Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

This Wednesday, Lance and I took Maddox to the Flower Mound Pumpkin patch.
We met a friend that Lance works with and his wife and child there.
Lance thinks a lot of "Womack", and his wife Audrey was really sweet and easy to chat with.
Kaden and Maddox are 8 days apart!!
We had a great time!

After pumpkins, we had pizza at Turner's in Flower Mound and then headed to Grapevine Mills mall.
The boys played, ate pizza and they both slept our entire time at the mall.
I went for a pair of Tom's but needed an 8 1/2 and Sun and Ski only sold whole sizes, so Lance got a new North Face cap and we headed home.

Just as we came out of South Lake, I got car sick.
The closer we got to home, the worse I felt.
By Boyd, I was begging Lance to pullover.
Tater Junction was the best place he could get into, but I just couldn't hurl in their parking lot, facing all 600 windows of people dining!
We decided to keep on, and stopped at my father-in-law's.
After a few minutes out of the car, I felt 80% better.
And Maddox got to play with his Papa for a bit.

We had some Mexican food at Dos Chilis and then called it a day.

Have I mentioned how much I love fall?!


  1. The Picts of Maddox are precious as usual. Your family is lookin good. I definately don't miss those pregnancy days, but I hope it continues to get better for you. Hope all is well in other aspects of life too :) !

  2. Holly,
    Your family is just precious!! Love the fall pictures! Look forward to reading more of your family updates. Congratulations on your pregnancy...that is just amazing!! Hope all is well with you and Lance!! ;)