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February 12, 2008

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So yesterday we had the "big sonogram"... I went ahead and took call on Sunday: A. because extra money is always a good thing and B. I knew I was going to have to get my mind off of the sonogram in order to not feel like Sunday crept by hour by hour or even minute by minute.

P.S. I always find something to stress out about before our doctor's appointment-- this time, it was that I couldn't feel the baby move yet. And everyone who said, "you can't?!," in that "ooooooooohhh, bless your heart" voice-- only made it worse! But, thank God, I felt the moving Thursday night!!! YAAAY!

So Monday was a big deal. Lance woke up early and put on a blue shirt-- for boy power I guess and went ahead and wore a tie too... He told me a lady showed up way early to close on her house because she was too excited to do much else and he had to tell her our news also-- I'm telling you this for no reason really other than to emphasize how rediculously excited we both were.

Lance stopped on the way home and bought me flowers and the sweetest card ever-- and I cried!

I'm dragging this out right?!

So our appointment was at 1:30 and we were both so freak'n giddy it was hilarious. I know other people were looking at us like we were 2 high school kids who just skipped town together or something! Our giddiness ran out though after we had sat there an hour- since the sonographer was running behind!

We finally went in the room... she put the thingy to my belly... I thought I REALLY knew walking into the room it was a girl and Lance thought he REALLY knew it was a boy-- one of us was REALLY WRONG!! "There's the heart" (all 4 chambers working correctly) "the stomach" (with fluid inside-- a good thing) "both arms and legs" (our baby was moving everywhere) "both kidneys" (with urine in the bladder proving the kidneys are working well)... "the spine, the hands, the feet, a closed palet, a symmetrical skull....." Finally I was like "this is torture!!! Please just tell us!"

And there it was--- he had nothing to hide!! Our little man spread them wide and showed his mom and dad his package =) It is a sweet boy! ...who loves his mommy already!

Oh my gosh I am sooooo EXCITED! Maybe I have 1st baby syndrome like Holly said but I think I'll be this excited each time?! I wish I could share a little piece of this happiness with everyone- it is overwhelming and EVERYONE should experience this at least once. I mean, come on, Lance did a fist pump when we found out-- I swear! He is already talking about select team baseball and how he is going to try and make him be left handed. He told me that I can have a few more months loving on him because come July he will be his best friend! I keep thinking about how we are going to have our hands full! Lance and his brother may have been the biggest little shits ever! ...but I can't wait. I can't wait until he wants to wear cowboy boots with everything- until he gives me his first hug- hits his first home run- he goes to his first Rangers game- he eats his first bug- pees outside- wants to wear his khaki short and reefs everyday because that's what his daddy wears--- all of it. I can not wait to experience every piece of it! I know there will be hard times but I can not wait for any of it! And actually, more than all of this, I can not wait for Lance to get home so we can talk about him some more!

Stay tuned for names!

Oh--- and the other news. Lance took another job. More money-- yay! He starts Monday and he will basically work for himself as an independent contractor through this oil company-- doing land/title survey stuff. He will work from home a lot of the times... good for me and the baby!

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