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December 4, 2007

(copy/paste from my myspace blog)

Lance and I recently had our FIRST anniversary. Even though we have been together for 6 years... this day was still very special.
It is special to me because I finally feel as if I have the PEACE and HAPPINESS in my life that I made Lance work so hard to assure me he could provide! I know most people feel as if they married their best friend, and I hope that all of those people have what we have. Lance and I are always on the same page... just like best friends should be. He is the most honest, sincere, stable, handsome, and funny man I know. He has stood by me during these 6 years, when at times, I honestly didn't deserve him. He is strong when I am weak, and always shows me a positive side when I am upset. Lance is somewhat emotional which is assuring to me, because I know that he sincerely cares. I never doubt that he loves me unconditionally, mainly because he loves to remind me. He is more than trustworthy... "because without trust, we don't have a thing." Lance is my ROCK.
Sooo... now we turn over a new leaf in our lives. We are expecting our first baby! As exciting as it sounds, at first I was scared. Very scared. Crying myself to sleep over the worry of having a miscarriage... or something being wrong with the baby... Lance held me through these times and my friend Candace found the exact words to assure me everytime. With that said, you see why we have known now for 5 weeks and are just starting to share our news with more than just our close family.
To tell Lance we were pregnant, I wrote him a letter in a card from our baby telling him how great he was going to be as a daddy and how God would help us through our tough times... and how we should continue to thank Him in our times of happiness. Lance and I both cried-- due to all of the emotions, but ultimately we are unbelievably excited.
So here we are, 9 1/2 weeks into this. Only a little while longer until we conquer this scary first trimester! I have had ZERO morning sickness! I have vomited twice (once with a migraine, the other cleaning up dog poop) I have had mild nausea at times, I am tired constantly, constipated (hey, I'm a nurse, I don't have a problem with that word) and my boobies are slightly sore. Other than that, I am the same. No change really. Oh, except my OCD tendencies tend to be dissolving. (ie: my house that stayed clean and constantly smelled of pine-sol, now is always dirty and typically stays that way until my mom comes over and takes care of it for me!... laundry... the mail in the office...both a lost cause and I need to stop there for my fear of another migraine scares me!) My ADD that I think I had before pregnancy has increased! I can not stay focused for anything. I am somewhat controlling and not being in control of my stupidity is scary to me!
We have gone to our first appointment, where we basically just talked and then did lab work. We have our first sonogram in a few weeks and we are both pumped! Pray for us please. I have quite a few friends pregnant too right now... all very close together-- and I think about you guys constantly and pray about you all the same! (Kristen and Amanda hurry up and I'll add you to the list!)
We will let you know how the sono goes and hopefully post pictures of our little bean! It will still be a few more months before we are ABLE to find out the sex. We both feel like we are having a boy, HOWEVER, I do not want to find out and my husband feels as if that is not an option. Try to pursued him for me if you can!

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