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June 27, 2008

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So yesterday we went to our weekly appointment, where we got our final sonogram too, so as we always get excited for our Dr.Deem time, we were pumped for this one!

I pissed the sonographer off right at the get-go because I asked her to make sure Mr. Maddox still had a penis. She said, "thanks for your confidence in me... but there's a penis and a set of testicles, so I hope it is a boy... now back to the important business..." But whatever? Mad or not, I felt better since I know a girl who was told 2 separate times she was having a boy... until her pregnancy turned high risk and she started getting sonograms at every appointment and now she is scheduled for her induction for her little GIRL next week!

But our sono... he was precious. Maddox was rubbing his little eyes and puckering his lips in and out if he was giving kisses (I do the same thing when I sleep but I think he has Lance's lips-- all fluffy and sweet...) And the tears started to flow! Our boy will be here in NO TIME, this is real!!! I looked over at Lance expecting him to be looking at me the way he does when I cry for no reason but instead he was teary eyed too... which just made the tears flow faster! We were both so excited! Maddox's heart looked great... his head looked great... but he was measuring 7 pounds and 14 ounces... 2 ounces shy of EIGHT POUNDS! and he should be gaining 1/2 - 1oz every day until he delivers! AHHH!!!

And from then on... I was a basket-case! We had to return to the waiting room to wait for our appointment with Dr. Deem. I saw the sonographer call back the next couple (who looked about 30 and had another older lady with them-- that I assumed was her mom) and I looked at Lance and started tearing up again. I said, "They get to find out what they are having today... Don't you remember how excited we were" I mean, I made it up but my clues seemed to fit?! I also got to talk to another lady who sat down next to us and is also due on July 4th-- but this is her second baby (a girl) and she was already having contractions so I am sure she will get to push before me. Which makes me crazy... I keep meeting people due AFTER me who already have their babies now. UGH!! I also talked to a girl who sat down across from us with a 2 year old and put my foot deep within my throat when I asked her when she was due! (and she is not pregnant) But in my defense, she said she had to have an emergency c-section with her little girl and wanted to discuss with her doctor today the chances of it happening again. So, "wow, when are you due" didn't seem like a far fetched question but Lance wanted to slit his wrist, I know!

So when we got back into our room, Lance handed me hand full of tissues-- because he thought I would need them-- and I was offended! "I am fine!" And I was... for about 2 minutes. Then Dr. Deem started telling us that she just saw that You Tube video where that boy and his dad run marathons and eventually the Iron Man... but the son is in a wheelchair and the dad swims with him on his back (I saw the story on Oprah last year or something)-- she went on to tell me that I love my baby now but this power of love is huge and one day I would feel as if I would go to hell and back for my son... and in DAYS I would begin to experience that!

And then on to business: I was counting on the fact that; A: possibly we were short on amniotic fluid because I had heard they would induce for that! But no, you need to be at 5 to 20 and we were at 17.5-- the high side of things. B: I had lost weight at our last appointment (just one pound) and I did it again somehow, but 2 pounds this time so maybe that would be a reason to take him... but no, she wasn't too concerned with that either! 20 pounds total weight gain is good she says?! C: HIS weight. She said the sonogram could be off as much as 10%. (But EITHER WAY!!) So he could be closer to 7 pounds... or closer to EIGHT! Again, not concerning to her!

She did tell us that I had come leaps and bounds in one week. We are 90% effaced now and she could touch his head through my cervix! She acted as if we wouldn't go another week but we would set up an appointment for next week just in case. I hope she isn't just giving us false hope? Because the next thing she said was if we did make it to an appointment next week, we would set up an induction for the following week! So in our worse case scenario: we will have a baby boy IN OUR ARMS in 10 days or so!

After we left, we went shopping, and we walked and walked and walked! We bought our state-of-the-art monitor (lance picked it out) that has a 7" color LCD screen and also a sound thing that you can connect to your hip. I also went and got a pedicure (because I needed it AND I had heard that having your feet rubbed can throw you into labor), and we ate Mexican Inn for dinner-- I mean, we tried EVERYTHING... yes, ALL the myths!!

And, I did have a lot of blood yesterday and lower back pain and abdominal pain... gross, I know-- but it kept me hopeful! But.... no, NO baby. I am still here. At home... but only because the dang mexican food tore me up and I spent 45 minutes throwing my toenails up this morning and just decided to stay at home. Maternity leave started a day early! I should be excited... But I am not.

I want pain!

But as of today...

No pain.

No baby.

Stay posted!

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