Sunday, October 4, 2009

May 4, 2008

(copy/paste from myspace)

So, as I have said before, I have a ridiculous number of friends who are pregnant right now. Well, a very special one of those friends is Mandy Bain (Mayberry) who I have been friends with since the 1st grade. She is a month further than me and also having a little boy. (Kade)

Her shower was Saturday and I have been so excited about it. I bought a new dress and earrings just for her shower and had her gift monogrammed (because when you actually name your kid, you can do that!!) and bought her a book that made me sit in the middle of Target one day and cry huge elephant tears. Needless to say, I was excited.

That was until I had to potty while getting ready. And there it was. BLOOD. A very small amount but never the less, blood. I was on the phone with Ponce (who is a nurse, and a mom, and who is pregnant again) and I told her about it very calmly... but she said to page my doctor. Then I called Candace (another nurse, and mom of 2), who is always level headed for a second opinion and she agreed. So I paged Dr. Deem. In the 45 minutes it took for the on call doctor to call me back, my mind started racing. I called Lance at the gun show, who left and came straight home. I called my mom- who also, came straight over. And I called Wendy, my best friend, because that's what I do... I make everyone else worry too I guess. And then I sat with my feet straight in the air-- crying.

But like a good boy should... he moved constantly-- letting me know he was okay I think.

The doctor finally called and basically told us to wait it out. He said within the hour I would start cramping and bleeding heavier and I should go to the ER or it would stop. He told me to lay down, get my fat feet up and increase my water intake (because that is an OB/GYN's answer to everything) AND I PRAYED.

Well God is good. The bleeding stopped.

But I had to miss Mandy's shower.

I see 30+ wk babies in the office from time to time, so I know that if he were to come now that he could make it but we need him to "cook" a little longer. We would much rather have a 38-40wk baby!

But I think I will let my "always-overly-packed-and-prepared" husband pack the bags like he has been asking if we should do for the last few weeks!

If anything, this reminds us just how close we are to having our little man here in our arms. The end is near!

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