

February is flying by.