Monday, October 19, 2009

Circus Circus

My mom got tickets to the circus for this past Saturday night. I have been ecstatic since she bought them... glow sticks, cotton candy, elephant rides... bring it on!

Corny or not, I have dreamed about this sort of stuff since I was little. When other kids were planning their lives... going to A&M or where ever.. becoming teachers or doctors... I just wanted to be a mom. The nurse thing was never a dream... just something I knew I would be good at.

Family events like days at the park, pool, pumpkin patch or zoo, play dates with friends, or mommy/Maddox days at home-- this stuff rocks my world! I constantly talk about the things that we can do "once he is bigger"... Ranger games, Disney World, IMAX movies, 6Flags, Sea World, museums, plays... I could go on and on. One of the things on my list of, "I can't waits" was the circus... I said WAS...

We had a little Pasados before hand, Buddy LOVED the icecream!We got there early enough to do some elephant riding. It sounding like an awesome idea.... (one of those things I had been ultra-excited about)

My brother's kids had fun!
My kid, on the other hand... FLIPPED A LID! I still crawled onto that wild animal with him... Maddox, stiff as a board and screaming at the top of his lungs. (with the occasional 'limp body' just to take my breath away) I was terrified. With one hand, I was squeezing him so tight that I'm still not sure how he was able to breathe to scream and with the other hand I was clenching the bar so tight that my hand hurt afterwards. I literally was still shaking 15 minutes after the ride. It was 5 minutes and $16 of hell.
That's real fear. I didn't even know pics were being taken... or even that there was another rider on the giant mass of animal either... not until I saw the pictures.
I DID know however that 2 laps around our ring was WAY to long and I was about another minute away from puking on myself.

We spent the next 3 hours trying to keep Maddox from beating the kid in front of us with his glow stick... from screaming so loud the old lady in front of me stared more at us than she did the clowns... and listening to Lance say over and over, "never again". Thank God for Iphones and movies that contained him some... and for the 30 minutes he napped and gave the ol bat in front of us a break!
3 hours was just too long. :(
A nap made Lance and I feel like we had accomplished something!
No more circuses until he is 6. or 16.
or maybe 36.


  1. lol - well I'm glad ya'll made it to the circus. I also enjoy reading your blogs- I literally laugh out loud while reading.

  2. OMG. This is hilarious. So much like our experience, except for the elephant ride. Bless your hearts. Look how little Maddox cute!!!! Ok, so I had no idea it was 3 hours. We left after an hour. shhhh. I didn't tell Kevin that. Boyd was kicking the seat in front of him, and I thought the mean woman was gonna punch him or something. I had to leave. ha.