Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, part 1: The Airshow

Lance took off work yesterday so that we could have a family-fun-filled-day.
He looks forward to the airshow every year... I, honestly, dread it a little... but since Maddox, too loves airplanes and helicopters as much as his daddy, we made a date-- and decided to go.

We were able to sit in the Bell Helicopter tent most of the time (which was great for me) and they had free drinks and hot dogs (which was great for everyone but me!), but we were all thankful to Dave for the VIP status!!

I knew that 5 hours would be WAY too long for Maddox to stay enjoyable (or for me to, for that matter) but we decided to go for it!

Both mine and Maddox's allergies were all out of whack... I gave us both a tiny dose of children's Benadryl, but it did work on both of us!  (way more than I intended)
If I could have crawled in that stroller with him, I sure would have!
He ended up staying asleep over 2 hours like that!

Pop bought Maddox an airplane while he was sleeping and he was excited to play with it when he woke up... although, he was equally excited about his sucker and "airplane necklace".  (Gigi's ear plugs)

Here are a few shots of airplanes...
A couple of trick planes, an F18 with its bomb door open, and those 3 flying together have a name... (but I can't remember the name of the group for the life of me!)
***Here, I thought I'd share a little air show story that still haunts me!
A few years back, Lance and I went to the Carswell Air Show in Fort Worth... as I mentioned previously, I am not all airshow-excited like my husband is, but I went.  After a few hours I was over it and I started whining... We didn't bring chairs, or blankets, and there was no where to sit where you could still see the show, and I was probably hungry.  After about an hour of complaining, I was in tears.  I asked if I could go sit in the car and he could come out when it was over but he said no.  He said we would just leave and forget about seeing the rest.
Welllllll..... as we were pulling out of the parking lot we hear a huge explosion and look into our rear view to see smoke everywhere.  First Lance thought we missed a crash, and he was fuming.  As the smoke cleared a little, we were able to see guys in parachutes, and apparently a Hummer was dropped from a plane by chute also.
My parents were across the lake, watching it from a bay at Lockheed and they said it was awesome....

Needless to say, we missed the big finale... the biggest finale of all air shows that we have ever attended.
So I try not to complain any more when we go, because that's his thing...
And I dang-sure do not make him skip the finales anymore!!
And I almost kept my word for this show too...
Almost, until I remembered that everyone else had gotten hot dogs and I was minutes away from eating my own arm....

The Blue Angels ended this show... (Lance's favorite!)  And he got to see it.  Most of it.
I watched the majority of their "act", and then went on to the car to load things up.
I ended up calling and asking him to watch the rest as he and Al walked to the car (because I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get a seat at any restaurants around town if we didn't get a head start)

After the airshow, we went to Babes....
one of my absolute favorite places to eat!
And it didn't let me down a bit!

We finished up and headed back home....
Ready to turn our sweet baby into a scary dragon.
(Or so we thought)

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